What would you do then?

So just a question to everyone ranting and complaining about drop rates and what not I just have one question. When you do get all the items for your (ultimate) build? I mean you have all that you need to just walk through whatever part of the game so what drives you to play after that? Personally I love the game and the set up, I like that I get frustrated and also rewarded. I like the rare spawns and the drop rates I believe to be reasonable. You don’t need god roll gear on everything to just enjoy the game. Just a thought to what someone would expect to do once loaded with God gear so to say.


Reset missions and shoot faces as the mood strikes. And be well prepared for holiday events and the remaining DLC.


Well that’s an easy question. Make a new build, make a new character, do a new TVHM play-through, do speedruns on raid/trials/slaughters, do challenge runs. Just play, like usual. I find it odd that people would play one VH with one build and focus all energy on that one build and never experiment and try different things. Hell I’ve posted at least 10 builds to this forum and that’s not even close to the amount of things I’ve experimented with. There is no way in hell even with 100% drop rates on every boss that I could godroll every build I play.


Are you happy with the current drop rates. Excluding the Takedown event that has them raised higher at the moment.


Also I’ll challenge myself. Doing rarity or manufactor runs or something. By the time 2 years pass I know I won’t have every perfect gear but for now I wish something is done about the loot and something to sink eridium to reroll gear for another rng in hopes for perfect roll

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Yeah. Drop rates are only an issue if you want ultimate gear. But it’s so easy to get Legendaries now and they drop regularly enough for me that I’m pretty happy with it. It’s quite fun experimenting with new stuff that keeps dropping

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Lol, my top gear rolls wouldn’t make me walk through the content. My top rolls are just ridiculous weird concepts. Like a singularity Bear throws Firestorm grenade. Or autobear Tsunami.

I have three sirens two mozes three fl4ks and one zane and we’ll over 200 items with say 100 for me personally god rolls and tbh I need bank space of 500 plus just to be able to relax and play with new toys ideas and tweaking builds so yeah increased drop rate would be great believe it or not


Theorycraft a new build. Farm items for it. Vice versa. When M5+ show up and people complain about it being too difficult, I’m going to tell them the same thing that I told them about M4 being too difficult: “You’re not ready for it”.

Also, I don’t like the implication from these statements. For some, it’s not about face rolling content. It’s about recognizing what works and what doesn’t. It’s about taking something subpar, optimizing it, and making it viable on higher difficulties. Some people like to meme that a lot of weapons are bad. But do they put in the effort of making these weapons perform better? They don’t. It’s not an easy task to collect what you need. So forgive me for not appreciating the viewpoint of "You want better drop rates, because you want to faceroll the game with “God” gear.


Speedrunning FTW. Mentioned the old Compet-n in another post yesterday and been waxing nostalgic about I ever since.

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I’d make new builds. This game needs loadouts for builds so I don’t have to make a new character just so i can have multiple builds ready to go.


B3 gives us three loadout slots for vehicles, but none for our characters. Having a loadout option in sanctuary that swaps your gear and skill trees would be great.


Find more god roll gear.

  • Have fun just mobbing and bossing with that build. The game isn’t just the grind.
  • Do challenge/weird builds. Allegiance, Iron Bear only, green gear only, etc…
  • Do speed kills/time trials stuff of the Maliwan Takedown, Slaughter Shaft, etc…
  • Theory Craft/Mechanic test for above said options
  • Start a new playthrough with aforementioned knowledge to feel ultra powerful the entire playthrough, unlike your first couple.
  • Do challenge kills. A personal favorite of mine that I’ve participated in from BL2.
  • Etc…
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Maybe my initial post came off in the wrong way I agree 100% keep playing love the game. I have just seen alot of hate so to say lately about not getting gear in a quick manor. I was just merely curious to the “haters” so to say of what the game plan was after they got what they were complaining about not getting after a few farms. Personally I have 8 full characters on my main plus 2 dummy accounts that I made just for the bank space. And I still find myself very much involved in the game with no loss of interest. Glad to see alot of positive post here. Loot on VH’s

Some people like their coffee with cream and sugar, others, like it black. Some people don’t even like coffee. Everyone has different tastes - one is no more odd than the other.

I play one VH, and though I’ve tried several different builds, the purpose of that was to find what works best for me versus for the sake of experimenting and trying new stuff out. The reason I’m only playing one VH and using one specific build is because I’m not at all interested in replaying through the story (which I found frustrating and nonsensical at parts), and even if I had all the gear that I could possibly want (which I don’t), I’d still enjoy playing my one character with my one build.

To answer the OP’s question more directly, for me, the fun of this game is being able to shoot and kill bad guys with impunity, get some sweet loot, and enjoy those cool moments with some real life friends of mine whom I don’t get to see as often as I’d like due to our respective jobs, families, and other life responsibilities. That’s it. I don’t care about how difficult or challenging this game can be, because that’s not why I’m playing it. If I want to challenge myself with end-game content, I play an MMO for that. For me and my friends, this game has and always will be a looter-shooter where we can jump on to have some fun together mass murdering bandits and getting some cool loot along the way. It therefore won’t change my enjoyment of the game if we have all the best gear possible, and historically at least, we’ve never been in that position where we had all the best gear possible - not in BL1 or BL2. And in this iteration of the franchise, that prospect has become much more time intensive. The layers of RNG in this game are much higher than they were in prior games. And speaking for myself, I simply don’t have the time, nor the inclination, to sink that much time into a video game.

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The drop rates can stay the same if the rare spawns go away, I absolutely hate trying to farm an enemy that doesn’t spawn over half the time. It’s just a waste of my time. And personally I feel the takedown drops are lacking in terms of the exclusive weapons on mayhem 4


I’d rather be Genos than Siatomo, actually what I felt like seeing a good driver build in person not one just slapped together to run the takedown.
A week later I could solo with Fl4k and still had room for that build to grow, that’s true happiness.

I quit playing because the drop rates weren’t rewarding enough. Killed bosses on Mayhem 4 and would get zero legendaries, been farming for some guns since the games release and still dont have them. Drop rates are horrible along with rare spawn rates. Went after a Cutsman and after 10 times and no show on the rare spawn I went to the Agonizer and got it randomly on the 2nd run though not what I wanted I got the caustic and I have 3 of them already. All in all it really boils down to the doing the same thing over and over expecting different results which is the definition of insanity and that’s where the drop rates are currently you’ll be there months if not a year and still might not get drop you want and I’m not even after God rolls just basic elemental versions a certain gun. Really spoils the fun when you’ve killed Graveward, Agonizer, the Twins, etc 1000 times plus now a piece and still dont have 50% of the gear you’ve been after the whole time. I’d run the Maliwan Takedown but I play solo mostly and haven’t made it passed the Valkyries yet even with the lowered difficulty that DLC is garbage and more for the pro players to enjoy and make YouTube videos about, the casual players like me will never be able to beat that DLC pack without an experienced player to help. BL3 could’ve been great but they ruined it I went back to finishing my characters on the Pre Sequel I enjoy it more.

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I would hope to just continue getting new guns that have wierd effects and not just keep on build. But she efficts don’t kill as easily as other but they still are cool.

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