What would you want from a Battleborn Anime?

I would love to see like origin stories. We caught glimpses in the lore but I would love to see the full story of how these characters were recruited and joined, their thoughts and interactions, all that fun stuff.

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current anima design style in game. way to serious

current in game art style and character behavior, fun, bright, silly, humor

they clash to much and need to pick a style to go with. since the current anima is only a few mins long they need to stick with how it is in game.

Nuuuu Nuuuuu why did i read this my mind is scarred, :frowning: “Medic”!!!

Tbqh, despite the intro being more entertaining than I thought it would be I’m not sure I’d really care for any kind of standalone shorts/film/show. That said I’ve generally not been the biggest fan of Aeon Flux styled animation despite an overall love of the medium. Were it perhaps done more in the style of say the movie Redline there would be definite interest on my part.