What would you like to see in Deserts of Kharak that's currently missing? - Megathread


A lot of people are requesting a sticky thread to post suggestions in, where perhaps Blackbird Interactive/Gearbox Software can pick a few good ideas from.

It can be left up as a sticky. (Mods please)


I would like to see a pause button, ability to zoom out further, a minimap, formations, unit behavior options, steam workshop support, better performance, DX12 support, a way to see the height map without selecting a unit and clicking move or attack move, campaign dlc, ability to rotate unit facing without having to use the move order button or attack order button, toggle to have mixed units move at the speed of the slowest unit or all move at their own speed, pressing Esc to bring up the menu, key rebinding, military unit only bandbox selection option, ability to retire structures, visual representation of upgrades, modules on large vehicles, easier ability usage (If I select a bunch of Armored Assault vehicles and I want to use all of their smoke screens then I should be able to click the smoke screen button once and then click all the spots I want it to be launched at), auto cast option for all abilities, CTRL-A for select all units, follow command, shift command for setting up mines/structures, ability to skip cutscenes, restart level option, aircraft should be able to land without waiting and flying in circles above the carrier forever, ability to see cruise missile in tactical view, show the total number of units selected when you select units, ability to delete control groups.

(Freyr) #3

I just finished playing Homeworld Remastered (Great job done there) brought back some good memories!

This prequel at initial stance looks perhaps even better then the remastered version of Homewordl, but,…
Why did you change the keybindings? and even worse why can’t I change them back?

The game does not handle in the same way as the “original” does, which is very annoying!
Sure, eventually I will get used to them and a new homeworld player wont know better (till they play the original)

(Manav) #4

VR support for Oculus and HTC :slight_smile:


A complete observer/replay system, and a nice overhaul on some points of the interface.

Detailing a bit more:

  • Score Screen doesn’t show the factions of each player.
  • Score Screen could have more informations like income graphic during the game (to highlight the times we forced people to stop mining)
  • Replay system could be complete:
  • Instead of showing only 1 PoV, we could be able to see both PoVs and switch between players and see both visions at the same time.
  • Have could a double display bar showing the resources of each player.
  • The information tab could have hotkeys attached to each set of information “U for units, P for Production, R for researches”
  • We also could have a “tech level” tab displaying each research level, and for those with numbers like armor researches, a number on the corner
  • All the features on the replay system should also be transported to the possible observer system that would allow us to watch matches when they are happening. This would give us a boost in the content capabilities such as streaming tournaments and showmatches live. Getting the viewerbase interacting with the game and the caster without spoilers.

These are just a few of the things that DoK could get.

(Srm200490) #6

Firstly I loved playing this game! I am however afraid that it’s not got much life in it sadly. This is due to mainly a lack of mod tools, something that has kept Homeworld alive well beyond many games of it’s era.

That being said I’d love to see these bits in future updates/mods:

Salvageable unit wrecks. Reduced CU/RU count but salvageable by base runners? Would make more sense in the campaign, you wouldn’t just leave all those resources behind if you had time to salvage from them. Plus would make your force less stupidly fragile.

Formations and or smart adherence to high ground would be cool, something like CoH/DoW2’s cover systems but using the heightmap so when you move a group of railguns to the crest of a curved dune they form up along the crest or the option to sit just below a crest so you can use it as cover and blast units as they come over.

Unit Behaviours, a la Homeworld. Passive, Defensive, Aggressive, and movement ranges for engagement? Even Total Annihilation had these built into it’s AI. So I can tell a unit to be defensive and stand ground or move from its post to pursue an enemy but then return or roam freely to pursue enemies.

Key Mapping/Rebinding… Just a standard must have these days.

MOD TOOLS! so if you guys don’t have time to do this, the community can :slight_smile:

(RagnaroK) #7

-Observer Mode
-Map Editor
-More maps
-More gameplay modes for multiplayer
-Coop missions
-A new campaign

Maybe even a new unit type. But that about it :stuck_out_tongue:

(x-Ray) #8
  1. Taiidan Campain (EVERY ONE WANTS IT !!! and it would be so easy to find a story for it, if you need help for story please contact me!)
  2. Map Editor
  3. Mission Editor
  4. more 6 player maps
  5. other multiplayer modes
  6. Modding tools


It’s missing a campaign DLC or 2.
Guess it just didn’t do well enough which is a shame because I thought the game itself was quite good.

(silversurf) #10
  • More single player DLC campaign-contents and/or
  • The ability to replay story line as other factions
  • Modding availability

(Franznick) #11

add these cli options being used in homeworldRM for triple monitor

-BACK_FOV=70 -facetCount=24 -facetAutoFOV=180 -uiLeft=0.34 -uiRight=0.66 -uiTop=0.0 -uiBottom=1.0

(Optical10) #12

Just started playing, would love VR like HW remasterd on steam which i’m going to replay. Windows Mixed Reality to be specific is my preferd, anyone else like vr support?