What would you like to see from the Story Missions Coming with the Season Pass?

Hi all, I haven’t been on these forums before, but since it seems like the developers are quite active on them, I thought it would be nice to discuss it here.

Looking through the posts, there’s lots of detailed responses and criticism about the story missions, which is great, and I hope they are being considered by Gearbox.
I’m wondering what kind of content you guys would like to see from missions in the future, and what kind of advice we could give the team.

(My Own Thoughts)
I found that irrespective of the mission, the backdrops are stunning, and there’s a lot of detail in the the terrain, architecture, and ships flying through the sky. Gearbox must have some wonderful artists. I’m just kind of sad that such striking locations feel so underutilized, some epic moments and interesting story telling could be done with them, but we are stuck in an escort mission with hordes of ai who just run at you.

I feel like there’s more that could be done with the locations, and that improving the current missions might be worthwhile. Generally what I really would like to see is more enemy variety, and that we have more interesting and engaging ai that allows for more than just hordes of enemies, so possibly some more humanoid-esque enemies, but the wildlife could also communicate and do some unique things in their own right. I recall reading a preview for Borderlands 2, where it was explained that the two primary goals in response to criticism of the original, was to improve their storytelling and ai, and that those were a big focus during its development.

I really don’t like Kleese (although I may like him once I play him in multiplayer), I found his dialogue cringeworthy and unfunny, and he is also the most talkative npc during the entire campaign. I would like it if other heroes could have some interesting interactions, and flesh out their stories (even ones your playing as could chime in more, or if your playing a character who talks during the mission, have them speak as you, rather than make a copy of you, it was really bizarre running into Mellka and Deande clones). I feel they missed the mark with a fair bit of the humour in the campaign. Ambient dialogue from all the characters during combat and multiplayer is charming, but the scripted dialogue and intro narration weren’t very good with a few exceptions. Mayhaps look at Tales From The Borderlands for inspiration, I remember enjoying that quite a lot.
Sharp and witty humour is possible, it doesn’t have to be childish jokes and memes (Santa isn’t real! Wow! Thanks ISIC).

I think we need more Raids, those should be the focus; interesting and varied locales with unique environmental design to change how combat works such as with verticality or more unique interactions on the horizontal plane (and an ai that doesn’t run INTO the traps like within the temple) unique bosses that aren’t reskins. Enemies unique to the locations, portions of tough enemies armour or parts of their body falling of as you fight them so it doesn’t feel quite as much like a bullet sponge, hidden chests and loot you have to search for in unique and interesting places, easter eggs; heck, maybe even optional paths that can give you something extra before looping back around onto the main route through the “dungeon” (You can design it like you did with the final mission where it isn’t an infiltration at all, just gameplay wise).

These are just ideas, obviously it’s pretty much impossible to realize everything, I just think there is some really interesting potential with this universe (maybe flesh out the aspects of lore, like how most of the galaxies population is artificial intelligence).

Whatever, ideas, things, stuff, multiplayer is the primary focus, yada yada yada.

Oh, and checkpoints for objective failures please. And don’t punish scores for it, that would be cruel.


I just want more big dungeons in the vein of The Algorithm or The Heliophage. Not more defense missions, more focus on puzzles, bosses, mechanics, and maybe even some platforming, since the movement in the game is stellar. And more character-specific dialogue, since that was very under utilized.


I want to know what actually happened at the end there. That was really ambiguous…


I shared this in another thread but most of it carries over to this one:

As a story player, I’d really like to see a more cohesive, coherent story. There’s really very little story and the story missions have a very tenuous, unclear connection. There’s never any justification for why the “bad guys” do what they do, where they came from, and there’s really no sense of urgency for why the rest of us should care (yeah, there’s a dying star, but there’s no sense of urgency to it all). Also, Rendain never actually seems threatening as a “villain” and his motivations and power are unclear. It’s also relatively unclear what the different Battleborn factions are and how they relate to one another (we get a bit about Jennerit and Eldrid, but almost nothing about any of the other factions).

I’m hoping the 5 DLC story missions have more story and are NOT defense or escort missions. There are way too many already. It would also be nice to have more variety in terms of enemy types. There really isn’t much variety and it gets pretty stale pretty quickly.

I’d also really like some music in the game. There’s no music in Character Selection and no music on any of the story maps. It’s such an oddly quiet game. The music could really pump up players and help make the overall experience better. It could also make boss battles more intense and add some more fun to the game. Certain areas could have certain kinds of music. When Nova joins us on the story mission (don’t remember which one), maybe she blasts some techno or something Nova-esque.

Some more dialogue from the characters would also be nice. Hearing “That’s going in my memoirs!” 5x’s in a 30-minute period from Orendi gets old really fast, or hearing Toby constantly give the same apology (“Sorry, just doing my job!”) when killing enemies is frustrating. It would be fun to see the characters have more banter between each other and relate to each other in different ways (i.e. different character pairings = different dialogue). Overall, more variety would be nice to increase replayability and overall enjoyment.


A continuation of the story. Still don’t know what’s going on with the empress and the verelsi (probably misspelled that).
More random events.
New stages, how about a space station? Verelsi space? A water world? Stages where you’re being chased on a fast moving vehicle? Ghalt’s ship getting invaded? A front line battlefield with an army of npcs?
More unique gear.
More than just 5 New characters and maps.


So far the current campaign has…

3 “Raid” missions (Algorithm, Sentinel, Heliophage), plus the Prologue if you count that.
3 “Defend” missions (Renegade, Experiment, Saboteur)
2 “Escort” missions (Void’s Edge, Archive)

I personally like the Raid missions the most and hope the DLC is either mostly Raid missions or new mission types (not Defend or Escort, please).

Location wise:

3 missions on Bliss (Peacekeeper), 3 on Ekkunar (Eldrid), and 2 on Tempest (Jennerit) (3 if you count the Prologue). What about the LLC Arcfleet or the Rogue asteroid belt?

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I’d love to see more ‘raid’ type missions. The escort quests are OK the first time, but they get boring quickly, and they’re significantly less fun playing solo than any other mission.

Personally I’d just like to see more campaign where you can take your time. I know it’s a fast-paced shooter, and it should allow for that gameplay, but there are those of us who prefer to take our time killing things and exploring. It’s why I’m not a huge fan of the escort or defence missions, because it doesn’t allow me to play at my own pace.


I would also like a more consistent animation style and more coherent cutscenes. I completely agree about music, it is very much needed all across the game.

  • No escort, tower defense, wave-based, or hold the point/king of the hill missions…

  • No enemies with bullsh*t invulnerability shields.

  • Bosses based on skill, where you can get them down faster with a good team, and not have to sit with a thumb up your ass through 2 invulnerability phases within like, 2 seconds of each other.

  • Challenges that are ACTUALLY doable in matches, that aren’t invalidated because you don’t spawn the damn things to kill, or the things were killed/looted BEFORE you popped the challenge timer up.

  • Missions that don’t fail randomly because some bullsh*t entity was slain (while the team itself has 10+ lives left).

  • Missions with balanced point calculations that are actually possibly to obtain gold on without cheesy exploits or the “Luck of the RNG Gods”.

  • Explain the damn lore you set up - don’t end without telling us sh*t about the stuff you started but never “paid off”…

  • And finally LET US SKIP THE MOTHERF*CKING CUTSCENES! They were “cute” charitably speaking maybe TWICE, but now they just GRATE on my nerves!!!


I hope the Rouges will be involved in the DLC.

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You say new stages, I say any stage (pvp or pve) that are on arc fleet or deterus ring, we got no levels on either of llc or rogues home worlds


I think the game could benefit from a procedurally generated co-op dungeon apparatus.
It wouldn’t need much story in it. Just “Explore the unexplored Varelsi space” or some such.
It could be like random area corridors, with randomly selected 1-3 bosses or objectives and those challenge events. And that’s it. “Infinite” replayability.


I want one story mission to be an assassination. Maybe a Rogue leader, since Reyna is technically only leader because people owe her favors, is raiding a few settlements and you have to kill him before he escapes to his ship. Maybe have a time limit similar to Heliophage. I just think seeing some Rogue badies makes sense, considering some of them are pirates and pillagers. Maybe have some human enemies hordes, but also salvaged minions, since they would raid LLC ships as well. Anyway, just a thought. I’m sure I will love what ever Gearbox delivers.


I’m hoping for less escorts and more missions like ‘The Guardian’ and ‘The Algorithm’ (and the Heliophage minus the timer). New enemies and new types of bosses would also help a lot. ISIC and Rendain are the only bosses that seem ‘unique’ to me; all of the other have different mechanics, sort of, but we have like…what, 3 Conservator fights? And The Guardian is filled with golem fights that look exactly the same except bigger and bigger.


I like this. Kinda like an infinite randomized dungeon in space rouge-like mode. Bosses, loot/treasure rooms, hidden shops and recruitable npcs ranging from other battleborn to minions you fought in the campaign.

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Yeah I was hoping the sentinel boss would have been more like the warrior from BL2 than just another golum. You know something that actually looks like a sentient super weapon should.

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  1. No total restart after an instafail objective. I don’t mind instafail but it should let you restart from check point with some penalty if needed.

  2. There need to be some change of the missions for solo runs. Certain melee characters are just terrible on some missions solo due to location of enemy attack points.


I love how they summarized the rogues “The faction that isn’t a faction.” They put up these interesting lore posts on their website, and none of that information was put into the game, why? That stuff should be in there. I would like to learn and hear about how a community of people living in re-purposed ships and space stations in an asteroid belt go about themselves. What kind of structure is there, if at all, how is a lawless place maintained? What is their relationship with the ongoing struggle with the Varelsi? How did the “community” react to Reyna working together with the UPR? How did she manage to organize a loose fighting force that can be called upon in rare occurrences. Reynas in game banter certainly doesn’t explain any of this.

Shouldn’t the game explain “As stars are put under duress in a Darkening process, they exude waves of energy which coalesce into plasmite crystals (aka “shards”) when they pass through certain particles or atmospheres” In game, rather than give no explanation for this rather random thing in the game world?

Heck, I’m super curious how the LLC goes about war profiteering when they are desperately fighting to save the universe. Why is Kleese suddenly buddy buddy with the UPR, how did the other members get above their selfish interests? That’s never explained. Also, what IS, the heliophage exactly? That’s never even said directly in game once.

Lore! Use it Gearbox! And make it so challenges aren’t broken! That too.


just no more def missions !

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Yeah those aren’t as fun. However I’m totally down for a horde mode survival campaign map.