What would you consider to be a badass achievement in this game?

I’m curious as to what people would think of as being a badass achievement in this game? Some that come to mind are earning the titles Old Man Cranky or Pentastrike! among others. What other achievements would you consider worthy of the Badass title? It has to be something that not everyone can do. Anyone can get to Command Rank 100 given enough time. Anyone can get any of the Master of X titles given enough time. Anyone can unlock all the lore on any of the characters given enough time. But not everyone can get 1000-0 in a capture match. Not everyone can get a quintuple kill. What else would you consider to be Badass? Not everything has to be tied to a title but being able to earn and then display a title makes it easier to prove that you have achieved something specific. Video evidence is also good proof.

If you have to know why I am asking I am deciding upon the criteria for the Badass Battleborn role for members of the [Battleborn] Discord server found here. I want to give some of these incredible players recognition for their achievements by giving them a role that reflects those achievements.

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‘Worthy of Song’ while not quite as hard as the other two you mentioned is still fairly badass.

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Badass Lite? :sunglasses:


I’ve got old man Cranky playing solo and ran into a group of 3 solid players. I believe it was 5 on 5 the entire time. Only had worthy of song in beta. I’ve been close but haven’t hit 25 kills yet. 23 then the meltdown minions finished the game.

Pentastrike seems like it would be pretty hard to get. The best I’ve gotten so far is a triple kill and even that required me to steal kills from 2 of my teamm mates lol.

I like Bada Bada Boom, got it with isic :wink:

But I find a lot of titles can be gotten if you get a party of 5 solid players and let matchmaking give you an easy team to be against.

I think the most badass achievement is complete the game on Hard core. this is hard