What would you do to improve gravity snare?

i am a solo player so maybe its better than i expect but at least solo its just weak, would love one of the action skill augments to be replaced(trap card, its just not that helpful) for an AOE radiation or any other element augment so all enemies you trap are afflicted with an element or take some fall damage(think sigma from overwatch) i mean blind with anger can help for a solo player but its underwhelming and there is no reason to ever use gravity snare

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Remove it.

Just kidding, don’t own the dlc. Just wanted to say anything.

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Lol well I doubt it’s being used much so maybe that could work, again I could be wrong but it seems easily the weakest action skill in the game

Enemies trapped receive x% more damage.


“Press the action skill button with the trap deployed to teleport it to where the crosshair is pointing, along with any enemy in its area of effect”

It would be cool to have a way to group enemies in a big bunch and nuke them with a Nukem or a Reflux more efficiently.

  1. Increase the length of time enemies are suspended in the air to 4 seconds, and reduce the time between lifting pulses to .5-1 seconds.
  2. Give it a base range increase to match wide net
  3. Replace the range on Wide Net with a longbow function
  4. Remove the lifting enemies restriction from Forage so it can work with Blind With Anger
  5. Replace Trap Card with an augment that decreases the duration of the trap for: increase skill effectiveness (longer lift or confuse duration), singularity, or some kind of debuff

Is there something about it that makes it better for co op?

Good to know!

This is my answer.

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Longer uptime, wider radius, and damage bonus when hitting paralyzed enemies will make a decent start. And I will accept more creative augment ideas. Like an augment that insta-freezes mobs inside, or an augment that slams the mob down and do massive damage, maybe an augment to make it work with pets since the purple tree is pet-based. Honestly I can go on and on; it’s just way too underdeveloped.


having a way to deal set percentage damage to mobs would pair so nicely with 300/90 and the “enemies under 25% health take 50% more damage” anoints and it would be something you’d only get access to by taking Snare as an action skill.

I also thought there’d be a lot more debuff/status effect related stuff because that’s generally how traps work in most RPGs. I think a “trapped enemies take increased damage” debuff should be part of the basic Snare, with Trap Card increasing the debuff when it triggers. The trigger should be changed from entering FFYL as well–maybe throwing out the snare when FL4K takes melee damage? It would encourage a more aggressive approach to mobbing, something FL4K generally wants to avoid.

EDIT: There needs to be some kind of failsafe or benefit to using Snare against bosses. Doesn’t have to be huge but a debuff that activates on enemies immune to Snare would be nice.


Going forward, all action skills should have some sort of secondary effect that works against any enemy, regardless of whether the action skill can be activated against a boss or named enemy. This was an issue for Maya in BL2 because Phaselock did not work against bosses and certain other named and badass enemies. They were able to address the issue in TPS with Aurelia’s Ice Shard by allowing it to proc her damage skills that were based on the Ice Shard being out or an enemy having been hit by the Ice Shard as a debuff. Instead of taking the Aurelia Ice Shard approach to Gravity Snare, they have kind of taken a bit more of the Maya Phaselock approach.

I think the Gravity Snare should affect any enemy within its radius, there should be a debuff associated with it (other than just the singularity effect), and there should also be a longbow deployment method. I am unclear on why these things would not exist, because we already mostly had these things with Axton’s turret, Gamma Burst, Deathtrap, and I am sure there may be some other action skills in the franchise that had these effects, and it would seem prudent to at least consider attaching them to the Gravity Snare.

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There is only 1 thing i would like

its not called Levitation Snare, it being a pseudo phasegrasp is just meh

i would like the effect to act like frozen instead of grasp, i mean high gravity should stop them in their movement, not lift them up

like stasis in dead space

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If it maybe somehow debuffed enemies that could be useful.

Trash Gravity Snare. Replace it with a radiation black hole thresher. Point where you want it to spawn at and it will stay in place succing in enemies and dealing aoe radiation damage.


@Gl0weN Now that is a cool idea. I really like the thresher idea, that’s a good one and would have been consistent with the Fl4k theme.

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The trouble is that BL3’s singularities cause enemies to orbit around them in a way that’s actually more of a hindrance. They might be able to tweak stuff so it actually sets up groups for proper AoE follow-up, but I don’t know.

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Yes! This was basically the exact same conclusion I came to. I think wide net should be on by defualt, and trap card/forage should both be replaced. I think Long Bow is the perfect idea for a new augment.

That being said, if they don’t want to replace Trap Card, they could just make Trap Card activate your action skill regardless if your action skill is ready, and have the trap end when you exit fight for your life. At least then it would be somewhat useful for getting back up.

As for new augments, I think an easy and effective augment would be to basically debuff every enemy in the radius of the trap in the exact same way the It’s Piss grenade does, except maybe with 30% increased damage instead of 20%. I think this one is especially a good idea, because it makes the trap do something against bosses.

Another idea is to have what’s basically a frozen heart nova go off inside the trap, minus the healing effect.

Another is to have the ability to cancel the trap remotely by pressing your action skill button again, which would make ranged use of the skill viable along with synergizing with the long bow augment.


For some reason Gearbox seems to stay away from action skill recall options. I was surprised to see it was possible to manually retrieve Flak’s snare. Would be a nice option for sure, and I also wouldn’t mind seeing this possible with SNTNL, Barrier, Iron Cub, and Gamma Burst. Really sucks when you activate your action skill for a fight, you clear the enemies and loot the place then when you’re about to enter an entirely new enemy encounter your action skill(s) are about to expire.


I assume the reason is that people would abuse action skill start and end anointments.

Still, given that Fl4k has Rakk Attack and would have to use an augment on it, it really doesn’t seem that broken. It would be way better on Moze though, as she has no other ways to use action skill start and end anointments as effectively has rakk attack already can.

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Gravity Snare: Periodically Knocks Up, Stuns and Shocks enemies.

Decrease the rate of Gravity Snare’s periodic effect, but increase the Stun duration by 3 seconds.

Forage: FL4K regenerates health and ammo for a short time whenever an enemy is knocked into the air.

  1. Make the tree viable for non pet builds to
    (honestly making a survivability tree for a “glass cannons” was already dumb, specially because we already got gamma burst for that easier skill floor)
  2. Make is more effective and consistent, we need something to actually stop then, n to mildly annoy the enemies since the point is CC
  3. % damage for the snared enemies since thats fl4k.