What would interest the community?

Disclaimer: This is not an attempt to “promote my channel”

I’m really excited for Battleborn and I want to promote it. I also want to start posting videos to YouTube.

I’m planning on doing a stream during the beta. Then again on Launch day.

I’m also planning on doing an A-Z series about all the characters, what they do and how they play.


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More people should do this.

Sounds good for people newer to the game! :wink:

I think there are enough videos with people just playing the game so it should have something to distinct itself from other videos.
The mathcraft is something thats mostly missing for me, but more in text than in video format.

Thanks for the Feedback! Maybe I can get up a thread/series of threads. I’ll bookmark it :slight_smile:

Are your character overviews gonna be in depth videos with like 3-4 minute videos for each character or is it gonna be one honking big vid with all of them listed off one by one?

I would think the former would garner more attention.


I was thinking a 1-match video for each character, where I spend the first 3-4 minutes explaining the abilities and qualities.
Think like “Today, we’re going to be playing Montana. He’s got a big heart and a bigger gun. His primary ability blah blah blah. And here is a game where you can see him being played”. I was also planning on doing it alphabetically.

Do you think that separating the overview from the gameplay would be more desirable?

Well it would be better if you could demonstrate the abilities as they happen.

Like when Oscar Mike uses his ultimate, use that time to discuss it and so players actually see it in action.

Ok, cool. This is good feedback. I’m excited about this. As we get closer, I’ll figure out the details when I’ll be streaming. And I’ll post it here for anyone interested.

Alright. I’ll be streaming tonight! I plan to start at 7PM EST. I’m not sure how long I’ll stream for. Please note that the link below is just a placeholder for the actual stream (as it will be from my PS4).

If I decide to keep doing this, I’ll need to figure out a capture card and such, but for now…

Happy gaming.

Personally I’d like to see more El Dragon gameplay, especially in story mode.

Mods / official people (like @JoeKGBX),

I want to have a battleborn banner on my page. Is that allowed? Does it have to be fan-made, or can I used a gbx piece of art?

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My tentative Stream Schedule is going to be Monday and Thursday at 7:30PM EST for about an hour-90 minutes.

While I would like to have 3-4 minute videos for each character in the future, as of now, my only available soft/hard ware is my PS4 direct to YouTube. That means that I’m stuck with Streams while I figure out PS4’s “Post to YouTube” functionality.

My current plan is to do a theme for each stream, that is like a video. EG - “Montana games” or “PUG Story Mode”

Please bare with me as I stumble my way through this.

I think you can use an official one if you don’t get money off it…

Thursday, I’ll be finishing up my AZ series with Whiskey Foxtrot.

Then, what do I do?