What would BL3 be like if?

Past characters from other borderlands Games, or alternate characters to replace past characters that met an unfortunate end would be like in Borderlands 3?
With Roland Dead in BL2, seem a replacement alternative Soilder would be needed? Perhaps a Half Clone made by a Scientist brother we never knew about but also died? Could be a clone made from both brothers to naturally have skills from both? Combat Medic?
With Mia Killed in BL3 and her powers passed on too Avo, guess Lore wise, it wouldn’t make since to try and make a different replacement.
And as far As Lilith goes? sigh guess we have to hope a coming DLC will have her return or something, so we don’t have to create any retcons.
Any past characters or replacement characters for late favorite characters could go threw the BL3 storeline within a holodeck like system, to catch them up to speed on what the current BL3 Vault Hunters are at.
I wonder what changes to the skills tree’s would exist to all the previous characters? How much of their old skill tree’s will be left in tact while giving new abilities? Especially since every tree in BL3 has a unique and switchable skill 1 option to change out on top of some characters having the ability to have 2 things in some way. How would the old characters be able to have added features?

lilith would be soooo badass to be playable in bl3
bl1 wasnt ready for her xD

I don’t really need past characters to return in a game so long as the characters they have to replace them are well written.

So let’s fricking flay Ava and bring back Maya.


It would be interesting to see what additional powers and abilities Lilith could use as a Borderlands 3 Character. BL2 certainty seemed to show she learned some new skills after having been able to play her in BL1. It would certainty be fitting that shew would have multiple options of starting skills.

If they did bring Lilith back in a DLC, would be nice if she could instigate the creation of a holodeck program, that she first wanted to use to see for herself, the events of what happen from the same view point as the Vault Hunters of BL3, to see it for herself and see if there where things she could have done differently, could be the lore based reason on why she wanted such a hole-simulation. Then all the other past characters or character replacement for late characters could use it, allowing that to be the Lore based reason why you can practically play BL3 upgraded characters from all BL games past.

As far as the idea of if Ava should be kept or leave, despite not liking her myself, I cannot agree with retconning her out of the story. I kind of view her as a side effect of a problem our own culture is not willing to face.
She was a self absorbed entitled brat…
We hate her, because we see a mirror in that and don’t wanna face our own problem. Fart to many of us are self absorbed entitled brats. We don’t like looking in the mirror. And those of us who keep refusing to look in the mirror, should expect the same kind of crushing reality check Ava gone threw.

Really… Need an alternative soldier… Hmmm I wonder where we could find one in the Borderlands universe… Hmmm oh how about AXTON!!!

Mmmm, Axton is a Commando with a different Style of Turret, though I would defiantly keep Axton as well. There isn’t much I can think of to enhance Axton for BL3 other then allowing him the ability to toss a second something like the Operative.
The Half Roland Half unknown brother clone would be the one that needs the most upgrading. Roland did have a Medic tree, but that was more combat combat medic on the fly and not how the proposed clone of 2 brothers would be. The clone of 2 brothers could inherit the medical professional talents of the proposed unknown brother and differ from Axton by having a Medical Drone that could be slotted on a first or second deployable slot, where as Axton would be far more Weapons DPS and Tanking Heavy.
The sudden appearance of the clone could be a shock to both Lilith and Tina, mistaking him for Roland, then the clone of 2 brothers could tell his tragic story of how the unknown medical profession brother died and the clone set out to find Roland only to realize the clone was too late.