What would be the best melee weapon for Brawler?

Hi all,

What do you guys think would be the best gear for melee amara? (Gun, mod, etc)

Any bladed gun or get the Ripper SMG. Shield is Brawler Ward with 300% melee damage.

There are a few options on the artifact like Grave, Planetoid, Static Charge, awhite elephant.

Not sure of better legendary class mod for Amara purple/blue Master class mod buffs melee damage though.

check this out for more details https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fkCwu0zeX1BBGcNEzWGZDr2kQ0IOPSoZQK2FD-zpw1M/edit#gid=0

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A lot of times you can just find a weapon out of the vending machine. I have a green level 8 Jakobs pistol that adds 120% melee damage. I still use this weapon even into my mid 20’s. Look for any weapon with a blade and they can roll from 40-120% from what I have seen so far. Also keep an eye out for the Anointed Siren orange text from Crazy Earl’s items. They can add 200% melee damage for a short time after skill activation and it can roll on things like shields too. I have yet to see it roll on a jakobs weapon from his vending machine but if it did that would be insane… with 200% and the 120 all on 1 item!

So if you have your bladed weap, the bonuses from skill trees (100+75 without mods doubling them) and you use your action skill you can be looking at some crazy increases like close to 500% melee damage… Side note, Tempest from the orange tree will buff your melee damage also… I am not sure if this a separate multiplier from the “melee damage %” or if it just adds to the total melee damage you have.

I went down the phase grasp tree(orange) with my first maxing out Anima to get illuminated fist (75% melee damage) … Then went down the brawl tree and with Find your Center it really started to add up. Combine that with a shield that increases melee when depleted and you should be 2 shotting most things. If you are lucky you can find some mods that will increase these skills. I found a blue mod that adds +1 to illuminated fists… now 150% melee dmg… All these bonuses really do add up and you can punch your way through most things… Just the flying enemies are a pain! :slight_smile:

  • Weapon: One of the best melee weapons is an anointed (+200 melee after phaseslam) bladed cryo shotgun.
  • Class Mod: I was using her legendary Breaker class mod for the ~30% damage reduction, +100% melee damage and the other bonuses for some additional gun and action skill damage. I haven’t seen anything competitive.
  • Shield: Get one with shield with as many roid affixes on it as possible (and maybe some health). For the best results farm a Brawler Ward.
  • Relic: I got the best results with a White Elephant with melee leech. The affixes are rather irrelevant but if you want to take it to the top get one with melee damage, health and health regen.
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Not even up to 30 yet and already found two good Anointed gear prospects for level cap/endgame. One I got was a Hyperion Radiation shotgun with increased gun damage when deflecting bullets, an 80% melee damage boost and critical damage after Action Skill cast Anointed effect. I was too short on Eridium to get the other one, but it was a Roid shield with sizable recharge delay and the 200% melee boost after Phaseslam Anointed effect. Specced into Infusion for a bit, with the shotgun I was blasting or stabbing everything in one hit after nulling shields, four to five hits for Badasses.


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If your only level 30, won’t most of those be bad, aside from the melee damage boost? Like the weapon damage and things won’t be good in 20 levels right?

For relic I have a legendary one. Knife drain Commander Planetoid. 75% melee lifesteal and +69% random element melee damage that cycles every 5 seconds. Nice for breaking shields and stuff when on Mayhem 3.

HI didn’t see the Ripper on that doc, what’s it do and who drops it?

You realize these can drop at any level, right? I’m not talking a permanent one time drop that carries over infinitely like the Rapier from 2.

Random drop as far as I can tell but the Ripper’s perk makes it do more gun damage to enemies after you melee them.

The Face Puncher shotgun scales off of melee damage so it’s pretty much the most consistent on a melee build damage wise.


Ooohh that sounds interesting!

Also, good to see you here again, I still remember the one time we played Battleborn you got a penta with Whiskey Foxtrot on Outskirts :joy:

Ah so it’s not just massive melee damage, that sounds cool though. I love Jab Cross and Personal Space on my Amara so that’d do nicely, though truthfully I only really shoot at badasses and bosses but that’s where it counts lol

Where does it say it scales off of melee damage? If you don’t mind me asking - since I am very intrigued by this gun!

It doesn’t say it outright on the gun but that’s what the flavor text does on it. Anything that scales melee including relics are also applied to it so you can have your action skill element, kinetic and whatever the relic does.

I found a vending machine shotgun last night…level 31. Has over 600 radiation dmg/s. It was literally run around 1 hit badasses and watch them melt. With Personal Space I like to run right up to them then 1 shot to the face, move to the next one…

Can’t seem to make Face Puncher work. I tried using it today, it only deals 2k white damage to enemies. Am I missing something ? My punches go from 30k to 100k+ (with buttplug backstabs)

Damage comes from the dragon relic.

Buttplug seems to be the best melee weapon (level 4 quest reward from Ellie I think). Even though it says 110% melee damage, my quick testing showed that it out-damaged the 120% melee weapons. Also, it appears to be the only melee weapon that can crit. Crits occur from backstabs which aren’t super-easy to get but against bigger enemies that you stagger or slow turning (bruisers, badasses) and a fair number of bosses, it’s worth it.

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