What would you do for a Klondike Bar? - Destro's Sunday Let's Play Thread #2 (Now with 100% more Community Questions in the Title!)

Hello birds, clones, robots, mutants, ISIC, Ghalt, and sometimes old men known as Kleese!
How are you all doing? I’m doing great, thanks for asking. So, sticking to my plan for my Let’s Play threads, I’ve got another episode for you guys!

The link is here - https://youtu.be/sIolsZcKcBM

As of the time of this post, youtube is having some issues with playback, but the link should still work
once it comes back up.

Anyways, on to the video - today’s episode is an Incursion match on Overgrowth, and I’m playing Beatrix. Montana is fun, but I wanted to end the note on another character I’m trying to learn. I gotta say, Beatrix is A LOT of fun to play! I think her damage is pretty good, and she is absolutely good at putting the hurt on healers (especially Miko!).

Unlike the last two threads I made, I’ve decided to just include the community question in the title of the thread. This’ll make things easier and maybe catch some people’s attention.

What would I do for a klondike bar? Well, that’s a tough one. I imagine I’d nerf Shayne and Aurox for one, or possibly delete Marquis from the game.

Maybe take a long walk for a klondike bar. Who knows? The possibilities are endless.

I’ve been bouncing around ideas for other videos I want to make, and I wanted to bring it up to you guys - how do you all feel about character tutorials? I wanted to make a tutorial for Ernest based on how I play him, and I wasn’t sure if there’s any interest for that kind of thing. What do you guys think?
Cheers, loves!


I’d be okay with Orendi losing her alt fire for a Klondike Bar

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I don’t even remember what her alt-fire is, haha

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Aw, man…I HATE Klondike bars… Can i get a Choco Taco instead?

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What is a choco taco?

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Another Klondike product:


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I need these in my life.

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They’re f*cking DELICIOUS.

And, sonofahen, i unintentionally derailed another thread! With ICECREAM!! Sorry, @Destronoma


[quote]They’re f*cking DELICIOUS.

And, sonofahen, i unintentionally derailed another thread! With ICECREAM!! Sorry, @Destronoma…[/quote]


It’s pretty much impossible to derail the Let’s Play threads, since I don’t expect there to really be any discussion about the video itself. Unless it’s a question aimed at me, I guess?

So you’re good. I’d rather talk about Klondike products instead of having an empty thread.

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Oh, my God… PLEASE don’t make it out as a challenge (points flipper at title under name), because i won’t be able to resist, a-and i’m already on thin ice! Yes, penguins can swim; but there are LEOPARD SEALS out there, man:


A challenge: how many topics can you go off on?

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Seriously though… ALL of them.

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I kinda want to see this now, honestly.