What would I miss by turning off Bloody Harvest?

I’m new to the game, and I tried Bloody Harvest out (the first part in the underground cavern filled with blood). It was a cool environment, but I’m getting really tired of the ghosts spawning. The screen is busy enough as it is without these things popping out.

If I disable it while leveling up, will I miss out on much (this is my first play)?

Limited gear specific to this event. Mainly the best grenade “Ghast Call” in the game. Other than that heads and skins plus challenges unless you arent into those kind of things. My recommendation would be to get the grenade at least.


If you’re not max level there’s not a great deal of point to getting any of the gear, I’d say. In any case, don’t let FOMO incite you to misery. If you’re sick of the ghosts, shut it off and move on.


Yup, finish the game first then do Bloody Harvest for the rewards and in the meantime you will level up to max lvl.

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Effectively the Ghast Call will last you a couple levels and it’s one of the rare grenade that deal a lot of damage.
The cosmetics of course but scoring kills cryo kills might be tricky. Or not as you’re leveling up. :man_shrugging:

Other than that. There is some nice interactions with the terror anointments but because you are leveling up a new character. They won’t be much use for you. I know from experience the ghost can really be a pain when leveling characters. You will rarely get anointements on the first playthgought anyways and it certainly not something you want to farm right now. If anything.
Feel free to switch it off. Apparently it’s a recurring event and will be back next year when you will be ready for it.


Not much really, I got the challenges done and got each legendary from the event, none of which were really that good and saw zero reason to keep doing event or farming loot ghosts for gear as I’ve already got my build how I like it.

I had that ghost call grenade drop…you’re right, it’s pretty awesome. To get higher level ones, would I have to farm something?

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It’s a -edited- and event specific.
You can try to get one before the event end.

Yes, but it will only be as high as your character. Use your maxed character to farm with if you have one. Right now the hot spot is the the craptrap area in the Compactor map. Its in the Handsome dlc if you have it. If you are without that dlc go to eden six then Voracious Canopy, it has a good area to farm. There’s plenty of videos detailing how to do it if you’ve gotten that far in the story. Good luck!


Oh and they drop from loot ghost if you didnt know that. The yellow ones and they are the rarest ghost.

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Oh, I see. I’m only playing through for the first time, so I don’t have a maxed character. No worries…

Yes. I was wrong.
Loot ghost : 0.5%
Cptn Haunt : 6.25%

Funny thing is ive had more drop from ghost than him. He hasnt even dropped an event specific item yet for me.

As others have said i would get a few grenades then move on with your story. If you waste time with the event the drops will get out leveled by better gear. The event is best for maxed characters.

I’m new to the game…how often do they have these events?

Annually right now. These “events” are new things Gearbox is doing with Bl3.


The Bloody Harvest event is annual and is their halloween themed event.

I’m not sure if they will be doing the Valentine’s event this year, but it is similar to BH but have hearts instead of ghost skulls.

My favorite event was the Revenge of the Cartels. I dont remember the dates it was active but this is the one I would look forward to the most. Some of the most sought after items jn the game are only available here; fishslap grenade, OPQ and No PewPew assault rifles … and the highly debated Yellowcake launcher. Fun stuff.

Tbh man just keep it active if you where not a new player then sure there might be more to be said but your still leveling and not farming for gear so there is no harm it keeping it active

skins lul

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Not sure if you mean this in a sarcastic manner but given the complete none existent gun skins this is sadly very important