What would you like me to upload?

So, I have a Youtube channel where I upload videos. Is there any type of video or anything in particular that you people want me to upload?

I primarily upload MP videos. I can also do highlight videos (my fake trailer thing was me trying this out). I can also do SP and attempt Skirmish.

Hmm, let me think a while…

You could for example load some videos from Single Player gameplay from RtH30 and EiB, when playing on Authentic difficulty and with Rendroc’s WarZone mod: of course with all the mutators that makes the game so hard and challenging, that almost unplayable (i am OK with that).

Heh, i only wonder if Your “aggressive” tactics allow You to pass the most difficult game chapters easily without i.e. 10 x reloading in a row. I also have an Youtube account, but i don’t have time and patience to record such movies - i am sometimes simply helpless against the “mighty German war machine” from Rendroc’s WarZone ;).
So i wish You good luck as war movie director. I hope, that You will not get offended by my post (this is my personal “revenge” for Your fake BiA:BotB trailer ;)).

I did complete the EiB a while back when I used to play with all 1 hit kills. I played much more defensively and always loved it when I could grab the Bazooka (that made the game soooo easy). I don’t plan on doing a series for the whole campaign, but feel free to request a map. If I do SP, do you want me to actually try and beat it or use my MP tactics and see what happens?

About that fake trailer, did I get your hopes super high only to crush them? Hehe, I probably wouldn’t have thought of making that video a fake trailer (was going to just be a highlight vid) if @MarcomiX hadn’t posted that song by Sabaton.

Using aggressive tactics in SP is good, but it is not always possible due to the “superb” enemies (as You wrote earlier somewhere on this forum), because they seem to have super accuracy and have no fear to die.

In few SP maps from both RtH30 and EiB, the help from additional US troops is like having a squad consisted of 10-years old kids - they will day in 1 minute (i am not kidding), but still all the extra Germans around will live for another day. So i basically play without using BattleZone and WarZone mutators, because sometimes i remained alone on the battlefield after a short while and there is no “Quick Save” feature only those checkpoints. “Winning” the war as a single paratrooper is not my goal…

However I am not a “casual player”, but with Rendroc’s WarZone mod i came across few almost un-passable moments in both games in Single Player campaign. I think that i will be finally forced to strongly change my SP tactics and habits or CustomWeapons.ini settings to less demanding.

As for the SP gameplay that i would like You to record…

Road to Hill 30 chapters:

-> Buying the farm (Panzerfaust valley…a nightmare for Sherman ;)),

-> Purple Heart Line (“Maybe it will be easier to give them blindfolds?”),

-> Push into Carentan (those damn urban warfare ;)),

-> Tom and Jerry (how the hell the Germans from so far below could snipe me like that! ;)),

-> No better spot to die (Bocage massacre…).

Earned in Blood chapters:

-> Hell’s Corners (almost no cover at the start of the chapter…R.I.P.),

-> Eviction Notice (fight inside Train station and warehouse - welcome to the real party ;)),

-> Baupte (second part in town near the PaK36 guns - “What a helluva whay to die”),

-> Chateau Colombiers (fighting around Chateau),

-> The all americans (both parts).

However, in general the Single Player campaign in EiB seem to be easier than in RtH30 (in my opinion).

As for the “fake trailer” - you got me ;). We simply wait tooo long for the next BiA.

Unfortunately i don’t have enough strong Laptop to record all those chapters in high quality (using i.e. Hyper Cam), without noticeable lag and loss in Frames per Second.

I’ll get to those… eventually. I’ll start with EiB since I haven’t updated RtH30 for I don’t know how long. Oh, Authentic mode and reloading my entire game because the damage variance thing is broken… HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I’ll figure something out, I’ll probably stream my repeated deaths.

Hell’s Corner is good, I think it has that large field with lots of MG42s.

That train station… The grenade dive camera activated there once.

I might attempt one of these 2 tomorrow. I’m on Steam and Skype in case you care (would be easier to tell you when I’m streaming). I’m Queen Drac Wraith on both.

Would me using CustomLoadouts to give myself a bazooka and a scoped weapon be considered cheating?

Hell’s Corners is the EiB mission when you need to locate and mark air drops on the open field and later push the Germans from the Locks. There is few MG-42 positions across the map. Maybe not using bazooka when playing this, but captured Kar98K sniper instead. As for Authentic mode - with the newest WarZone mod - this chapter would be almost un-playable…but You could try if You want.

Train station - yes, it would be fun watching all of those grenades thrown by both sides. The quantity of dust and dirt produced like on the sandstorm ;). You could use standard equipment on this mission.

The damage variance thing is actually kind of un-precise setting. I am still waiting for “hit location system” to come - it would be more natural and realistic.

Maybe use those mutators when recording:

-> Dangerous AI,

-> Body Count,

-> RealSight,

-> CustomWeapons,

-> Custom Loadouts (increased number of smoke and frag grenades for player),

-> Command Mod,

-> Hollywood FX,

-> German Smoke,

-> WZ Gravity,

-> NoHud,

-> Real Tracers.

In addition MarcomiX Realistic Weapons (MRW) and Jmoney’s sound mod.

As for the bazooka - it should be used only in missions with enemy vehicles to maintain balance.

The maps for EiB offers more space and cover, than those from RtH30, so better to record EiB.

I am looking forward for Your next recorded movie on Youtube. Thanks.

I like all of those except NoHUD, I find it’s pretty helpful for the story (mainly for the compass). I remember I had Bazooka Jo when I did story, so I kind of wanted him to die.

My plan for whenever I do this is to stream to my Twitch and then edit the video for Youtube. I’ll post here when I start streaming, but hopefully we can find a better way to tell you I’m streaming so that I haven’t already somehow completed the level and then somebody shows up. Meh, probably not a big deal, but editing video will take some time.

The HUD is helpful for the gameplay (especially in SP to find mission objectives on compass when You play the first time), so you could let it be - I agree with You.

As for additional help from extra US troops (like Bazooka Joe) - it makes the SP storyline a bit hard to understand for those who never played BiA and makes too much confusion during gameplay. Also the game is much more easier when You could kill Germans behind any cover without much effort and tactic by hitting them from Bazooka.

I personally prefer to watch movies on Youtube, instead of Twitch, because I could watch them later and I am sometimes not able to watch them as a live broadcast due to my job duties. I live in Poland, so there is maybe a time difference between You and me (in example 6 hours between East USA and Poland). That is my opinion.

I guess I’ll go with no extra soldiers, should help my frame rate. I do plan on streaming (maybe the others will watch) but I will upload to YouTube as well.

I’ll watch the videos on youtube…I’m italian, and the italian web service is sadly known for its slowness and “unefficientness” (dunno if this word even exist XD)

Ah, keep the unsighted sway on! I think this is one of the best improvement Rendroc ever made for the BiA series…even if it’s slightly buggy…

Yes, I also like the new unsighted sway - the player could “feel” the weight of carried weapon and the movement is more realistic.

Hah, I knew that You are an Italian - from the chosen nickname plus I saw some description in Italian language (from Your tests with weapons). :wink: I also know Italian language a bit, but this would be probably not tolerated to use on this forum.

@MarcomiX, maybe You could also upload some videos on YouTube from BiA:RtH30 and / or EiB?

I also recorded few videos using Hyper Cam, but only from Single Player of BiA:RtH30: https://www.youtube.com/user/MsJakub88/videos

However, they were recorded before I came across any of Rendroc’s WarZone mods (and any other mods for BiA in general). They were made 3 years ago.

Edit: I fail, the damage variance doesn’t seem to apply to me. I always get 1 shot killed and the game is so hard.

Ok, so SP is really really hard. Here is an attempt of Eviction Notice on Authentic… Personally, damage variance needs fixing before I go and really attempt SP. Mainly so that I can play on difficult and have checkpoints (Is that alright with you, @pjakub88?). @Rendroc, 4:02 has the uncontrolled spinning.

Ok, so a much better video: MORE MULTIPLAYER ACTION (you guys should really do some MP sometime). This is actually a really good match on a fun map, had some really good moments. Also, has anyone noticed that clicking sound that sometimes happens when I’m out of ammo? I’ll reward somehow whoever figures it out first (I do know what it is).

1:40, thank you physics for being on my side.
2:16, Forrest Gump much?
8:18, I’m a badass… or just a reckless fool

I watched Your recorded movie from Eviction Notice chapter from Earned in Blood.

Well, all i could say is that this was a massacre for poor boys from 101 Airborne…you need to disable the damage variation (set it to 0.0 in CustomWeapons.ini) and order Your troops to flank the Train station from the right side (direct assault performed by You is nearly a suicide - especially on Authentic). You was lucky, that there were so few German defenders inside the Train Station building - if You do this when using BattleZone or WarZone mutator You would not be able to cross the open ground alive. I am not writing this to make You fell like a bad player, but only to warn You for future ;). I also few times forgot about this and i acted like Rambo :).

Try also to record SP gameplay using those new changed maps created by Jmoney1 (i highly recommend them):

However, the “Evition Notice” chapter is pretty annoying to play in my opinion (modded or not). The constant mortar fire at the beginning is very dangerous, plus the US troops AI for finding cover is not always working well (they sometimes treats an open ground as a “cover”…). You could choose better chapter to record. My personally favorite SP chapter from BiA:EiB is “Baupte” ;). As for the chosen difficulty level - i personally play BiA: RtH30 and EiB on “Difficult”, because even with those checkpoints the game difficulty is high enough for me with all those Rendroc’s WarZone mods enabled. You will still need to play tactically, unless the game make You invincible due to a very rare bug (yes, it happened to me also few times in SP).

I found this on Google Translator (English is not my native language): “firing-pin”.

Definition: “…a movable pin in a firearm that strikes the primer of a cartridge to set off the charge”.

So, this is the sound of firing-pin touching a metal element inside the weapon’s lock, instead of the cartridge primer. It happens in example when there is no ammo left to push “upwards” by the magazine’s spring, in case of weapons with build-in or detachable magazines.

Am i right or not? :wink:

It is a firing pin thing, yes. However, the game normally (at least for me) will reload with the “fire button”. Basically, I could just mash the fire button to reload instead of a conscious action of pressing “R”. There is a setting for this. Go find that setting and you get reward (probably an upload request made top priority, can request MP, skirmish, or SP, perhaps request me to try another playstyle).

Also, in my most recent MP upload (the other video in my above post, I felt that I played more tactically, but still maintained aggression. What do you think?

Maybe you should think about asking riddles like Bilbo Baggins or Gollum from “Hobbit”? :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol :slight_smile: , i don’t know why, but i will try to answer Your question anyway:

-> In RtH30 there is only one common option called: “Contex Action / Reload” (You could set Primary and Secondary key for that),

-> In EiB, there are two separate options: “Reload” (You could set Primary and Secondary key for that) and “Context Action” (You could also set Primary and Secondary key for that).

If i answered correctly please record another SP chapter from EiB, this time “Baupte” or “Run of the Mill”. I would like to see how efficient You would use the US armor against German defenders. Play with all Rendroc’s WarZone mutators for Single Player except those: CombatZone, BattleZone, WarZone and Bazooka Joe. Use also MRW mod and Jmoney sound mod. Play this chapter on “Difficult”. Record all of this chapter, not only the beginning. Use default (standard) US paratroopers weapons at the chapter start (so not FG42 or something alike…), later You could capture some other weapons from dead German soldiers. Please do not try to run and shoot to German soldiers from i.e Panzerfaust or Bazooka - this would be too easy.Try instead to flank and supress the enemy using available US soldiers / tanks under Your command. Cooperation is a key for success in BiA (at least in some missions ;)).

If i answered wrong i have no more requests…

As for my feedback from watching Your latest recorded movie from EiB MP: to be honest, i am not so much interested in watching MP gameplay - especially when i don’t know really who among them are real human players and who bots? Sometimes they acts in the same way (lol). I don’t have anything against Your playing style in MP in general, only please try to not run across open terrain so often. Use more cover if possible.You use “the element of suprise” against enemies and i like it. Your high mobility in MP increased greatly Your chances to survive. I also played MP in other FPS games, but i decided to leave it because this was too much time consuming entertainment in my case (however i am not telling You that i don’t like MP at all).

Look in the User.ini file.
C:\Users[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\Gearbox Software\Earned In Blood

OK, maybe this:

bDontReloadAfterFire=false (one of the text lines below the header called: “[Engine.PlayerController]”).
In my case the value is set to false.

By the way the User.ini file is also located in the BiA:EiB System directory.

There is also a file called “User.ini” in BiA:RtH30 System directory with exact the same text line like the one from EiB.

So, this is what You mean? I won or not? :wink:

I had the contact with User.ini before, because i had hope to increase the FOV for the weapons carried by the player. Unfortunately, it is not that simple…

All of them are bots. There are bot “players” and bot bots though. Also, you know it’s a bot “player” if an American has the M1A1 or a German has the StG44 (both are for EiB only though due to having more weapon options.) I’ll work on more cover usage, but sometimes a suicide charge to plant explosives or whatever is necessary.

I am also working on recording Baupte on Difficult. I also have another MP map to try out, but that’ll be later.