What would you like to see as the next season rewards for the V.I.P Program? (For Borderlands 3 Mostly)

Got a bunch of points saved up and haven’t really seen anything I wanna spend em on. Personally I’d want some weapon skins, trinkets, and new emotes. Maybe even gear only unique to the V.I.P program? Like shields, grenade mods, or weapons.

I would love a special one time bullet that I could shoot into Ava’s face, and have her disappear from the game forever. She doesn’t add anything to the game so clearly she would not be missed.

If that won’t happen just some skins and heads.

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Hmmm well if we can use point on BL3 stuff i’d think keep the same formula as it is for BL2…like 2 or 3 of each legendaries per category…maybe make it so they are guaranteed to be annointed(but still random annointment?)