What would a Vladof Shotgun in BL3 be like?

Across all the Borderlands Games, there have not been any Vladof Shotguns except for one,
which happened to be Bricks Starter Weapon.

I really love Vladof Guns with their high Firerate and big Mag Sizes,
and i would totally love to see (and probably use) one in BL3.
Even if it would be a One-of-a-kind Legendary.

But the Question is, what would it look like, and how it would function?

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Maybe like this, cause it’s technically a shotgun.


Did something happen to Vladof Sweepers and the Hammer legendary? If I recall correctly, Vladof manufactured assault shotguns.

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Somehow those names ring a bell, but i dont recall them…
Were they Legendaries in BL1?

Rather have a Dahl shotgun tbh.

Sweeper was the name of Vladof assault shotguns. Hammer was the legendary.

JPG Zx10v3_detonating_hammer

Yea i believe i have seen these, though it has been Years since.

Allthough i dont think we will see them like this in BL3, im expecting something like a Drum-Magazine that just keeps on Shooting. ^^

Or perhaps a scaled down Version of Iron Bears Grenade Launcher?
That would be cool, but probably difficult to balance.

i feel like the butcher is how a vladof shotty would be. either that or just a different kind of auto shotty, OMG I JUST THOUGHT. what if they also had a double barrel option? you would just have a fully auto chaingun shotgun… that would be amazing.

similarly i saw a really cool idea for a tediore sniper where you chuck it like a javelin. goes good with my throwing knife tediore fantasies :slight_smile:

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I like the underbarrel shotgun in Faisor. 🤷


Yea i love those too, especially on a shock type while i have a transformer equipped.

But towards current Mayhem Modifiers, they dont count as Shotguns sadly.

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