What would it take to make you delete your characters and restart fresh?

Interesting question.

What would it take in some hypothetical future update patch to Borderlands 2 great enough to make you intentionally delete your characters and start over fresh?

For me, it would be them allowing you to reset individual quests and to part out your guns to remake them.

I love this game but I won’t lie, I my save file is unfortunately gibbed to death now due to these limitations. I personally didn’t edit in items I didn’t already have but used it to change parts out on them or duplicate quest rewards as I didn’t really feel up to resetting my entire game 4 times or more farming 4 OP8 Sandhawks and then Alt-F4ing to infinity and beyond trying to get decent parts for it or god knows how many other items I have farmed and the RNG gods had sought to make sure I just couldn’t get parts worth getting. My first time of Alt-F4ing for a Sandhawk I did it over 100 times trying to get a decent one, took over 20 times just to get one that wasn’t slag or non-elemental.

If they were to allow you to break them down and rebuild them from parts and reset individual quests every character I had would be deleted and I would start fresh 100% legit.

What would it take to make you delete your characters and start an entirely new game on them?

I wouldn’t. When I want to start a new run, I do. Since I like endgame, I’m very happy to repeatedly reset UVHM.

If the vault hunters from BL2 and TPS could play in each others’ environments (Athena on Pandora and Maya on Elpis, etc.), I’d start over from scratch in a heartbeat.


This I wouldn’t mind.

I have TPS and tried to play it some. Great game play and mechanics but the voices to me were just too grating and the humor just wasn’t there for me. Felt like all the new voices took acting lessons from Crocodile Dundee and the game was so Australian to the point they had parodied themselves. That and the Oxygen mechanic to me sucked.

If they moved those characters to Borderlands 2 where I could try them there, I would love it.

I already did it when I moved to the PS4. Started from scratch and rebuilt all six characters. I enjoyed redoing the whole process a lot.

Gibbed is a great tool for transferring stuff from one char to another, or whenever I feel like testing something. Clappy’s stash is just a PITA since it can only handle 4 items at a time. I start new chars all the time, so starting over isn’t a big deal for me. But… and that’s a big but… If deleting a char and starting over means also deleting all the items I’ve farmed for… Then NEVER! Some of these items are super hard to get, and having them is my reward for putting all those hours in to this game.

A reason to ?

Even with the changes you want to make, I still don’t see the point of starting all over again
it would merely make getting the gear you want easier… no reason to start from level 1 again IMO. I love end-game content :slight_smile:

I guess if there was something they added to the game that can only be acquired once… but that’s not the case here

I kinda already did as I recently switched platforms. I’m currently slowly but surely leveling up my characters back to end game having started from scratch again. So for me it was the call of better performance. I don’t see any reason within the game to delete my stuff. If I want a fresh start with a new character I can just create a new character and not share any items for them.

1- if the save files somehow became corrupted or infected by a virus
2- if I ran out of cloud/HD space to save characters
3- if i owned a new platform and bought the game for it again (of course, there would be nothing to delete as it would be an entirely new platform but you get what I mean- I hope…)

Mashing up BL2 and TPS might be enough, but I’d want everything: the classes, cryo weapons, oz kits, the grinder, etc. Aurelia and cryo on Pandora would be incredible.

Edit: that’s kinda what I’m hoping for in the next BL. I want them to have the interchanging environments going from normal to low G, and if cryo comes back I’ll be so happy. Ever since TPS came out, one of my dream weapons has been a Florentine that shoots shock/cryo. It would be wonderful. Sorry, end mini-rant.

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I’d do it for a few grand, I’m not as time invested as most of the folks on here and with what I’ve learned I could make it back to where I am a lot faster than it took the first time.


I can’t depart from my toons. I already lost a bandit gear only Krieg once and since then I backed up every BL save on a regular basis. Losing my Op8 Gaige is the last thing I want since I spend the majority of my time spend on the game in that save.

Also, talking about gibbed useally is key to getting your topic locked, it isn’t allowed to be talked about here.

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Did not know about that being banned here.

Also the reason you state is the exact reasons why I said it would take them giving us the ability to reset quests as well as break down gear into the parts and rebuild them to remove its need entirely.

Sucks when the RNG gods crap on you and only give you the worst of a weapon the rare times it drops or when you get it from the quest.

If they gave us the ability to reset the quests and part out the pieces, my Siren and all my toons would be deleted and I would go again 100% legit as then I know I won’t be Alt-F4ing the Sandhawk quest over 100 times just trying to get a half decent Sandhawk as I only have to get it once then can part it out and rebuild it with parts from other guns I have farmed or farming 4 Sandhawks would just require me to reset the quest 4 times spending either Eridium or Cash to reset it and completing it 4 times instead of resetting the entire story line to do it.

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After you beat all missions in every VH mode,using same character & never dying once < just kidding on the dying, anyway after completion a reward system remembers all that you have done and offers you a settlement reward with a new character starting out with, hmm let’s say,

1000 Seraph Crystals
Choice of any 5 of your legendary weapons you have obtained & bled for.
Able to combine 3 of your best shields into one great shield, that levels up with you. You also can change the parameter balance of your shield as needed.
Final reward being, Xbox 360 & Xbox one players can play online multi-player together. Xbox could release BL2 edition that allows it & makes money doing so. What could be better? Anyway, wishful thinking… :slight_smile:

It would take a substantial amount of money, or equivalent payment (so a stack of games, etc.). So, you know, PM me your money offers and i’ll do it! I’ll throw up a recording of me deleting them :smiley:

Nothing would- but if I bought a PS3/PS4 or got THC for PC I’d have to start fresh again…

Hmmm… if they replaced slag with TPS’s cryo (a more useful and interesting debuff, especially for explosive/Torgue fans like myself ;)), that might encourage me to start 100% fresh and refarm stuff. :slight_smile: