What would need to be done to fix AR's in TPs

I miss the CR’s of BL1. Ar’s just don’t stack up - Heck many pistols do similar damage with similar mag sizes and vastly quicker reload time. High speed Ar’s are strictly inferior to their SMG counterparts.

TPS AR Cons :

Slower reload speed
Reduced crit damage
Reduced elemental effect chance per shot

TPS AR pros :

They look cool and feel like the guns you loved in BL1.

What would you suggest to make AR’s playable in the future? Is it patchable/fixable now?

I haven’t really found an AR I like either, though I’ve heard the Hammer Buster II is pretty boss. I’m pretty much just using them to get the Crouch Potato challenge and skin before I prestige.

Fix the critical modifier. Done

What ACNAero said.

It’s the main problem - no other weapon class is penalized so heavily on crits.

Fixing crits would be a start, but it would not make them feel better.

They could also make them a bit more like real life assault rifles.
Right now, they are pretty much slower SMGs with higher damage.

But in real life, ARs are much more PRECISE than SMGs, and they handle better.

They should be somewhere between Snipers and SMGs: medium fire rate, with the best accuracy in the game outside snipers. and a pretty easy to control recoil.

High damage, high accuracy, medium fire rate, medium mag size, no weak points… the standard by which all other guns are measured.


Exactly this.

My favorite assault rifles are blasters and the Pitchfork, which is bad, because those aren’t even actual ARs.
They just handle way more like what I feel an AR should handle like.

Man I wish AR’s would get fixed. I agree with the point about how they should feel like a cross between snipers and SMGs, but that’s basically what a Vladof sniper is like, just with boosted crit damage and a terrible ammo pool :smiley:

a fundamental problems is the manufacturers. Primarily the fact that hyperion, generally the most accurate manufacturer, doesn’t make AR’s, instead they make SMG’s. Instead of hyperion, vladof makes AR’s, even though their gimmick is more geared towards smg’s.
However, since swapping manufacturers around is unlikely, AR’s could do with better general accuracy and recoil, as well as having a real crit modifier. Maybe some more damage. Maybe.

Yeah, but the different manufacturer’s specialty affect the weapon, but not as much as their type.

Hyperion’s thing is accuracy, and Hyperion shotguns are the most accurate of all shotguns…but they are accurate by shotgun standards… any Hyperion shotgun is less accurate than any sniper rifle, no matter the brand.

So if Hyperion made ARs…they would be the most accurate ARs, but we don,t need Hyperion making ARs for ARs in general to be accurate.

I agree with Snag: The closest thing we have to something that acts like a real-life AR in Borderlands are Vladof snipers, specifically droogs (with their higher fire rate and bigger mag size)

Just lower the damage a bit, lower the zoom and make it use AR ammo and it would be a GREAT AR prototype.

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Fix the crit penalty and do what Chuck said. Done!

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They got pretty close with a gun like the Scorpio but crippled it with too low base damage and the crit penalty.

Hyperion Blasters remind me of the ARs in the first Borderlands. Good and super accurate at mid to long range, easy to use.

I’ve been trying to find a good mix using Blasters, Splitters and Bullpups and the Hyperion Blasters just seem like what regular ARs should have been.

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