What would you like to change in Battleborn?

matchmaking - i prefere that one in black ops 3 - first find players then make teams
selecting hero - why i cant’t undo my choice in pvp and mby some draft like in LoL?
skins - colors rly Gearbox shame on You
mby some new hairstyles and armors?
steam market items - i would like to achive some in game items i could sell to others

in cocnclusion i like the game very much te pve missions are cool moba/fps pvp is cool but the game itsels need some development

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Checkpoints being checkpoints, no instafailing a 40 minute mission because the boss spends so much time in invincible mode or one random melee tiny enemy sneaks through and two shots an objective.

The ability to add NPC bot team mates to private games, maybe with an ability to switch between them so you can play your favorite battleborn, but still finish certain missions that would be otherwise impossible.

On respawn, the ability to choose a new battleborn.


Abradax has it. I really enjoy this game overall but the one thing that is annoying is the length of the raids. For the amount of time you have to spend playing them, it should not be instafail if you get to a certain point. there is no incentive to try again if you lose because its just a slog and not likely you will get any different result with new people. if they add that feature, then yes i think it also makes sense to be able to pick a new battleborn so that there is more options to beat a difficult last boss. though there should be some penalty if you do this, for example you dont keep the same helix level as the original.

The way collisions happen. As a Caldarius player (not an especially skilled one mind you) it is incredibly frustrating to have my ultimate waste itself on a ledge, or have my gravitic burst effectively cancelled out by the corner of a wall, at least once a match.

Want to be able to invite a friend to a game that is running.

Abradax has a lot of great points.

There are of course the character specific and game-type specific bugs that have been mentioned elsewhere on the forums.

As a story player, I’d really like to see a more cohesive, coherent story. There’s really very little story and the story missions have a very tenuous, unclear connection. There’s never any justification for why the “bad guys” do what they do, where they came from, and there’s really no sense of urgency for why the rest of us should care (yeah, there’s a dying star, but there’s no sense of urgency to it all). Also, Rendain never actually seems threatening as a “villain” and his motivations and power are unclear. It’s also relatively unclear what the different Battleborn factions are and how they relate to one another.

I’m hoping the 5 DLC story missions have more story and are NOT defense or escort missions. There are way too many already. It would also be nice to have more variety in terms of enemy types. There really isn’t much variety and it gets pretty stale pretty quickly.

I’d also really like some music in the game. There’s no music in Character Selection and no music on any of the story maps. It’s such an oddly quiet game. The music could really pump up players and help make the overall experience better. It could also make boss battles more intense and add some more fun to the game. Certain areas could have certain kinds of music. When Nova joins us on the story mission (don’t remember which one), maybe she blasts some techno or something Nova-esque.

Some more dialogue from the characters would also be nice. Hearing “That’s going in my memoirs!” 5x’s in a 30-minute period from Orendi gets old really fast, or hearing Toby constantly give the same apology (“Sorry, just doing my job!”) when killing enemies is frustrating. It would be fun to see the characters have more banter between each other and relate to each other in different ways (i.e. different character pairings = different dialogue). Overall, more variety would be nice to increase replayability and overall enjoyment.

Invincible mode on bosses, this is not a difficulty thing. This is just annoying

A random pvp map choice would be nice… for those who arnt fussed which map to choose. Might help with que times too

I up for everything, but please not switching between battleborns with every respawn.

For one its confusing (first the only Orendi is on your side, five minutes later the Orendi on the field is on the opposing team) and will become an endless chain of counter picks.
Beginning a match with a draft phase like in MOBA’s is much better, in case you want to change status quo (which I could perfectly live with).

Also there is the problem that you have a character development during a match, in form of your helix and gear. How should that transfer to a new char pick without being open for abuse (early game power, then switch to late game power).
Same with gear. Usually you pick one set, fitting for your character. Now you say you should also allowed to be able to pick another set then. There is grey gear with 0 cost, giving you a huge boost for early game right from the first minute, but you suffer in lategame. If you can switch gear sets, its obvious what would happen.

The ability to add NPC bot is grate idea but also i think there could be difficulty choise for random games

-Arena mode: Type that lets you either do waves or just boss fights. i know you can do private versus but you get nothing towards your character lore.

-Mini episodes: sometimes I have an itch to just play before I leave to work or somewhere and I don’t mind the long PVE
episodes or PVP matches when they go the distance but sometimes i only have 10 mins to put in and i think quick little mini episodes should be fun.

  • Character filling: either have a bot take over for the player that quits / disconnects or let a new player join the game.
    very annoying being in a match that your winning then the battle turns real fast when people quit.

  • More PVE options and missions: Add quest, smaller episodes, more variation in missions. I’m enjoying the game more than I anticipated but i get worried that the player base might drop as many people who mostly do
    PVE feel it’s just horde mode after horde mode.

At least one or two actual save/checkpoints in the story missions to avoid having to replay the entire story upon failure, bad connection, or unforeseen interruption of real life.

As someone who plays (or has played) COD:BO3 a LOT - I think that’s a great idea. Match making is up there, but now I’ve started playing with more Steam friends, even if we lose, it’s just a lot more fun to play with a mic and some similar folks.

Aside from a UI overhaul, which this is connected to - just better access to information. There’s a lot that’s not clear, buried in strange windows, or just missing from a presentation level. From the gameplay / stats / etc, to even just narrative and context. There’s some presentation layers missing to tie the product more effectively together.

And more interesting personalization / customization options would be GREAT.

how about taking one life for each character? as in “5 players” try twice with 12 lives. and the first two respawns after that have a small chance to kill that varelsi that two shots the objective.

or give us the option to repair using shards like on the void’s edge. on advancedd it gets oretty annoying that two shots guy always seem to spawn in some place you don’t see…

Different intro animations for each campaign chapter.

That’s one small thing I can agree with. You treat us to a 15 minute action-packed intro cartoon, but we’re constantly seeing the same 5 seconds of it every time we load into a map. I’m sure you could easily find other parts of it to take out to fill the same time gap; at least so we don’t have to be subjected to the same thing.

Apart from that, I already posted that I’d like to see Daily/Weekly challenges.

Also Character lore progression available in private versus Matches.