What would You do? Game Choices

I recently found myself in 2 odd situations that really had me scratching my head. Not in the moment, but after. This is a game and we make countless choices in game that lead to an outcome.

Weather we like it or not, our choices can have Immediate and Profound affects:
If I stirred your imagination, please read on to help me answer:

What would YOU do?
(IMPORTANT: Please Read others ideas, no need to try to nullify or punch holes in the logic of others)

Scenario 1: Too Cruel to be Kind
Lore Objective for Galilea and Alani. Defeat Ambra 25 times.
I have played all 3 and I feel I am familiar with Some of their endlessly possible playstyles.
(Slang, I’m not a total Noob)
Incursion Game: OverGrowth: I was playing Ambra, It was very clear the Galilea on the other team was hunting me. Our team was leading the game after some good see-saw battles. (Side Note: I still need 5 Ambra Defeats for my Galilea so I’m sympathetic to the struggle.)

In the last 5:00 minutes of the game I had the greatest idea ever, I would be “Kind” and give the Galilea, (Total stranger) a free kill or 2 if I could.

SO, I riddle you at this point dear reader, Would you do such a crazy thing!?

What did I do you ask? I wish you had Not asked.
I Gave Galilea a Freebie.
Then, 2 other teammates died.
And Then, a massive Push……yeah…
We lost in the last 40 seconds of the game. DOH!!

Glass Half Empty: I let down my team and cost us the game. Not the end of the world BUT, in the heat of battle with the bullets and bombs, the Pounding pressure of the last few seconds……

Glass Half Full: I made someone else happy and their teammates.

I upset a member of the BattleBorn Community that, to be Honest, I look up to.
The person I upset is a regular player and I admire their Hardcore Well played playstyle. This player CLEARLY has spent time and effort to be a well rounded team player.

Scenario 2: The Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies
Fresh off an Incursion WIN, My Team stayed together in MatchMaking. 5 good players (strangers) that figured out a rough outline of teamwork. All level 100. Even though the # is meaningless.

The upcoming team, The highest level was 18.
2, 5, 10, 12, 18. THOSE #'s mean tons.

SO, What do you DO?
Do you feed and Nurture the Cute and Fuzzy Bunnies?
(Image of a meat grinder HERE)

What Happened!?!?
Amazingly, 3 males (2 on voice and me.) and the other 2 members of the team,
ALL agreed to "BE NICE"
We Played 29:58 of the game before we won. Yes we downed the last Sentry with 2 seconds left.

During the game we laughed and toyed with them, Made comments like, “they need to learn not to push out so hard” “This one made a mistake” “We need more players in the community” “How can we get them to want to play again?”

I was Happy to have been part of that game.

Hopefully this is NOT like lining people up in front of a tight rope…


Interesting conundrums. To preface my thoughts, I am a VERY competitive person, but I also see this, or any other recreational competitive endeavor, as a GAME. It has no stakes. There’s no money on the line, and I don’t base my pride or self-value on how good I am at a videogame. Winning is more fun than losing, but honestly I’d rather lose a close, well-fought and well-played game than win a one-sided stomping.

I also believe in the “Social Contract of Gaming.” We’re all here to have a good time. By entering in to a recreational competitive contest against foes, I am accepting some measure of responsibility for their enjoyment of the game as well. This, to me, means playing fair, playing to win the game and complete the objective rather than playing to hurt feelings or watch noobs squirm, and generally being respectful whether I win or lose.

That said, I also don’t pull punches. I don’t know if in giving that Galilea a “freebie” you meant that you found her and just laid up for the kill. I wouldn’t have done that. If the Gal player was hunting me all game, I’d have just let her find me, and given her all I had. If she kills me, bully for her. I suppose I would have modified my playstyle in just one way: I wouldn’t have pulled up and ran if she took the advantage (likely the case in a 1v1 Gal vs. Ambra.) I would have gone at her until one of us was down.

So I support your decision there. Only thing I would have done different is waited longer. 5:00 is too much time left.

In your situation, I’d have been very upset at myself that my decision was integral in costing the team the game, but not beaten myself up too much over it.

As for the handling of the newbies, I pretty much agree with what you guys did. I suppose I’d have tried to make it a teaching experience. Like I said, I dislike pulling punches, I feel it’s important to give my A-game at all times, but I’d probably have just gone at them when they made mistakes. Someone over-extends, yes, I’d put them down hard. I wouldn’t have chased for kills. I’d have just played the game, done my best to complete the objective, and hopefully they’d have learned from and enjoyed the game.

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If a player is playing to get an achievement, they are most likely not working with their team to win. No one should encourage this playstyle let alone lose the game because you want to help. It’s widely recognized on the forums that teamwork is one of the most important things you can do to win and in other MOBAs, you can get your account suspended for intentional feeding. With the legendary not even being worth the cost, I wouldn’t intentionally feed for the sake of a player to get a worthless achievement. This scenario is the equivalent to lining up next to your teammate in an fps for the sake of an enemy sniper to get a collateral so he’ll be happy.

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Ambra really doesn’t counter push so w/e.

Pretty sure I grinded out OM level 12-15 just spamming his cloak to run behind event lines and find their WF. I must have confused so many by just popping out of nowhere and taunting while I let them kill me. I think the best I managed was giving one person 6 kills against me in a game. It sucks that you lost, but at the end of the day there’s no way to be certain that your actions alone cost your team the game. I wouldn’t feel bad

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i ran up against friends yesterday in an incursion match. knew my friend still needed a bunch of ambra kills on his gali, so told him to meet me at single shard. i proceeded to let him kill me 20x in a row. then my friends on the other team surrendered the match while obviously destroying us with me feeding 20 kills in a row on purpose lol

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I’ve been playing PvP exclusivly for a month and a half. I’ve given whiskey foxtrot kills. If I’m playing someone I’ll ask if they need them. I’ll give them a couple. They earn the rest. If you see someone good karma and let them get some to.

I despise the “kill x character number of times” challenges, precisely because of this, they encourage people to abandon teamwork and just play reckless, it’s the last thing I’d want to encourage on anyone.

Only way I’d lay down or “go easy” is if the whole game was with friends and everyone was cool with letting some farming of that nonsense occur. Or if it was the last 30 seconds and the game was far apart in score that the outcome is already decided.

I wouldn’t necessarily rant about it though, if I saw someone doing it on my team and we lost cuz of it, I’d be more like “well that was dumb, lol”.

As for scenario number 2 on the other hand, that is exactly how I wish everyone would treat newbies, stomping is not fun and it doesn’t prove anything (no, you’re not “worthy of song” for getting 25 kills on complete newbies), and it is way more important to me to make them have a fun and good experience, turning a potential stomp into a narrow or late victory is a good way to do that.

Granted, if someone is playing super dumb, sure, punish the mistake, but no point in being relentless.

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