What would you guys think about instanced content

Lemme explain what I mean. I believe I first saw it in Everquest 2. You would go to a certain cave mouth or door and log into an instance. You could run them solo or with group or matchmaker.

They were little random generated (kind of) mini dungeons that took about 30 minutes on average to complete.

So, in BL3 terms. We go to a door or a teleporter or something on Sanctuary, or even on different planets but I see no reason for that.

Select modifiers or options we want. Could be Mayhem level and modifiers or type of mobs, gravity conditions, etc etc. Decide if we want to run solo content or open to matchmaker.

Then we would either enter or you could have it require a payment of cash or eridium or some such to enter.

Once transported inside it would have either a random map or one of a set of maps or some such. I am leaving a lot of the details intentionally vague just to allow for versatility. Anyway, once inside you have a Takedown style setup. Mobbing, mini boss, mobbing, boss. Maybe even some NPC’s to explain map specific goals or something. Basically a one shot raid with automatic reward for completion that could add variety to the present boss farming.

Content would be on average about 30 minutes, yes, some would complete faster some people would take longer. Grant you a reward for completion so a 100% chance of getting SOMETHING in the class of what you are wanting to farm for.

Maybe you could choose the boss or perhaps you could set to randomize.

I dunno, I had a lot of fun and got a lot of nice reward content off those instanced “dungeons”. Thought it might be something to increase end game content and help streamline raiding / farming for the players while making it easier for GBX to add in more content without having to design whole new worlds for it.

Just an idea that popped into the ol’ noggin to help solve some of the issues we seem to be having. What do you guys think?


I’m always pro procedurally generated content. If done right it could add a lot of replayability with little effort by the devs.


Proving Grounds but with randomized maps? If I recall correctly (which I might not be – it’s been a while since I played EQ2), the maps weren’t randomized either, but there was more than one per setting.

Diablo 3 was able to do this with their Guardian Rifts, but it’s easier to randomize isometric tilesets than it is 3D maps. I do not want to diminish Blizzard’s technical feat. That feature has improved Diablo 3 gameplay immensely.

Iirc, gearbox experimented with that in early iterations of BL1, but were not aesthetically satisfied with the results. Time and technology has moved on from then, obviously…


Eh, so don’t randomize the map as a generator, use the trials maps or let them choose say, the cartel map, Athenas, either of the takedown maps, many of the planet zones are set wonderfully for a small 30 minute run to clear to a goal.

Just let them have some randomized or selected content with a clear goal to achieve for a clear reward for the effort.

Eh, was just an idea of something that might help both players and the devs to keep this franchise I love so well chugging along.

Yeah, I think the concept completely fits right alongside RNG loot, and unless I’m very much mistaken bandit enemies are somewhat randomised in appearance. But larger zones didn’t look right, according to their experiments. I’ll see if I can find the article…

/thrashes Google briefly.


/peers at internet

Nope. No joy.

I kinda think it was mentioned in a post on the old forum. Maybe.

Pretty sure I didn’t hallucinate all this. Like, 90% certain.

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Could add something like this that rewards you with seraph crystals? Add that seraph shop back in from bl2? Because why not?

Real talk, it sounds dope.

It would take a little more work to revive, but I would love to see Digistruct Peak brought back for this sort of content. But instead of varying per OP level like it did in BL2, it would be a random roll each time for each section. Each section would have a boss to defeat withing that type of enemy roll you get.

Not sure about the possibility to bring back raid bosses from prior games but that would be AWESOME as the end boss. You would hope and pray not to pull Voracidious or Empyrean Sentinel.

It should cost eridium to activate the raid, say 250E per player. I would play the HELL out of a content like this.

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I wouldn’t use some of the more open or larger maps. But jakobs cellar, skywell, atlas hq, the entire planet of athenas, would all stack pretty darn well for something like this.

No one says they would have to instance every map. Just the ones that would fit into the concept.

The whole point of this would be to have a start point and an end point or goal. So unless you want to make it into a find the boss hide and seek challenge …