What would happen if GB Nerfs nothing after this latest patch/update?

I was thinking about this yesterday.

What would happen to the game if gearbox did absolutely nothing to nerf the changes that they have made whether accidental double dipping, unintended consequences, whatever took place.??

Well I have to tell you…in my opinion… it is absolutely the medicine that this game needs!

The game feels GOOD right now! It feels FUN! It feels open to possibilities. It feels like a door has been opened and I am no longer confined in a cramped room.

Experimentation abounds. Curiosity to retry things that failed miserably in the past.

The game feels right now like… BORDERLANDS!!

Wild, crazy, with OP stuff and unlimited possibilities, builds and excitement!

And I could care less if the developers “double dipped” or made “unintentional mistakes.”. Challenge is totally available To the hard core (if they shift equipment and builds)…as well as easy street to casuals or anyone else…your call. It’s not Destiny (thank God)…it”s BORDERLANDS! once again!

GB…please don’t muck this up!


The game is in a better state than it has been in since April. I actually have friends online. I forgot what that was like.



I just would like bosses to not die in 3 seconds with every character. Thats all… A lil challenege here n there. We could use those m10 health values BACK NOW.


Amen…It is starting to feel like a proper Borderlands game to me as well,lets hope that the next couple of months see only better Qol and great content,I’m doing more testing,more creativity and overall having lots of fun.

But Puppy…
Change your build. Use something that you haven’t used for a while…or tried.

Try different weapons. Things that used to actually work.

Try some of the Epics like the fire cracker, Pea Shooter or the Dakota or double downer.

Change it up, experiment, it’s all there now…

Just depends on you. There is no requirement to play any OP meta in this game.

In fact stuff like the Dakka/Rocketeer Moze build is absolutely the most boring thing in the world to me. But hey, it’s available and fun for others .

Puppy… Free yourself from the tyranny of “All Meta”

You will love it!


The complaints I have with the game are all stability/bug related, not ‘X thing is too OP’ so yeah, don’t really see a reason to roll back any buffs they’ve added since Mayhem 2.0. Hopefully seeing that powerful stuff makes people play more and not less will convince GBX to revisit their approach to various things–more aggressive buffs to consistent underperformers like pets, or ways to mitigate RNG with looting so you can actually acquire specific gear that complements all the builds people are testing out now.

I think a lot of this is due to relatively few new endgame arenas tbh. In previous Borderlands most of the endgame content was Circle of Slaughter and raid boss stuff, in BL3 we’ve had the same 3 CoS since launch, and the two Takedowns (a cool format but very time-consuming) if DLC had released with at least one kind of repeatable raid boss or CoS, even if it was short, would be more satisfying than trying to make the entire game hard through global health and damage changes.


Lmao I forgot they nerfed the hp. Especially in nontakedowns the mobs are rather squishy.

Still waiting for Fl4k’s pets to be good and for head count to work with Rakk Attack hopefully this patch has something for Fl4k but, overall its been pretty ok.


It would really help if GB were capable of making better thought out, tested and cautious balance changes instead of the wild swings we keep seeing.

I hate the term nerf but personally I feel things like IB, clone and TTB are overtuned at the moment - just a personal opinion from someone who wants my clone to be good, but not better than I am!

We all know IB isn’t going to stay as he is, but by making him suddenly so powerful after so long resigned to being a useless anointment vehicle, it’s going to hurt when he gets ‘fixed’.

This would sting a lot less if they went about it the way they did in the weeks before M2.0 when we saw small but meaningful improvements that left him in a good state (before it was all ruined).

So yeah being super OP is fun for a bit but personally I want a good middle ground - GB just keep missing it by a country mile.

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Is it better for IB and Clone to be OP or so nerfed that they are just unusable other than procing anointments?

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Answer: neither

I expect GB to balance It properly, the choice doesn’t have to be between two extremes.

I WANT IB and clone (and flaks pets and phasecast and slam etc.) to all be great action skills. The clone soloing the Maliwan takedown bridge while I put dinner on is a bit more than a good action skill though (I exaggerate only a little). At least I have to aim in IB.


the internet would be still full of “how to farm beacon, how to farm flipper, how to farm lightshow”
interest will decay over time, come back with DLC4 and then finally (dramatic) fade off


To me nerfs represent two things that are really wrong with this game. First, it is basically micromanagement. Secondly, it’s an admission of failure.

A few small nerfs could be forgivable. That’s not what we are dealing with though.


Totally agree - big nerfs wouldn’t be needed if stuff was tested before release. Everyone spots the brokenly OP gear the minute it gets introduced. They are setting us up for nerfs, which is why it’s best not to get too attached to the new shiny. Sad state of affairs.


also agree but i really dont get the mentality behind it
new shiny OP stuff always gives me an instant turn off like
“ugh, they slipped on the keyboard again”
why do people like it?


Clearly it’s a marketing tactic - but one that will backfire eventually. Not sure if BL3 is being built for longevity (I guess that was somewhat accidental with BL2 anyway?) but there’s only so many times even the most hardcore fan is going to have the energy to change builds/gear/refarm/check the forum or YouTube to see what’s working this week.

Nerfs and buffs aside - performance, stability and bugs still need to take priority. The fact that some of those have actually (edit: accidentally?) strengthened some VHs is only going to lead to more dissappointment.


yes but i mean the mentality behind
“oh look, weapon/skill xy is dealing 2quadrillion damage now, i can finally stop farming for anything else and just run through the hardest content flindfolded”
i just dont get how it can be fun when a gun makes you good instead of you, making guns good

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Well that I can’t answer as I’m sure it varies by individual but I guess in part it’s a reaction to things being so terrible for so long. Not gonna lie it feels great for Zanes clone to be a walking apocalypse instead of a holographic doorstop finally - but the shine wears off pretty quickly at least for me.


I’m with you. Iron Bear was ABSOLUTELY PERFECT right before MM2.0, right after they first balanced it. It felt good but not insane; I was able to use it to good effect with an actual IB build. Right now, you can crush basically any M10 content in the game with zero effort and a build that has nothing to do with IB.

The fact that Iron Bear just has a flat damage value means its completely on Gearbox to decide how effective it is. I think they could make IB a lot more interesting if, for example, Iron Bear’s damage was based on your weapon damage. Just something that would allow a player to change IB’s damage output.

I think a MAJOR reason why endgame feels so shallow despite the increased complexity Mayhem 2.0 introduced is because character skills overall have far less power and impact than they did in previous games. So many of the OP set ups in this are tied up in anointment/gear syngery, where the only thing your VH brings to the table is their efficiency in procc’ing the anointment.

I’d really like to see a shift from balancing through gear changes and anointments to fixing and buffing character skills, but I suspect that’s hard to do (many bugs have been present since launch).