What would bring me back to this game!

I really loved the game when it was first launched. I have become very disappointed. It just doesn’t feel like the BL1 and BL2…IF they could only revert the game back to what it was at launch…I don’t mean the crazy exploits…I mean the feeling of being a badass vault hunter! The game just loses everything unique and special when it strays away from it’s roots! GO BACK TO YOUR ROOTS! REMEMBER WHAT THE GAME WAS!

Also they should optimize the game… Would love to be able to play splitscreen (even in horizontal) without all the lag. Ui is just horrible.


I feel like that all the time. What has changed for you exactly?


If we go back to the original game we would have a lot more bugs than now. Why would you want that? You can always go reinstall offline without patches if it tickles your fancy…


What would bring me back - Skippable cutscenes. That’s why I’m here now. Was thinking “hmmm, I might be interested in playing BL3 again if I can skip the egregious amount of long ass cutscenes”. But as far as I can tell going through these forums, nope, still not skippable. Skyrim is bad enough to start with the wagon ride, but BL3 is so, so much worse.


all we need is fix loot system, buff the worthless skill .

legit dont understand why borderlands had to use bad loot to extend play time . borderlands had so much potential , its a game that is completely free of speech and could throw random event as a dlc and it will work most likely .

feels like gearbox need to start thinking why borderlands 2 success , my friend list no longer filled with borderlands 3 as the game that people play.

i still have hope on borderlands 3 , i just couldn’t believe they made annointment a thing and its obviously a mistake

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I somewhat agree with this.

Anointments are fun to an extent in that finding one of your favored weapons with an anointment you actually want feels extremely satisfactory. However, the sheer amount of anointments in the game make this process a pain in the ass, and much more tedious of a grind than BL2.

Still love the game though, despite this slight misstep xD

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My take on it is that although the Anointments add another level to the grind and it can take a while to get the exact one you want, as a consolation prize while farming you will get a good number of other reasonable Legendaries, so it’s not completely worthless. In BL2 you would rarely get that and it made farming so much more frustrating for me.

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The point of contention in what you say is that this game ISNT bl1 or bl2.

Conversely, I’ve never felt like that. In any of the games, really. I do find the feelings of adequacy this entry fosters to be a step up from the previous games, however. And that hasn’t really changed since launch.

I wouldn’t mind if they straight up deleted a few weapons tbh! Tired of Malaks/ASMD/Blockers cluttering up my loot pools! >.<

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Yeah but legendaries in BL3 drop like crazy, and most of them are worthless for your current character (no anointment/slide or slam anoint/anoint for a different char).

In BL2 if I wanted legendaries I just farmed loot midgets lol. And they dropped legendaries pretty regularly

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I don’t feel any different playing this game from any of the previous ones other then the story is a bit more evolved.

The combat system is basically the same as always.

BL 2 is still my favorite mostly because of the DLC but what’s coming next for this game we don’t yet know.

My favorite playable character will always be lilith.

I just don’t see how this game is so much different that you would say that it needs to go back to it’s roots.

It seems firmly planted in those roots to me.

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we need krieg back!