❄What will your build look like with 3 extra 🌠points?⛄ Lvl 60 discussion and sharing.❤

Yep, there is a level cap increase coming. Lead level designer confirmed it on their twitter. He didnt say by how much or when though, but im guessing its either this takedown or next dlc. wish theyd just release it already :sweat_smile:

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I need to get a read on that. Let’s just hope that we get the level cap increase before the Cartel event ends. Some of those items might be a bit too strong, but they’re still really fun.

My RR is life/dam reduc/atlas reload, getting 3/3 right is pretty ridiculous.
With one life roll you’re at 18k+, with 2 you’re at 21k+
But tbh those life rolls usually just translate into a split second more time to heal up again. What’s more important is a rough rider with fire resistance. I was using a version with movementspeed but after trying out a faster reload version, I’m sticking to that right now!

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Yes. Itsa def thing with a lead confirming. When or how much. He didnt specify. So it is coming.

Itsa safe guess its not gonna be 1 or 2 levels. 3 is the safest bet.

Well, seems that the level cap increase is not happening - for now.

Whered u get that idea?

June 25th is the new dlc release date. I cant remember a paid dlc without a cap increase.

We had 2 level cap increases so far, one that coincided with a DLC and the other came randomly in-between. In previous titles (namely BL2) it was also just 1 level cap increase that came along a story DLC, the rest were sold as a package deal with the Ultimate Vault Hunter expansions (can’t recall the exact names right now). Only the Fight For Sanctuary DLC came with a level cap increase build-in. It’s not really as clear-cut as you think. I expect a level cap increase, but they didn’t say anything about it like the last 2 times when they made it very clear that an increase was coming.

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Something something full melee damage Amara with Avatar, finally.


So this is a thing

A forum showing streamers lvl 60!


http://bl3skills.com/operative#032500100000005052021321050551111130111 im pretty shure everyone has similar but not shield amount i dunno if it interacts with the. Shield break anoint but ima snowshoe artifact rockets

General Zane

Because we need cringeworthy build names

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