What would you want from a Battleborn Anime?

This is a thread to discuss what you’d want from a Battleborn anime, similar to the one we saw in the Prolouge. Most of us are hoping that Gearbox is secretly working on an anime. If they are, there is currently no confirmation of it.

So, what would you like from a BB anime? I’d personally like for it to have the same humor in the game, maybe even a Team Four Star type of comedy. What do you think?


A guess first and foremost a coherent art direction! I love the intro, but it’s a bit all over the place.
My favorite parts were the Thorn gets out of the pod part and the Rath on the bridge part. The perspectives, deformations, and animation were spot on, reminding me of what was done on the Animatrix or Batman Gotham Knight animated movies.

An anime isn’t going to garner fans. Have you seen the overwatch theatricals? They make Pixar jealous.

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I actually liked the different art styles. And IMHO I think The Animatrix style shorts would be awesome. Showcase different animators and bring variety to the project. Makes sense considering how diverse their characters are.

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TFS hell ya!! It would be awesome to have at least a mini series with more lore like the 3 videos on the BB site. One thing I’d love to see if just plain crazy stuff happening and crazy hair. Be great to make some memes too. Oh and I’d love pop culture references too.

True, true. I was more thinking different artstyles in one video is weird - but multiple videos with their own artstyle each would be neat. :stuck_out_tongue:

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"They make Pixar jealous."
Lol. I don’t think anyone can make them jealous.

I´d imagine it as badass combo from AfroSamurai, OnePiece, Samurai7, Trigun & Hellsing Ultimate :heart_eyes:
That would be sooooo amazing!

HOORAY for TeamFourStar!!! Totally agree the humor should lend to that, they do awesome work with funny scripts! :smiley:

They could really start to build on their storyline, which can then lead to more players if they understand the storyline a bit better. Also using their respective VA’s for their characters so that everyone gets some love with an episode where a handful of them talk.

The difference is in the style of the game. Overwatch’s characters work better in a cinematic, but that’s just because of how much personality they project through their clothing, and how simple they are really.

Battleborn’s cast would function better in an “anime” (even though I don’t think that’s quite the right word for it in this case.) is because of the way Gearbox portrays this game. It’s a tongue in cheek shooter like borderlands, but with a hard focus on PvP and teamwork.

Anything Gearbox would do best as an adult cartoon, like Venture Brothers or something.

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Yea it would be a good mix of maybe a few episodes for each faction before they got to solus, they seem to have the art, and action easily down pact. So if they could get some cool humor for abit of both audiences with some dicey drama and relationship interests it would be awesome

If it was to happen it would be mediocre at best.

There was once a game called Hawken. The creators thought it would be cool to make a movie about the free 2 play game since at the time they had more money than they knew what to do with… in the end it was part of their undoing with the game and the community.

Maybe something Hiroyuki Imaishi would have had a hand in making.

Kill la Kill and Gurren Lagann have amazing animation styles, quirky and fun. I think Battleborn would work well like that.

Maybe a little (a lot) less nudity, though… :sweat_smile:

But definitely something better than what the Intro was. Sorry to the people who made it :sweat:

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Thats a great style indeed! Kill la Kill always reminded me of TenjoTenge and my 2nd fav Mangaka “OH!Great!”. (Never will push Kentaro Miura from the top - Berserk forever! :heart: )

Though the intro scene screams for AfroSamurai in my opinion :slight_smile:
Also think the style of the drawings itself matches great with the Manga versions of Trigun and Hellsing.

Nahhhhh this topic awakens the long buried Otaku in me!!!

Afro samurai borrowed alot of it’s design from Samurai champloo which it is extremely reminiscent of when watching especially with the character distortions as expression of their environment as well as the music. btw did you mean tenjo Tenge? if so I also love that anime but Kill la kill… a cringeworthy anime indeed :black_joker:

Ahhh Samurai Champloo is another great one! Sadly only watched the first 3 episodes of the anime.

Oh yeah, bad typo^^ I only red the mangas of TenjoTenge, Oh!Great´s drawing style is just A+++!
Kill la Kill is a good drawn comic, but the anime lacked soul in my opinion… but thats often the case in anime.
Thats why I loved HellsingUltimate, going back to the distorted style of Hirano. Or OnePiece. That anime truly carried the soul of the original manga :slight_smile:

Good story progression + lore and please no rap or hip hop soundtrack.

The story to me just isnt good enough to warrant such a big and expensive project. The campaign story itself the characters, the world , etc, was just a mess exactly like borderlands. People play gearbox games because the gameplay is great and theirs a couple jokes sprinkled in. An anime at least to me is just a waste of resources.

So what definition of Anime do you use here and wouldn’t it make more sense to just use the word “Cartoon” instead or Animation.

5min Animation shorts with the style of the prologue Animation

The focus should be either world building, so that we can see what is at stake with the last remains of civilization being all in one solar system.

The second focus should be character interactions and relationships

And if there is time, some visualized Backstorys

I’m fine with nudity, so long as it’s Ambra and Phoebe.
Not just naked Ambra or naked Phoebe, like, naked Ambra AND Phoebe. Yeah.

Battleborn Cosplay, anyone?

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