What would you like added to Homeworld Remastered?

My personal list as of right now is:

  • A button to launch all military craft or civilian craft from a Mothership and Carrier.
  • Increase the zoom range of the camera to the outer limits of the map.
  • Add way to rotate and orient ships since positional damage is a thing this is relevant.
  • Add a Follow command button for ships that do not have the ability to Guard another ship.
  • Add an updated manual.
  • Explanation for graphical settings.
  • Add command to make repair ships auto repair other ships.
  • Formations and Tactics to be fixed in Homeworld 1 Remastered obviously.
  • Scouts to have a skirmish mode that makes them keep their distance from enemies.
  • A hold position command that would make a unit fire on enemies, but not move their position.
  • Ability to set some unit abilities to auto cast.
  • Option to make the camera move faster when the cursor is pushed to the edge.

This used to be Passive Tactics (F2). They would flee when enemies came.

Also, I’d like to be able to get rid of PORTIONS of the UI. The upper left stuff is absolutely useless to me, as is the buttons in the center at the bottom of the screen. Those two things have always annoyed me.


The ability to play the classic versions (that came with HWR) online.


Homeworld 1’s gameplay. All of it. Also, I agree with Aged.

  • lobby
  • fix formations (wip)
  • lobby
  • Fix repair system (wip)
  • lobby
  • rebalance (wip)
  • lobby
  • multiplayer tracker system/player profile (sorta ranking)
  • lobby
  • better custom maps support for multiplayer
  • lobby
  • fix capital ship path find
  • and finally, a lobby.

–Move hyperspace button farther away from screen center
–Move hyperspace progress farther away from center of screen

Lower left corner:
–Smaller single ship UI elements
–Larger fonts

Upper left corner:
–fix dead spot

Center bottom:
–Much smaller sensors manager button area

–Easier, quicker selection of docked ships

–Option to have T.O. in sensors manager only.

Yes, I want an option to disable the Tactical Overlay (The coloured shapes around ships) as needed, it gets annoying when trying to take an awesome screenshot only to have a bunch of corvettes a million miles away ruin it…
Also bandbox capture for salvage corvettes.

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Tab ?


For me… within the confines of the single player campaign

  1. The Tiiadan mirror campaign.(that’s a Big one)
  2. Salvage drop off at carriers for frigates, Non Com’s and below.
  3. spinning science donut.
  4. colour identifiers added to UI ship icons.
  5. The fuel mechanic.
  6. Grav wells that are, use once then blow up.
  7. unit caps not adjusted for the multiplayer.
  8. R.U costs not adjusted for the multiplayer.
  9. Change the onscreen scuttle button to a “double press” action or equivalent ( its health and safety gone mad !!).
  10. Available R.U’s per level more appropriate to story arc.
  11. Enemy scaling realigned.
  12. Add an adjustable time dilation mechanic.

+All the current stuff that’s already being worked on, Formations, support beams., etc.

and no doubt a bucket load of other stuff :smile:

and an Idea from left field…

How about a saved souls counter (ideally onscreen somewhere) for the single player campaign. You start off with your 600,000 in cryo stasis plus what ever the fleets complement is and every time you lose a vessel (or cryo tray) the correct number of souls is deducted from the total that remains of your race. Just to ram home that this is all that’s left of your people so don’t spend there lives cheaply. :hushed:


I want a separate game engine for Homeworld!! one that gives original game play!
The Kadesh missions in the remaster, are really stupid now and the multibeam frigetes (my favorite frigete in the old game) are useles now!

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You already have it. It’s called Homeworld Classic, and it’s shipped with HWRM. Look it up.

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But without the shiny graphics or a few minor features like multiplayer.


How many people still play HW1 classic multiplayer? I mean plenty of people have copies of it that have multiplayer. Just curious what’s the average number of players on Gamereanger I think it is? When was the last time you played HW:C multiplayer as well (again, just curious)?

[quote=“matththegeek, post:11, topic:301925”]
You already have it. It’s called Homeworld Classic, and it’s shipped with HWRM. Look it up.
[/quote]Yes but I cant play it because when I try, I get a box in the middle of my screen telling me I’m using the rong resolution when I’m not :confounded:

Game Ranger usually only has 1 or 2 games up, if any.

Actually most of the people I used to play classic HW1 with no longer have their discs.

Can’t you fix that with a width/height command line?

How do I do that?

Google is your friend.

Another thing you can try is this. I don’t know if the version shipped with HWRM still uses those registry entries though.

I’m not good with computers but I will give this a try. I got to say thow, I don’ like having to jump through hoops for this when the european Homeworld fans are going to be getting this soon! HWRC Boxed Retail Version hits EMEA Territories on May 7
read it :angry:
Homeworld and Homeworld2 with compatibility :angry:
I want hard discs!
I want compatibilty!

Would it be possible to run out? What about gain more by salvaging Kadeshi fuel pods and re-educating the non combatants inside (assuming they don’t rush the boarding crews with knives)