What Would You Most Like To See As Future Battleborn DLC?

Take this fun poll!

  • New multiplayer modes and maps
  • New PVE missions
  • New characters

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Personally, I want a brand new 30 minute PVP mode with 3 brand new maps more than anything!

New characters personally, new multiplayer mode and maps secondary. I personally don’t care much for PVE, but that’s just me. I’d want to see the cast get to 35-40. The more characters, the more unique Battleborn becomes. Although more characters means more challenges for the developers. They’d have to keep creating new and unique playstyles. But they can let the community help with that :wink:

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More characters. Randy Varnell said once that 50 was the ideal number. I want that ideal.



Super surprised by the results so far!

Aren’t you guys curious to see how the existing characters would fare in a new Tactical setting a la Meltdown and Incursion?

I would have voted on an ‘All of the Above’ option, but you didn’t add one so I had to pick one.


I would like a training mode and PvP tutorial. I know it won’t help me, but maybe it would help new players get caught up to speed


While we’re on the topic in another thread. Can I submit a write in for ~Dragon style scream~ PREEEEEEEESSSSSSSSTTIIIIIIIIIIGGGGGGEEEEE!!!

That was “prestige” for those of you who don’t speak screaming luchadore.


I am fluent in luchadore, sadly, it seems to be a dying language. MY AARRRMMMMSS?!?!?!



I thought of an “all of the above” option but it seemed too easy.

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So I voted for new maps but now I kinda want to change my mind. xD

Honestly, as much as I want new PvE maps I think an influx of new characters would do well. The maps we have are great and I really never get tired of playing them. More often than not, I find myself wanting new characters to play on the maps that I already love.

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Horde mode is number one, new characters is number two, and new maps is number three.

Just something else for the PvE players to enjoy (although I mostly PvP).

I say new characters because as the community stands, our player base is not big enough to support soo many modes for now. We need to grow a bit more so we do not end up in hour long queues because new modes were added and you prefer incursion or meltdown over the new ones.
We do not need to be more divided right now, splintered…go tell everybody you see on the streets to buy BB. Do what they did not. Go advertise for the game that you love.
So until then, new characters.

I’d love to see the developers work on upgrading the AI so it can be added in as another player in ANY mode.


Haha, they’re adding this soon

I want Detritus and Arcfleet PVP maps. We’re already getting an Arcfleet map in a few days so I’m not worrying about that

Lore Mk.2

A second page of Lore-challenges for each Battleborn. More to grind for and more backstory = :heart:


Heck, I wish I can pick all three and call it another great day in the gearbox forums


Edit: Also, as previously mentioned in the thread, more lore -> keep the lore story going.

…and maybe level 30 characters and tier 2 mastery?

We need I chemical guy/girl. A person with abilities and attacks related to something with potions. Make it bottle of lighting or self buffs I don’t care.

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