What Would It Take For You To Stop Playing?

I must not farm
Farming is the mind killer
Farming is the little-death that brings total oblivion


Seriously though… well said @Chuck80.

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Hmm, a little optimistic there Pie (everyone’s copy of borderlands comes hand packed with a lot of guns and many, many glitches). I’ve had the lynchwood one too. And terra is a total bugfest, I’ve encountered at least 3 major glitches there (though as the others said the shield thing is intentional).

But I love the game nonetheless. It’s kind of my home now. Lost on Pandora. Though I am vacationing in Battleborn (and @Adabiviak, I just caught your last message as I was turning off my computer, I will reply and give you a proper description of Battleborn anon!).

Do you farm much, Ad? I try not to do it because it is dull, but it is useful for allegiances… I do like my Gub and my Sledge’s.

Yeah, I’ve had the skag pile glitch happen to me as well (on the 360/XBox One). I think just leaving Lynchwood and coming back might help as well- it hits me because I’m usually trying to do all of the Lynchwood missions at once (The Bane, 3:10 to Kaboom, The Bank Robbery, Animal Rescue)…

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I hate that glitch. I usually save/quit to fix it.

Same. I have the full run (including coming back to deal with one angry mama) down to 40 minutes.


I guess I’m lucky, or just slow because rarely does my game soft lock(which I figure is the lynchwood problem). Gear never falls though the floor, my game only freezes when I spam everything possible in 4 player coop, never had a terra glitch. Not bragging just saying not everyone’s game is a total glitch fest. And most of mine are problems all ps3 versions have like the torgue dlc lootsplosion not happening.

Heh, you are very lucky, sadly most people have a lot glitches (pretty much everyone I’ve ever played or discussed it with). The worst one with Terra, which usually happens when you get thrown up high in the air, is that it thinks you’ve left the arena so his health resets (happened to my the first time I was about to solo him). I also hate the Hyperius glitch where it locks you out of his arena and you have to quit and invite and go through the Refinery again.

I forgot about the hyperious gate lock. That one does happen on occasion

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:39, topic:1544336”]Do you farm much, Ad?[/quote]The only time I ever really “farmed” was during the Loot Hunt weekends, when the drop rates were basically 100% (seriously, how epic was that promotion? Best time I’ve ever had on the Internet.), and way back when I first started, I dashboarded to get a slag Rubi. At this point, the only piece of gear I’m actively searching for is the Jakobs blue-rarity allegiance relic that buffs mag size and recoil (and I don’t think that’s got a dedicated drop pool, although last night, I got three very nice allegiance relics fighting the pre-Dexiduous mob in Hammerlock’s DLC… coincidence?). That post is sort of funny, but it’s so true; if I was playing this game for the acquisition of a specific piece of loot at the expense of enjoying the combat, I’d go nuts.

For the record, I only use one instance of any given red-texted piece of gear, so my needs were slight to begin with. It’s still thrilling to see rare pieces of loot drop though, but only for the sake of witnessing a rare event and refilling my bank account.

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I concur…this should be an annual event

You are a man with a strong will. And an inspiration! I am trying to rely less on the usual picks, including for allegiances. But man… selling legendaries is hard.


I used to be skittish about selling high-end gear. Back on the old forum, I kept an inventory of a bunch of really nice gear (Legendaries, Pearlescents, Uniques with good parts, whatever) that was free to whomever asked. I think like two people ever asked, and I sat on that inventory for eternity in case some poor farmer, vexed because they couldn’t get that fire Norfleet or a legit Evisceration Grog Nozzle, might ask for it. When we went to this new forum, I sold it all… became a billionaire, crashed the Pandoran stock market and got Marcus to put a hit out on me. To be fair, it was mostly OP3 gear though, but Digistruct Peak was still fairly new, and I felt bad for all the people lamenting harsh treatment by random numbers.

Now, whenever I sell off Legendaries and Pearlescents, I laugh maniacally. Literally as I write this, I just sold three Legendary COMs (Hoarder, Siren, and Sniper) that I got from Caustic Caverns.


I think we’ve both got lost on Pandora!

If you consider not playing the game anymore just because you lost some gear and got underleveled stuff from farming, you’re definitely not cut out for the Borderlands. That stuff is basically par for the course in the game. Although I’d probably stop playing if I lost all my characters and game progress in one fell swoop. Maybe.

Also, if you’re not feeling it, just take a break. This isn’t supposed to feel like homework, you’re supposed to have fun doing it. Sometimes you get burned out on it. It just happens. Take a break, play something else, get out and get some air. I stopped playing for a while a couple of times these last three years I’ve spent exploring Pandora, but the desire to play always returns after a while. As a matter of fact, I’m on a break right now. I haven’t played the game in about three weeks. That doesn’t mean I stopped playing forever. I know I’ll come back to it soon enough. In fact, just writing about it is making me wanna play it.


What would get me to stop playing? Well, my daughter recently got Kingdom Hearts 2.5 ReMIX, so we started to play that now.

But I’m sure we’ll be back on Pandora after we beat the game(s) about 3-4 times.


Selling legendary gear?! Heck, for the first time ever (not counting when I first started playing and sold off my Sand Hawk and Pimpernel- hey, I was new!) I sold off a Unique- granted it was the Chulain but still… I even hold on to plasma casters AR’s and SMG’s, just because I like them…

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Between my characters, I’ve sold off a ton of legendary items. I only keep the best of the best among them.

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Same here. I only keep what I actually use and if I find a better version of an item, I sell the one I had before. I have no mules and no desire to have them. For this reason, my backpack and the bank are usually pretty packed, but I have everything I need for two or three different builds on both my main characters. I have no extraneous items or duplicates and I don’t keep items I never use (even if they’re good).

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How would I go about putting a ‘shocked face’ meme here? :grin: I’m both a hoarder and OCD- heck, most of my bank and backpack space are filled up with class coms more than anything else, just on the chance that I might want the boost to those skills. Right now my new Axton has 7 different coms in his back pack and almost as many in his bank- I can’t get rid of anything…

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I took a big emotional step today with a general clear-out of excess gear.

I have a lot of characters in Bl2 - a lot a lot - many of which are called to donate some of their backpack as mules. But lately they’ve been quite overloaded… I decided to do some red-letter gear with my OP8 Siren. I wanted to hang on to my shiny legendaries of course, so I put them with my mules, but my main problem was I that I needed ‘normal’ Maya for coop and raids.

Anyway I decided to adjust this situation by using a backup save of Maya that I can draw on when I want to use legendaries. So, I set that up and got rid of all my legendaries. Still not an easy task to do though, even though they’re not technically gone forever… But my mules are a lot lighter for it.

That’s my policy. Highest level, best stats/parts versions are kept only. The only doubles I have are different elements (fire, shock, etc.) of an item. If I have doubles of a com, I’ll compare the percentages and keep the one with the higher number I care about. I farm for fun more than for need, so the legendary items add up pretty fast.

Same. Six active characters packed with loot is enough for me.