What Would You Like Battleborn 2 To Be Like?

30 brand new characters?

3 brand new multiplayer modes and all new maps?

Same or different gear system?

Sequel? Prequel?

More or less PVE?

Helix / augments / mutations should return?

If you guys had your druthers, what would your dream version of Battleborn 2 be like?


More PVE. They would have to have some of the old characters in it aswell. Gear system can stay the same. I would say prequel due to allowing more variety depending on how far back you go since they could still have more systems to save. Helix system definitely needs to stay.





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Exactly how it is but with hidden quests, bosses, etc. Let us use all this lore, riddles, and unique abilities of characters to find stuff.

Raiders of the Last Star.

New characters or existing ones?

Additional characters is always nice but I would prefer if the original 30 stayed the same. I really like being able to develop a connection with them that carries over.

Something that gives, say people who love an individual character, certain advantages in the story because they know their history so well. If that makes sense.

I know many people probably disagree but I wish BL3 has the previous playable characters alongside the new crew.

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50 toons. The 30 we have today plus 20 new. Maybe one new faction, which means more 6 toons.


New or same abilities for carryover characters?

New abilities only for toons who should be reworked a little. It’s important to not get the toons away of its original concepts.


What would you like @FlamesForAll ? Any augments for Alani?

I kind of like the Borderlands approach, have 30 new Characters and have the 30 old Characters be NPC, but still a major part of the story. They’d be on the comms.

I’d definitely like more PvE as well. I talked about this in another post I made, but I’ll just restate it here. I’d like it to be Open World, or Open Universe, format. Allow for character changes at Spawning Stations.

I think it’d be cool if with gear it was a timed effect. Pay 1800 shards for Legendary gear and it’ll last 15 minutes or whatever would be appropriate. Then allow for players to unequip and equip new gear whenever they choose. Of course unequipping a gear while it’s active would stop the effect of it or just don’t allow gear swapping on active gear.

As far as Story, I think venturing into the Void and seeing life on the other side. Finding out that the Varelsi are the heroes of their story. They’re trying to save their universe from a bigger threat. Then we could add a 6th Faction to the game, the Varelsi. Foes become Friends to fight a greater evil. Maybe also venture outside of Solus to the starless universe. Some of the original genius Battleborn could create an alternative light source that would allow for exploration of the starless systems. Maybe even have it so they’ve developed a way to replace the stars with something that would make those Systems habitable again. Or going into the Void to return the stars to their rightful place, restoring light to their universe. After restoring stars they could clear the System of new threats that evolved in the darkness. I have a lot of jumbled ideas I could go on about, but in the end though, going up against the new, big, bad threat that the Varelsi are up against would be the main part.

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If there was another Battleborn… hmmm…

Less characters? I mean I don’t want to wait 5 years to have 30 new characters. Some old revamped, some new. I don’t know, I don’t care.

Skins with bonuses : Now this could be the collectibles! And it would be character specific always.

Simplified gears: I don’t want loadouts per characters per modes, it’s just too much. One bonus each, only white, you can select 3. Very simple.

Bot Challenges: Coop versus missions against bots (like unreal tournament / perfect dark challenges) That’s so easy to make, chaos rumble missions, factions base missions, low gravity, etc.

Main story: 2 hours missions, with checkpoints. No failables!! With possible drop in friends (with some levels given)

Helix : All good. There could be some complexity with multi branches

Lores : skill base only, or play 10 matches per characters like the titles. NO PvE or PvP exclusivity. Expendable. More could be added.

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Mellka having a longer Mohawk

100% more Benedict.
OH… and more maps.

Doesn’t necessarily have to be a prequel either.
Think if they developed the technology to reignite or build artificial suns.
Crumbling landscapes of darkened planets not used to the restoration of light. Frozen wastelands partially reclaimed with life. Gorgeous colony ships. Not so gorgeous colony ships. So many story opportunities…


Story ops more lore related like the last OP. And, if possible some missions in PvE like the Destiny raids: long, hard, only possible with full team, heavy focus in cooperation and highly rewarded.


I’ve been thinking about Battleborn 2 and on one hand I really want it but on another I’m afraid they would get rid of some characters to make way for new ones and I like all the current Battleborn so much that I wouldn’t want to see any go. 30 More characters sounds nice though. If they keep the same style of PvE missions I’d say make them slightly longer with guaranteed to hit lvl 10. I would want a Sequel there could always be more crazy aliens out there to add for characters and I would really like to see what happens next, do the start trekking into the void to reclaim what was once lost? Helix needs to stay how it is. Think the PvP modes needs to stay but add in a few new ones.

Here’s my not very in-depth or hardly thought of opinions on a BB2, I haven’t even though of BB2 before this so I’m writing this as it comes to mind.

Sequel preferably. Brand new characters and maps, new modes also, though incursion and meltdown could be kept in some sense. Maybe they could be able to bring to life characters that were scrapped for technical reasons from the first game. Though seeing an enormous cast with the original BB polished and another set of brand new BB would be pretty amazing, that would require a huge amount of resources to do well.

More or less PvE really depends on what kind of a game GBX wants it to be and what they can do. If they want to do a PvP Battleborn, it should have minimal PvE. If they want to do a PvE Battleborn, well, I’d skip PvP entirely.
Unfortunately balancing both might be a little too difficult for now. And if they really insist on keeping both, they really need to balance them separately. The careful balancing of PvP really limits what they can do for the PvE, both in terms of characters and gear.

The Gear system… Not sure. Depends on above, for PvP it needs looking into especially. The loot grind is a PvE thing and does not fit into a PvP game. PvP games should offer a level playing field. PvP games need competitive potential to truly thrive, in my opinion. As a PvE game though, I think Gearbox should stick to the over the top fun they know how to do, and having a shared loot system for PvE and PvP limits what they can do with gear.

Helices should definitely remain, though I think they should all be unlocked from the start - no unlockable mutations. I don’t particularly see the point in unlocking helices through leveling.

If you were to ask me what I’d like from a BB2, it would be a PvP game, I really want to see what Gearbox could do if they could direct all their attention to the competitive aspect. I’d like to see them learn how to do PvP, it is certainly a journey.
I do think they should expand on the lore of Battleborn, but I’d rather they do it outside of a story mode. They already have a stellar PvE game and I like seeing devs branch out, personally.
Secret confession; I’m also… Not really a fan of the “play these same missions over and over and over” type of PvE. I don’t level all characters to OP8 in Borderlands either, I don’t spend hundreds of hours farming the ideal loadouts. Not my kind of stuff. I replay to an extent, but not the extent required of BB PvE.

Titles and challenges should remain. Scrap the recolor skins, instead allow players to choose their own colors, what parts to color, and so on. More in-depth (platinum) skins too. And while I’d love to have a game with no microtransactions, if BB2 were to be a PvP games, the servers need to run somehow.

On that note, Definitely not Free To Play. A lower starting price, maybe a free try mode, but not completely F2P. And actual cheat prevention! Online only might have prevented the problems Borderland faced but it does jack ■■■■ for PvP.

I’d also be glad to wait a decade for The Ultimate Battleborn Game, if need be. No hurry.

Uhh… Yeah. That’s some of my thoughts. Cough.

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Same characters

Same modes

New Maps or additional maps or revamped maps and new maps…also run on sentences!

Same gear system.

Sequel…with prequel Operations.

More PVE, draw a larger player base.

Ge3ar, same, but maybe make farming a bit more intuitive since it plays such a hard role in PVP.

Helix augmentations (mutations) should be every level and the levels spread out further. (like instead of 15…go 30.

Rewards by level should have better loot packs.

Hell, could revamp the current game with some of these changes.

Thats my opinion anyhow. But theres no pleasing everybody.

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Why Battleborn 2? Just keep adding to and upgrading this one until it gets crushed under its own weight.


Is there going to be a Battleborn 2? It seems unlikely to me. At any rate, it should have decent matchmaking.