What would you guys want to see in BL3

I made a post of this on Steam just to get my ideas and opinions out there and for other people to hear for the next Borderlands. Since BL3 was announced, what would you guys want to see or happen in BL3? I’m also going to share my opinions on this.

1) See The Other Two Sirens
Since there are suppose to be six sirens to exist in the Borderlands universe, I would like to have another playable siren and one of them possibly be an important NPC or a boss. (Like Commandant Steele. She was an antagonist in BL1.)

2) Better Vault Hunters
I did love the vault hunters in the Pre-Sequel, but a couple I felt like didn’t give much benefit to the player. And since the release of Overwatch and Paladins, I think there will be better character ideas for the next game.

3) More DLC
We got to have something to do after we’ve completed the campaign.

4) Bundle Pack
Hopefully if it were to happen. If you buy Borderlands 3 Bundle Pack (let’s call it that) you can get all four games. (Borderlands 1, 2, The Pre-Sequel, and 3)

5) Better Loot When Raiding Bosses/Invincible Bosses
It’s fun to raid any boss in Borderlands, but unfortunately they don’t drop very good items especially in UVHM. People raid most of them for XP, eridium/moonstones, and money. But I would want to see more loot drops and better gear.

6) Higher SMG Damage
As much as I love smg’s, they’re pretty much useless and the weakest in my opinion.

7) Bring back laser guns
I’ve played TPS on console and I loved the laser guns. It would be odd seeing them in BL3, but well all want new guns. I do hope that they will bring back cryo and slag.

8) New Rarity
Next to pearlscent it would be cool if they made red rarity gear and call it ‘Rubi’ or ‘Ruby’.

9) Survival Mission
We do have the 5 rounds to survive, but it would be pretty cool if we got to have an endless waves of enemies. I would also would like to have a remake of Moxxi’s Underdome Riot.

10) Third Person View
It would be cool that not only if you can play in first person view you can play in third view. I want it to be put in the game instead of searching for the mod.

11) Bring Back the Grinder
It would be cool to make your own guns again.

12) Loot Midgets
Loot midgets carry some good loot and if you’re lucky enough you can get a legendary drop from them.

13) More Guns
I hope they bring back the old weapon manufacturers such as:

  • Atlas
  • S&S Munitions
  • Eridian (Might’ve became a slag element)
    And hopefully they’ll bring back the other guns from BL2 and TPS.

14) Making Making Most of the Ideas From BL1 That Never Made it to the Game Possible
I found some cut content that never made it to the BL1 game such as:

  • Salt Racer (Vehicle)
  • Corraza (Manufacturer)
  • Grenade Launcher (Gun)
  • Eridian Elemental Rifle (Eridian, which the manufacturer was removed)

15) Bring Back Overpowered Levels
They should make a DLC that is just like Digistruct Peak and bring back the OP levels.

16) Finally, Claptrap
I really don’t know what BL3 would be without our loving robot, Claptrap.

I think that covers most of the ideas what I would want to see in BL3. I’ll update if I get any other ideas.


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