What would you want to see in BL4?

With BL4 being “soft-confirmed”, what would you guys want to see in a sequel? It can be any idea you feel BL3 needs to improve on or something that just wouldn’t work with BL3, but would be cool in a new game!

Here are some of mine:

  • More distinct in-manufacturer gimmicks. Atlas/Tediore/Maliwan really played around what their different weapon types can do, but the rest feel very same-y in function.

  • Distinct VH gameplay. I wanna embrace the fantasy of playing my class. Blasting mobs is fun, but gameplay does feel same-y with the VHs.

  • Better gameplay with a higher skill ceiling. I don’t like free damage! Give me skills that are the tools I need to use to EARN the power fantasy. It’ll add some longevity to the game too, the stuff I do at the end of the skill tree won’t be the same thing I’m doing a minute into it. (No infini-life-steal pleas!)

  • Meaningful Skill/Gear choices. I wanna be able to experiment with my gear! Not every gun has to work on every build, just a niche at least. More skills I struggle to not take, and have more skills that fill in a niche that we can build around. This also means blue/purple viability. I loved how in BL2/TPS, blue coms allowed you to specialize in certain skills, but if you were going for specific builds then purple/orange coms were the way to go. It’s also satisfying to make lower-tier gear work, and it’s only possible if the power level between them isn’t extremely high.

  • Customizable Difficulty. Ideally for me, a good difficulty mode would be something that encourages us to take the next step, but never leaves us out if we’re not ready. This could mean unlocking difficulty levels, modifiers we can slot in for more loot, and no gear scaling/exclusives. I just want a system where casual and hardcore players can both have a fun and complete experience.

  • Movement options! Verticality, double jumps, dashes, implemented well these could really add to the gameplay! Slam and slide feel nice but they’re not relevant to gameplay a lot of the time.

  • Campaign replayability. This also means more reasons to complete side missions! I barely touch em in BL3.


I really dont understand why after inventing goliaths on BL2 they didnt take that a step further on 3. I want every map to feel more and more overwhelming. All enemies should be able to level up so that it feels like each little squarmish could turn into a full fledged war at any time. Theres no excuse not to now. Its next gen. Time to blow us away. Another thing is they need to take there time with it. Dont rush broken product out the door. But these days its probably asking to much. State of decay in gaming and all.


my man

i dont rly understand why some of the best parts of bl2 got thrown out the window

level up mechanics needed adjustments and they would be AMAZING

  • godliath cant lvl up cuz he cant kill? make him scale with mayhem or just ignore mayhem as a mode… also give him some special drops
  • vermivorous? do some sort of eridium injector that i can use 25 eridium per stage of evolution to get the varkid too evolve again guaranteed
  • skagzilla, — eats loot from the ground until boom
  • mothrakk — evolves from radiation damage over time
  • a super ratch — eats other dead ratches
  • a bigass trex raptor thing that i have to hunt over a few maps as its evolving, making it a hunt down raidboss
  • a bot that takes parts of dead bots so you just clear the bots around it, mini helios spacestation
  • a super soldier ( maliwan for example ) that i need to hit with multiple elements down to like 15% health and each time he bandages up behind cover he becomes even stronger until cptn america runs at me

honestly you could easily just introduce an eridian injector into the current game and make it so special enemies can be injected with eridium ( 25 per stage) and evolve it until its an invincible


Great ideal! Or make it just that as you pick higher mayhem they just evolve faster.


as for the things i want to see

  1. pls no more mayhem and no more op lvls… i was fine with mayhem 1.0 and mayhem 4 that was FINE without the bullet reflection and anti crit… just fine okay… okay…

  2. no more timed events that go away, it sucks.

  3. make true VH mode a realy nice new rebalancing of the game that also adds new missions and perhaps an after story, so you got new content to play through, i know for example that torchlight 2 did this.

  4. for the love of god, make dlcs able to bleed into the base game and into each other by adding global new things, and or changing things in the base games map, fallout new vegas did this as you could literally nuke areas and change them forever.
    also cars, new enemies and so on… let them spawn in base game PLEASE

  5. keep all elements as i like them all

  6. bring back S&S and give them some fun ammo gimmick

  7. more gear to equip, speak not just weapons, granades, shield, COM, artifact. also oz kit for slams specific / movement enhancement. and melee enhancement.

  8. annointments are not giving any more bonus dmg then 10 % MAX, instead they do minor things or convert damage from element to element at a rate of 25-50-75-100%
    and annoints are on trinkets

  9. more concentrated trials and circles, some are just better then others, many are the exact same thing just worse then the other one so make it like 3 trials and 2 circles 3 for wildlife only 1 circle for bots, and 1 for humanoid enemies

  10. start bl4 with 2-3 raidbosses and 1 takedown on release, not even kidding, 1 classic raidboss, vermivorous and 1 takedown raidboss as endgame content.

  11. make the slam better, somehow from PS to BL3 it got worse… like jesus

  12. melee needs some love, rly rly hard.
    13 rework how skilltrees are in bl, like, the skilltrees are 100% no good. they are not made to support on their own higher lvls as it is. they simply arent.
    some skilltrees are utter garbage and the mix of skills is sometimes so horrible that i cant understand who would think this makes sense
    quickexample, why the actual ■■■■ does fl4k have a crit actionskill, but its in the pet tree, and the crit tree has a pet actionskill, i literally have no fking idea why this is a thing, its frustrating and dumb.

  13. better movement, bl3 movement would be impressiv like 5 years ago or so. beefore or shortly after titanfall 2 released at the latest…
    and doom eternal just put a dump on it even harder. we need actually good air movement. and if the game wants to be parkur then rly add the tools for it with some rly good movement, ( again a new piece of gear specific for this would be dope)

  14. some manufacturers are so underdeveloped its a little sad

  15. bl 1-2-PS-3 style weapons

  16. VHs actually get talked to and dont just not exist… in bl3 its laughable how siren hunters do not give a ■■■■ about amara… like jesus christ.

  17. just have all playable VHs as npcs, if somebody joins the despawn and if you play alone they are physically on sanctuary chilling or helping in quests so you got them all in cutscenes. they all also talk over the echo with you, meaning very VH gets to be more developed overall.

  18. if you have tvhm and higher, with each one you could rly just add more missions so each playthrough changes and or extends content, for future content it would also be rly neat.

  19. start the game with a good money eridium seraph crystal economy, HONESTLY here is how
    instead of 3 things that are BEYOND expensive, add multiple like multiple raidosses, single fights with takedown bosses, rerolls veteran vendor, gun gun and more cheap, but make many of them
    if i run 1 boss 10 times and it costs 100 eridium each, plus 75 rerolls and other stuff I NEVER WILL OVERFLOW with eridium… like ever. i always got things to spend it on, and also keep them coming.

  20. each dlc adds 2 invincibles 1 evolvable 1 classic one.

  21. takedowns are like they are currently, i do like this

  22. more interesting and distinct optional side areas, so you got things to explore, perhaps in higher palythroughs you could unlock a whole new map that was boxed off.

  23. less legendaries, the game started with 208 legendaries, and that is like 100 or 130 to many. most of which where kinda ass anyway

  24. meaningfull classmods and better artifacts… currently only a handfull of them are good and most others suck / do the same as another

  25. PURPLE GEAR NEEDS TO BE GOOD, like dear god this stuff should out damage legendaries to some degree, purple classmods should give double skillpoints with random skills n stuff, but have no extra ability, granades roll in general 5 perks or so from the massiv pool and have just flat higher chances to get insane

  26. legendaries should break the game… a legendary should embrace borderlands to its extreme, if my legendary doesnt literally make rain with rabbits that can shoot laserbeams then you do something wrong
    28 we need to start the game with 6 rarities, adding seraph for invincibles

  27. pearls are added with UVHM and add over the entire game

  28. hybrid guns come back


No doubt. I really think every manufacturer should have every weapon type. Imagine atlas snipers (for those who cant aim). Hyperion use to have pistols on bl2 so why were they missing in 3? Gearbox went out of their way to remove good stuff from 2. Bring it back and improve on that. Just dont bring back slag and healthgating for the love of all things holy.


i have a nice idea for an atlas sniper rifle
how about some sort of ralgun where the seconday shot is the main snipe shot, you hit and if it crits a second shot tht is chaining to enemies and deal massivly increased damage will autoaim itself ot that.
still a sniper, rly unique as a sniper

atlas shotguns could have trash accuracy but INSANE damage or pallet count like 20-40 and rly do best if you land those markers

there is alot of potential here

but if i would say the worst one is COV as it just plain sucks. atlas has no guns, COV has trash guns
minus the launchers who just have high asf numbers and the COV gimmick rly doesnt matter

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Why does vladof not produce sub machine guns? I mean the one company thats all about fire rate doesnt have them? Remember the Norfleet? Like what in the world were they thinking not having maliwan launchers? I agree with you on the melee points too. Why does amara have all those fist if she doesnt use them? Melee weapons need to be a thing like you said in an extra slot. I agree with the slam slot too. Make it additional to whats there.


honestly i think reworking how capstone skills are would be a rly neat idea

cuz, imagine they rly change the entire playstyle
as an example what if fl4k for example had a capstone that would on critical kills give him a MASSIV burst of speed %dmg reduction and crit damage
and it has a pretty short active time like 8 seconds OR 4 seconds but it refreshes with each new stack

that way he would have to aim precicely and fast with a shotgun/ sniper or other high dmg short burst dmg weapons bursting his way through stuff making him able to take more and more

that changes him to such an extend that he is borderline melee terminator mode

alternatively he gets a captsone in the middle that grants him the ability to run sideways and a final one that will grant him for speed AMP shots and accuracy

and again alternatively getting the ability to get a super pet or a second pet. if i want to play a crit VH, go,
if i want to play the run and gun tactic, go
and if i want the beastmaster thing i want to MASTER the beasts


Funny how in the pre release trailers they kept teasing FL4K running around with all of them at the same time. Cruel cruel gearbox.


having more movement options and making that entirely you’re choice rly will make everything more unique
you want to slide faster GO
you want to double jump GO
you want the PS slam GO
you want bl3 slam GO
you want an air dash GO
you want to be able to levitate after a jump for a little while GO
you want lower gravity unlocked at all times GO
you want fire jumps, GO
you want HIGH jumps GO
you want to run super fast GO

and all of these can come with multiple abilities and legendaries, as one slot
now theartifacts are free to be used for gameplay adjustments like
company man

and melee will add stuff like
a slayer axe that can execute at 25% health and grants ammo health and shield
a dagger that can open a wound and create crit spots
a sword that could have longer reach
spear faster and long reach
a weapon that while in the fair can shoot the melee attack in an arc making you able to throw down some devine justice
a melee gauntlet like zane has that will be able to cripple enemies or stagger them
a claw like gaige has that will electrocute and stu enemies / drain shields

and in combining more things you get more expression and variety

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While it’s fun to fantasize, I think if another BL first person shooter style game will be made, it woud be exactly what BL3 was - a ‘remake’ of BL2.


Action skills that don’t counterplay the loot based gameplay or maybe even get enhanced by it


I think we are over-estimating the latest tweets by RP. I’ll say it again : Borderlands Mobile RPG

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I smell the “Do you guys not have phones?” meme returning in that case :rofl:

And i don’t want anything from BL4 until they revert the M2.0 debacle…

I’m seriously not even going to bother with this franchise because of what BS they pulled with this one


1 - Crew challenges coming back. Makes exploration and looking around every corner of the map worthwhile besides actually doing side content and rewards the player accordingly.

2 - World tier system from Outriders as a balancing system for difficulty. If they want to introduce wacky modifiers or ones that enhance the difficulty of the game (like Rogue Lite, for example) make them optional so I can use them for challenge runs.

3 - Keep the Normal - True Vault Hunter mode system of this game (no more 3-playthrough system, I don’t like doing the same campaign 3-4 times with one character), but with the ability to reset individual DLC campaigns or maybe even the sidequests without touching the main campaign quests to make TVHM more valuable.

4 - QoL feature so that I can see all individual missions in one area without the need to switch them in and out or, at the very least, can pick several quests at once. You have all space in the right part of the screen and you can only pick one? Seems not well developed enough to me.

5 - Keep the value of mission rewards intact like in this game or BL1, don’t make them so overwhelmingly OP as in BL2. I want reasons to be able to pick a gun that drops from an enemy or something I get from a chest, if the quest reward is almost twice as powerful as what I’m getting from everything else, there is no meaning to the other loot sources. Make them enticing and unique, but not overwhelming.

6 - Keep Vault Hunters having multiple action skills. I don’t want to go back to the “this tree enhances your gun damage, this your action skill enhance tree, this your defense/melee damage/utility tree” all over again. BL3’s system with multiple action skills and augments that rewards reaching a higher tier by unlocking something extra is the way to go. Campaigns in the other games feel bland and boring in comparison because you need to reach TVHM or above to make your character skill tree choices stand out, while in this one from lvl 2 onwards even playing as the same character feels entirely different

7 - Keep the manufacturer system intact from this game, add more weapon variations, touch some underperforming gimmicks like Atlas, (make it so that tracking enemies with your darts debuffs them or guarantees critical hits, for example)

8 - Hire the same music composers as this game for the sequel, regardless of money. The soundtrack in this game is by far the best in the series, there are so many good tracks in the base game and DLC that come to mind in comparison to the 2-3 good tracks in the other ones.

9 - Either hire better writers or think through what you do in your main storyline when it comes to important character moments. Jack is dead, he can’t keep carrying mediocre storylines by himself like what happened with 2 or TPS. Make the Vault Hunters appear in cutscenes and be part of the story even if you’re only playing as one of them in single player


You and I clearly had very different experiences in BL2 :grinning:

I would love to have BL2 “structure” in BL3. I want the increasingly difficult, multiple playthroughs of BL2. I want a progression sytem that keeps me levelling throughout those playthroughs and into any story DLCs. I want additional playable characters rather than additional skill trees because they open up new playthroughs. I want a legendary gear system that makes them exciting to find. I want the story told through gameplay not cinematics and scripted events.

I have a problem with the structure of BL3 not its mechanics. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the movement and combat. The gear is fine. The VHs are in the same class as their predecessors. Perhaps skills have been too focussed on synchroicity with gear rather than being powerful in their own right but that’s a minor point.

So, getting back on-topic, this is what I’d like for BL4. I’d like a Normal playthrough followed by a TVHM with the difficulty of BL2/TPS. The campaign should then be repeatable, levelling to the player. Combat after Normal & TVHM should be challenging (without this Mayhem nonsense). I’d like a skill progression system that takes the player through Normal, TVHM and the majority of the story DLCs. This isn’t innovative. The three previous games each did some variation of it.

But I also recognise the emphasis GBX have put on satisfying endgamers. Both BL2 and BL3 have allowed players to start at a higher level with the corresponding skil points. Let’s take this to its obvious conclusion. Let those who wish to, go straight to endgame, have skill points up to the level cap and start in a “post-TVHM” campaign. GBX may assuage their conscience by making players go through Normal once but some kind of accelerated progression should be allowed.

All other changes to mechanics are just detail and I trust GBX to come up with something interesting. I fell in love with the Borderlands series because of its original format, as, I suspect, did others. Let BL4 satisfy both camps.

just make unique guns farmable
theres not point in having guns that you can only obtain 1 time per playthrough in a game with 100+ different variants of 1 single gun
you admitted it with the veteran machine
next step, just drop that sht


Massively improved graphics and massively improved enemy AI. Given that I don’t think they can provide either of those just yet I’d like to see a potential BL4 at the end of the decade.

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i dont think you can do much about the graphics
borderlands will most likely not go for the photorealistic style