❄What will your build look like with 3 extra 🌠points?⛄ Lvl 60 discussion and sharing.❤

With the coming of the new
:robot:Eridian Takedown :skull_and_crossbones:

:thought_balloon: New builds will be opened up for Zane. :blue_heart:
:snowboarder:Now being lvl 60 :snowflake:

What will yours look like? :thought_balloon:

:cold_face: To show others. Simply go to Bl3skills
select Zane build your tree as you see fit and leave it at level 60. Copy the url on your phone or browser and paste it here. :station: dont worry the url changes as you make inputs. :stars:
If using a smartphone hold your finger to decrease a skill incase of mistakes

In example id be playing with.


:snowflake:Share yours! Maybe we can see trends help eachother or even see whats possible that we didnt think of before. :comet:

:rosette:Maybe you are one of those roleplaying ppl who has a special story and reasoning. :globe_with_meridians:

I personally have been negative recently because of bugs and issues with the end game, people mass quitting atm mostly being critical and negative. I wanna change that and stay hopeful for the future of the game. Lets try to not criticize eachother and be positive. Its not a competition or minmax post. Its about what you will play with and sharing it

Lets share and have fun.


Probably something like this. Might shift around a point to get Seein’ Red, idk. I’m just playing Clone&Drone with Seein’ Dead and Double Barrel. Sure, not the most competitive build out there, but I just love double barrel and I don’t particularily enjoy the barrier.

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Ooh nice not too far off from eachother slightly. Im always happy to see a fellow cloney! I actually cant wait for the lvl up increase. Itd be nice if it was all ready here. I love db cuz of the plaguebearer. Even if it kills me alot. If clones using it its a okay!

I actually been hoping for better seeing dead coms preemptively but maybe the %rolls will be better at 60.

Is the cap increase confirmed or what?

We’ll probably get confirmation on the next borderlands show. But many have speculated that with a new takedown there will be new levels just like last time and then additional levels for the new dlc. Every main paid dlc has come with a level cap increase so the dlc is a definite. New Takedown feels like very likely speculation.

Still fun to imagine the possibilities for when it comes.

Drone/Clone Rough Rider

Drone/Dome Deathless
The last point is either seein dead or mag size, not certain about which one to take, yet.

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For my Clone/Nade:

CCC Executor: (Dome n’ Drone)

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So then “no” is the answer to the question, correct? There is no confirmation of a level cap increase that I have seen. If you have other information where GBX has publicly confirmed an additional level cap increase, please share it.

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Dude i was gonna do this. I been looking for a weapon damage. Health and damage reduction seeing dead mod. Unfortunately i havent been able to farm even non mayhem weirdly it was giving me mad mods on jack and freddie then outta no where just 1 mod per boss or leggo like repeatedly so i took a long break.

We just need more hp somehow and i could see a RR Workin. Rough rider needs to be able to have more prefixes like adaptive or multivitamin

Now that im really aware if it when they scale grenades what are you planning on using? I have a reoccuring hex 150% id look for a better version.

I also have a firestorm with extra rain and singularity on one mod. Itsa shame ill have to rwfsem for it. Whaddya gonna use? I wanna try that out for fun alao

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Just look at the damage in the short video below (7 seconds, linked to another topic it was posted). That is M10 w/ Epicenter

However I have:
2x Grenade Dmg, AOE Dmg, Splash Dmg, Heavy Dmg (mod/relic)
ASA 150% Grenade

Does roughly 200-300k on each hit, spring is double. I can spam those and yellowcake and make my friends mad that they cant see anything :rofl: (and literally kill everything)

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I saw that video reminded me of rare grenade mods i should probably think about. Specific to ur epi i was wondering thry have a bouncy version right? Jumps more than once? Thatd be a beast

I been wondering does each orb do damage or is itna visual effect. Do certain anoints increase all damage even if they say weapon damage? I guess i gotta look at moze forums and videos for awhile they really detail the crazy for grenades life.

Id like ur setup with a bouncy epi. Thatd be sick!

Are you PS4?

Initial does most damage, +splash, and orbs also do damage but smaller splash. In groups you can get multiple hits well, it also works with Salvation (why I have 2 points instead of 1).

PS, Most I have seen is Spring, I dunno if they have a bouncy. (wiki shows only spring prefix as double, but who knows what the future holds)

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No ima pc player but thankyou for the explanation. You know my wife actually hates that grenade i just remembered i stopped using it cuz when we were leveling up my clone and i would always shoot it out n shed say i cant See s***

I got annoyed by her quasar im shotting something and it goes flying away. Lol.

Im wondering of epi can be bouncy and then singularity or even divider. They really need to increase crazy modifiers on grenades.

If they introduce a level cap increase this soon after introducing Mayhem 2.0 I’m probably going to step away from the game for a while. I’m not going to refarm gear every 3-4 weeks. Some of us have jobs.

DUDE! Hell yes! A mix of both yall is exactly how I play. Best is Lobbed Sticky Quasar so you can pin enemies to the ground for excellent crowd control! Homing just slings them around like she did :rofl: Epicenter best prefix is Spring that I know of, and is one of the few that can do heavy damage on M10.

Never overlook purple grenades either. They can do some of the coolest things, especially if they get a dmg boost with next patch.

So id go for a lobbed. Or longbow jumpin or bouncy blight probably. That was the purple to have.

I hardley ever see hly clusterfck grenades anymore.

I haven’t seen one in a long while either. Luckily I do have a shock one w/ shock ase from a bit over a month ago.

Aww man i hear ya i been saying that about drops and i been farming for hours e ough screens i even took a video of instagibbin warden and not getting nada but i didnt bother uploadin it was for devs feedback but i gave up playing for a bit. The level cap increase is probably the only thing attracting me.

Im oretty shure our m10 gear will let us do the new takedown. I did m10 takedown in m6 gear. Lob life

Wait! Did I miss something and we’re getting a level cap increase or is this just theoretical?

Anyway here is my cookie cutter build, meant to be as future proof as possible by allowing to use and maintain all action skills by more than one way to ensure that I can switch class mods and aren’t bound to the Seein’ Dead com, even though I really like it. I just want to make sure I can use all class mods the game has to offer (well, the worthwhile ones) and can always just use whatever combination of action skills I want to use most at the moment.

For the curious: I use various Quasars to have better crowd control and get a bit of aggro off me (via Drone Delivery). I’m in no need of grenade damage, so even my old level 50 Quasars are good enough. Seein’ Red (the capstone) isn’t needed at all, I just like it’s convenience and it also free’s me up more from the Seein’ Dead class mod.


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