What would you like to see in Borderlands 3?

I’ve been looking forwards to this game for literal years. As I eagerly await news on this title I have begun to make a personal list of what I’d personally like to see added in the (seemingly) final game of the series. I thought I’d share my ideas with the rest of the community and see what everyone else was interested in or ideas they have for the game. Please feel free to add your own thoughts or try to improve on other presented ideas. I know mine aren’t foolproof and are somewhat opinionated. I’d love to see a dialogue and maybe (by some miracle) even have our ideas considered for the final product whenever it arrives.

–Turret character having healbots like Kid Ultra (Battleborn) and/or /(crossed with?) Wilhelm’s Saint (BLPS). Or perhaps a Siren that creates floating orbs that follow the player and allies to heal/buff them or fly around the area and heal/buff the most wounded party members would also be a fun character.

–Siren that creates body armor for themselves (and allies?) which can reflect fire or something.

–Customizable outfits along with color and heads. While I adore collecting hats as much as the next gamer, I have to say I’d like a little more.

–Not super attached to this idea, but it could be quite useful. Weapon swap speed added to badass ranks so that they can stop adding it to the skill trees and give us skills that are more useful. It might still be okay to tie in with other bonuses since that could still add a more practical application as with Axton’s Expertise skill (BL2). I say this mainly due to the Doppleganger’s Free Enterprise tree (BLPS) being extremely lackluster compared to most other trees in BL2 and BLPS which diminished the class as a whole to many players. Each skill point you invest should feel like it’s improving your character in a legitimate way. Weapon swap speed is not a legitimate improvement in most cases. How many players will swap out to a less effective weapon for that particular situation instead of reloading?

–If there is an UVH mode again perhaps make enemies have less health regen and just give them more health instead. I don’t mind fighting one enemy for a solid 30 minutes as long as it’s due to the fact that it just has a huge health bar and not because it regenerates 75-90% of the damage I did to it with my last clip in the time it takes to reload. (exaggeration, I know, but in order to survive, slag is basically a necessity or we need to farm the best equipment possible which then becomes fairly useless once we reach the next OP level. AKA. less equipment farming and more actual playable content) This is a bit nitpicky. I recognize that UVH Mode is SUPPOSED to be… well, Ultimate and that farming is part of the point in a game series that prides itself on the fact that it is all about that sweet, sweet loot. It’s more about giving a player the ability to head to cover and heal up. At this point, allies are typically needed and needing to rely on others can be troublesome for those who like solo play or don’t have friends to play with. This is a pretty debatable topic…

–If they keep slag they should make it so each character has the capacity to add slag without a slag gun. That gave some characters a huge advantage over others such as Maya and Axton compared to characters like Zer0.

–Bring back Cryo damage type and MAYBE slag. Slag was great for debuffing enemies, but it could use some work (see my point above).

–Add PvP arenas like there were in the first game or just a straight up PvP mode. I’m not one for PvP, but I know plenty of people would enjoy it.

–A screen that shows all your exact stat increases from skills/buffs so there isn’t any more ambiguous information that require people to extensively test so we know the best skill set. Also, bring back the ability to inspect other players. It was cool.

–Oxygen was an interesting mechanic, but kinda pointless outside of minimal atmosphere environments. Maybe replace them with thrusters or jetpacks (probably not a good idea). Boosting around the map was fun and made travel faster, but IDK. Going back to relics is probably the best idea. If there is interplanetary travel then I can see where 0z kits could still be of use.

–Characters responding to NPCs like they did in BLPS. That added a huge new depth to character development and was a great way to get both laughs and lore.

–Don’t dedicate an entire skill tree to sniper rifles. It barely worked in the first game and was fairly worthless in both BL2 and BLPS. At least pistols could be more useful in combat with a skill tree (see Salvador/Nisha), but sniper rifles rarely ever have a chance to be practical unless the gun acts more like a Jakobs assault rifle. I realize that some players may find uses for them, but more often then not you are in the thick of a shootout while 6 enemies are shooting at you from different angles and 2 are charging at you for melee. Sniper rifles are not practical in those situations which therefore means that dedicating 1 out of 3 skill trees to that weapon is also impractical.

–Don’t dedicate an entire skill tree to multiplayer. It diminishes a player’s options and means that if you do not have a dedicated team that character will suffer greatly. It’s similar to the idea behind a skill tree dedicated predominantly to sniper rifles. It’s only good for specific situations which do not occur often enough to warrant placing points into those skills/skill trees. This and the point above made Aurelia (BLPS) a fairly underwhelming character even if her Cold Money tree was quite useful.

–The great thing about BL2 skill trees was that you could make several different subclasses with each character and in the Pre-Sequel that was diminished due to how most characters had one either useless or fairlly underwhelming skill tree. It was also diminished by the fact that you could reach the final skill in all three trees at max level. Not great for individuality or crafting builds.

“Prepare to move”… :slight_smile:

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