What would you like me to upload?

So, except You, those 3 other “players” were just bots with their squads consisted also of bots?
I am a bit dissapointed…

In my opinion, You will need to record the MP gameplay from EiB when playing against real humans for a real challenge.

As for recording videos from EiB SP chapters - i am very curious about Your incoming movie which will be showing the “Baupte” mission. Thank You in advance for uploading it.

As for the MP, it’s all bots commanding other bots (they are from @Rendroc’s DemonicMP mutator). They are already tough opponents. I would like to play against other people, but I don’t think there are even servers up to do this. If we could get some server or something working, I would be perfectly fine with shooting you (or working with you). Or maybe I can shoot some other people.

As for Baupte, I plan on whatever video releasing being all from 1 sitting. Should be interesting to see how I adjust my tactics to the given situation.

So, as for what else I can upload or potential settings you can have me use…

  • MP matches with no reinforcements. Basically, the soldiers at the beginning of each match are all there will be. This would make each game a deathmatch. I can upload perhaps a few of these in 1 video, maybe 1 map and I use each of the different teams.
  • Skirmish videos. But skirmish is hard.
  • Highlight videos, similar to my fake trailer (it got a dislike, so mission accomplished with that). They can be of various deaths, great kills, etc.
  • Other SP missions. Maybe when damage variance gets fixed (or a hit placement system is implemented), I can attempt the whole campaign.
  • MP matches where I have no bot ally and I have to command both squads?

@pjakub88 I am streaming Baupt here: http://www.twitch.tv/queendracwraith
I will upload video with all of my attempts. I am playing @jmoney1’s version of the map. I am not using any of the *Zone mutators. Difficult is the difficulty.

@QueenDracWraith, please upload this video later also on Your YouTube account, because i would like to watch it entirely. When You informed me about streaming, i was just testing the newest Rendroc’s Command Mod 4.37 beta as well as MRW update for RtH30. I don’t want to watch only the second part of Your Baupte gameplay on Twitch plus the lag during watching live on my PC is too high. Thank You in advance.

I didn’t complete this successfully complete the mission, but I am currently uploading what I have. A little over an hour of me… dying… and dealing with dumb AI (Me to Friar: Why the hell would you use that damn Panzerfaust on something other than a tank??? Also, use this thing called cover!). I really need to play the whole story again.

@QueenDracWraith, please don’t give up ;). I fully understand You. The friendly AI is in the most cases worser that the enemy AI - especially in finding cover for themselfs. The members of the Fire and Assault team, often occupy covers from the wrong (opposite) side than i ordered them (!)- exposing themselfs for enemy fire. I even came across situations, when they thought that the open ground is a good and efficient cover against bullets (LOL). You could guess how this ended ;). A hint: not a very happy ending :). Still the game is very enjoyable and playable. You need only to have a lot of patience. However, the problem with US soldiers and finding proper covers is mostly related to RtH30.

I won’t give up, don’t worry. But now that I have something uploading, I may upload some more MP videos in between other SP attempts. I do have a MP map that needs some screen time.

Also, how about my damn tank having it’s rear facing the other tank? That is one of many frustrations I had to deal with for this video. Hope you enjoy watching it~

One of the cons of EiB is the fact that having a tank is more a disadvantage than an advantage.
Just keep your tank away enough to be safe from those panzerfaust and order him to suppress the enemies.
Then you’ll just have to run, aim, shoot and pray…On the first phase of the mission there are no covers.
The first tank should not be a problem…if you played well, you should be on his flank with Paddock, Friar and Marsh, while the Sherman should be facing the Panzer. Now you have a choice:
-Pray for the tankers to have a good aim
-wait for the Panzer driver to pop his head out of the tank, shoot him with your M1 and throw a grenade inside the german tank.
-On the left flank, near the Pak36, there is a Panzerfaust crate…The panzer will be in the crossfire!
Now the hardest part: the Church! A Pak36 will cover the road, another Panzer is on the left flank of the church and loads of panzerfaust surrounding the area…I didn’t find a proper strategy there…I just focused on the enemy movements and adapted my strategy accordingly.
After the churc, well…two more Panzers!
If your tank has been destroyed, use Paddock and his pals to distract the german tanks while you reach the near Panzerfaust crate and shoot the panzers down.

There are less tanks since this is @jmoney1’s modded version of Baupte. And here we go:

@MarcomiX, QueenDracWraith recorded the gameplay from the changed version of the Baupte map, created by Jmoney1 in his mod: http://forums.gearboxsoftware.com/c/other-gearbox-games/brothers-in-arms. I also played this custom map and i like it. I suggested him to check this mod.

Jmoney1 reduced the number of the tanks found in this mission to add to the realism. There is only 1 Panzer IV tank in this chapter (in comparison with 4 as default) located in the Baupte town near the church area. However, the German defenders seem to be quite accurate with shooting from Panzerfausts. They will even shoot from them towards player and his squad…

I think I may release a mod that has some of my custom gearbox files. Because I edited the panzerfausts to ONLY shoot one round before being discarded by the AI. THIS is realistic because the panzerfausts in real life could not shoot repeatedly.

I will also release my CUSTOM warzone version which gives the U.S. Troops 100 health instead of 250. And I will release custom weapon realism settings.

@QueenDracWraith, i watched the entirely Baupte video posted by You on YouTube.

Well, i observed few things about Your SP gameplay style in this particular chapter:

-> i knew that You will choose the FG42 to shoot from…i wonder if any of the members of 101 Airborne division even saw this weapon during WWII, not to mention touching it or shooting from it ;),

-> You really like to ride on the top of that Sherman, don’t You? What a courage ;),

-> You did not used a single smoke grenade to cover Your movements under heavy enemy fire,

-> Shooting from Panzerfaust against enemy positions under heavy fire is almost pointless - better to flank them or throw a grenade to force them to abbandon their posts,

-> For a close quarter fight, better to choose a sub-machine gun,

-> You could order Your men to throw grenades at Your enemies or smoke grenades on the ground (when using Command Mod).

-> You just sometimes acted too quick, when there were necessary to stay and hold ground,

-> You cannot just stand in front of an enemy and shoot to him uncovered this long, hoping that one of Your bullets will hit him - keep in mind, that enemy AI has superb accuracy over distance,

Those are the very basic principles to survive on the BiA:RtH30 and EiB battlefield in my opinion.
Playing a hero in those games will certainly leads to the grave.
This is one of the hardest EiB chapters in my opinion. Never try to underestimate Your foe! :slight_smile:
Having a tank on Your side does not mean that such chapter would be a walk in the park.
It seems that You are a lot better in MP, than in SP. In my case it is directly the opposite :).

Good night.

The FG42 is by far one of the best weapons in the game with the way I have my weapons setup.

Nothing like a machine gun that is guaranteed to kill in 1 hit.

I feel like an idiot now. Why didn’t I use them in some of those tank battles…

I think I’m a good shot with the Panzerfaust. I’m also using it to destroy AT guns or other tanks so that I can use my squad to more effectively flank the enemy. I don’t exactly trust my squad…

The FG42 basically acts like a submachine gun at close range. It’s such a great weapon.

Again, I feel like an idiot.

Hmm, do you have any examples of this in the video so that I better understand what you’re talking about?

Hehehehehehe… but sometimes it works! (Yeah I should use cover more)

SP tactics presented by You when playing “Baupte” chapter could be used very efficient in un-modded version of EiB.

However, when using Rendroc’c WarZone mutators, You will need to adjust Your tactics accordingly, due to the high level of difficulty delivered with his mod.

I must say, that the first part of the mission (outside Baupte) played by You was better than the rest one - You used Sherman as a cover, which is a very good strategy (except standing on top and shooting from MG - one random enemy bullet and You are dead plus the Browning is not a very accurate weapon with that recoil). Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks of such strategy: one single Panzerfaust could kill You when on a tank or close to it. You had luck in 14:45 - that Panzerfaust flying above Red’s head - that was close! :slight_smile:

As for the moments, when You acted too quick and un-prepared for an assault (or performed from wrong side):

-> 24:38,

-> 27:30,

-> 28:14,

-> 28:38,

-> 39:40,

-> 44:00,

-> 1:13:00.

Those are only examples, I saw more such moments on Your Baupte video.

As for using FG42 as a main weapon in close combat - well, in my opinion FG42 is too big to comfortably operate in close combat - I prefer instead i.e. MP40 or M1A1 Thompson.

I have a one simple rule when playing SP with Rendroc’s WarZone mods: You need to behave just like You was Red or Baker himself (not just a player far away from the fight). Would You i.e. risk You own life to perform suicidal frontal attacks willingly? Of course not! (I hope so).

Cooperation is a key too success, even when the US squad AI in BiA:RtH30 and EiB is not always working as it should :wink: .

In my case, I am using AntiTank_DamageScale value set to 10.0 in CustomWeapons.ini, so I must be perfect when facing enemies with Panzerfaust, field guns or tanks: one shot and my tank is a piece of scrap. However, the same rule is applied to Germans as well ;). This is the best choice for the close combat in “Baupte” chapter in my opinion. Try this setting.

I am also making sometimes all of those mistakes made by You during playing “Baupte”. This is the effect of being “too fast” in playing the game and losing patience. Before making any move, there is a need to think twice (or even triple) about possible consequences in RtH30 and EiB Single Player :wink: .

As far as using the tank MG, I just make sure the tank is facing the enemy. This protects me from enemy fire and it has great suppression. And that Panzerfaust… that was scary… I got out of there fast.

Oh, new video (not Baupte, it’s a MP video)

@QueenDracWraith, did You use damage variance setting for weapons? If so, which particular value You set in Your CustomWeapons.ini file? Thank You in advance for response.

I use 0.8 damage variance. All my other values are here: The Queen's CustomWeapons Project

Here is another video of the “new” MP map Frontline (this time from the German Fire Team playing defense). Frontline is a map made by Engel (so NOT in the regular game) that I downloaded for RtH30 and had transferred to EiB (took some file copying to make it work).

Download Link: http://brothersinarms2.filefront.com/file/Frontline;48322

My thoughts on the map: I personally like this map due to its unique terrain and having sniper rifles (though only actual players can use them since it’s a secondary weapon) and use of the Bazooka and Panzerfaust (though I don’t see much Panzerfaust use). The map is definitely different compared to the other MP maps in the game, and has given me a taste of what being on the wrong side of the bazooka is like (it ain’t fun). @Rendroc, I think that “nasty thing” you did with bazooka happens a few times in this match. It’s quite… gory.

So, watch me get blown up and attempt to snipe:

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I’ve never even heard of that map. Amazing that the MP bots work fine, though… This is the modding achievement I’m most proud of. :tada: :balloon: :trophy:

@Rendroc Here is some more of that map for your pleasure. I also found out that the MG42 that I can’t use can be used by the AI if I give them the command to.

@pjakub88 I’ll get to Baupte again… eventually. Unless you want to see another map. MP is easier for me to do since it’s typically quicker to record and upload.

I also tried to play more at the “line,” it’s usually more dramatic than in the video. Also, a lack of explosions.

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