What would you think about VH´s specific loot drops?

Since grinding for gear makes for a lot of frustration i think it would be a great system if everything you get is something for the current VH you playing with.

Let’s be honest except if you play multiple VH´s or playing with friends does it even make sense for your main to drop a class mod for a different Vault Hunter for example?

Well out of my experience even if i farm as FL4K and finding gear for my Amara i most cases there is no direct comparison and most of the gear gets sold on an later addition anyways.

But if all the drops were adjusted, so they only drop items and anoints for the VH you are playing as i think that would benefit the player in huge ways.

That way i would not get a anoint that is ment to be used on Moze when im playing on FL4K or Zane.
Also, its quite impossible to get the perfect version of any weapon fitting to your character if the general pool comes into play cause this is an insane amount of RNG involved.

So would you like to see this system replace the old one?
Tell me what you think about it!

Also, i would like to add that Gearbox itself mentioned that most players will stick to one VH they told this is based on the statistics they have.
IF this is really the case i wonder why this was not in the game in the first place since nobody wants stuff one cant use.


A “smart loot” system would be nice, but I could see people complaining about such a system if they were accustomed to trying to get items for an “alt” while playing their “main” (what you said in your second paragraph).

What irks me more than getting items for a different class is when I get anointments for builds I’m not playing:

  • Digi-Clone anointments when I am playing SNTL/Barrier Zane
  • Phasegrasp and Phaseslam anointments when I am playing Phasecast Amara
  • Fade Away and Rakk Attack anointments when I am playing Gamma Burst FL4K

If they implement a “smart loot” system, I hope it would take into account the action skills you are using as well.


Well then give us the option at least to turn on / off smart loot.

That way it wouldn’t matter that much if you are getting the wrong anoint for your hunter since you only get anoints fitting to your VH.

That would mean instead of having the possibility to get 1 anoint out of 100 you would only have to deal with 16 different anoints or something like that. (Don’t know the actual numbers)

I would already be happy with anything in that direction but i think your perspective on that matter is also quite promising and would have nothing against that even tho this would not help build diversity at all.


My own view is that this would be less of a problem if they scaled dedicated drop rates with Mayhem level, reduced loot pool pollution (why do some enemies like Killavolt have 4 or 5 designated drops? This shouldn’t be a thing) and pared down the anointment pool, i.e. removed trash anoints like sliding, airborne, Acc/handling, and status effect Anoints.

The reason it’s such a grind to find gear we actually want isn’t so much the lack of “smart loot” as it is the proliferation of trash drops that woodblocker the desirable drops.

Well while this is trash for some VHs this could be used for Zane for example.

Gearbox stated that most persons only stick to 1 Main so i dont see any use getting gear for others then since statistics say so.

Sorry for that argument tho it’s the same argument that was used when they told us that they wont add in more playable VHs so i think its legit if i use the same argument then.

Theoretically. Maybe. But let’s be real here: Does anyone really use slide anoints? Even an Antifreeze bossing build still wants ASA 200 or SNTNL Cryo or 300v90.

At the very least, those anoints need a serious buff to even be worth considering for anything that’s not just a meme build.

Anyway, I don’t object to the idea of a smart loot system. But I do think it doesn’t solve the core problem, which is loot pool pollution. I’m only saying I don’t think smart loot should be first priority.

There is a major difference in terms of loot pollution actually.

The explanation is simple instead of having a probability of a certain anoint to drop out of a pool from 100 you would only need to deal with 20 or so.
Furthermore it would grinding for everything easyer.

There were raises in dedicated loot pools in the past and also they are working on getting this right since longer time and actually in some way they made steps forward then again backwards.
This doesn’t seem to work so good either so why not give smart loot a shot.

All I’m saying is that a smart loot system will help us as players to enjoy the game more.
Who knows if they really get this right in the future even if they did smart loot would still be something i wanna see implemented in this game cause i think it would be a huge benefit

They stated in the DEV update that this will be looked into in a future “phase.” Spreading out the dedicated loot will be a huge thing if done right.

As far as ‘smart loot’ … Only if there’s a way to turn it off. I regularly farm for my alts with my main and even if I’m not specifically looking for something it’s always nice to be able to bank new gear for my other toons. I doubt I’d ever use a smart loot option. Just my opinion.

Being as how I have alts, alot of times it is nice to get something on a VH other than the one I am playing. Especially FL4K as with him, outside of Gamma Burst anoint, he really has none that help him. My crit FL4K is pretty much all generic anoints, and I do not want those watered down.

Somewhere i mentioned that this should have a toggle, so we can decide whether you want to use it or not.

I main FL4K for example and barely use my other VHs so it would make huge sense for me.

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This is so wrong…
I would be happy to share my build with you.

Even tho i play different VHs most of the gear on FL4K if it is for a different VH i will barely use those gears even tho i bank them.

Truth is i would farm more efficient when i.e. as FL4K i only get gear and anoints for him. The pool would be smaller this would give me faster result to get the gear anoint and roll i want on that specific VH.

How is a god roll gonna benefit me if it is not for my VH?

i play all of them regularly so I don’t mind it that much bc ironically, I’ve found some of my best gear for the other classes that way. even if i dont get the specific anointments for my class it feels like im making progress for all of them

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I like the Idea, would reduce the RNG a bit.

That’s why we need a way to reroll anoints, for a cost. I’d like a way to turn stuff that I won’t use into some sort of currency that can be used to reroll/select anoints. There are many versions of the idea, and I have my own system.

But regardless, they would still require you to farm for loot. The payoff is that every bad drop could get you closer to the gear you want. Unlike the current system where I’m starting to just leave legendaries on the ground, letting the LLM to “roll the dice” on what I get.

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Well i had this idea since very long time tho i don’t see this as the only solution and i try to put out as many ideas i can in order to help the devs finding any solution that will better my quality of life in this game.

Well if you have some others, more power to you.
Since I don’t use Rakks,those are useless to me. I use Fadeaway and the fadeaway anoints are shall we say less than spectacular.
I have a Gamma FL4K and those go to him.
But the others are useless to me.
I would rather get more non-specific VH anoints, or something for my other less used VHs so they do not need to farm as much.

To me that s not an ideal solution, I use all the vh and I may want to farm with a VH to obtain gear for others. Besides concerning the anoint I ve always had the feeling that you mostly obtain anoint related to your vh (which is alright because you still have a chance to get something else) even the random class mods they mostly are for your current character.
I d much rather have more guaranted drops like ion cannon or hellfire

Dude if that would release i already included a toggle into this idea that means no need to use your game your choise.

I’ve seen this to be true also. The anoint chances do seem to already be weighted towards the VH you are currently using. I cloudsave farmed the wedding invitation back when that was good and, aside from generic anoints, I could only get gunner anoints on Moze, beastmaster anoints on Fl4k, siren anoints on Amara, and operative anoints on Zane.

RNG is RNG, but it does appear to be weighted already.

They should homogenize all the class/build specific anointments. Period.

Annointed vault hunter. Works with all specs and classes. End of story. Nerf. Class specific anoints across the board. Or buff them whatever make it all one anoint. Hell with the card explaining it. Send all vault hunters a letter explaining the homogonized anointment.

In the special case of zane just nerf em. Cuz we’re using two at once But digiclone swap wont ever compare with asa 200. And sntnl cryo is probably one of the best anoints the game has to offer after the new rad 150. But if ur sntnl clone ull get some kinda sntnl cryo and weapon damage. So it basically becomes normal sntnl cryo. If ur barrier clone u get increased crit n weapon damage. Sntnl barrier some kinda cryo less but increased crit also. Therefor it all balances out.

This is for weapons. They need to cut some anointments or combine em all n put some of the weapon ones on Shields instead. In example combine airborne and slide. The weaker utility type weapon enchants rakkk attack kove speed etc combine em all into anointed vault hunter also. Shove em ona shield. Theyre not great or sought after Theyre annoying to ppl. At least theyll get used on Shields

Get rid of badasses bosses anoints period

Other games have gotten rid of their elites only stuff. Like div 2. Ur here to do damage. Period.

So yeah an anoint shouldnt feel bad to get or class and build specific. This is one way of doing it. Hell i think its the best way. Just my opinion.

Itll make ppl saner. Less frustrated at finding loot. They’ll be happier.