What would your taunt be?

I’m bored again, so it’s time for another “create your own” thread! This time, i’m interested to know what you guys would have for your own personal taunt. Be sure to be as descriptive as possible, and include some dialog options as well. Here’s MY hastily-constructed, in-character taunt:

Name: Quick Primp.

HandsomeCam pulls a comb out of his bomber jacket, and proceeds to style his hair for a few seconds. During this time, one of the following dialog options is used:


“Lucky you… I’m the last thing you saw!”

“You better not have bled on my hair…”

“And they say IF looks could kill…”

“Do i look as good as i fight?”

HandsomeCam then returns the comb to his jacket, and the camera does a close-up as he grins and winks while doing a shooting gesture with his hand.


epicender584 pulls out streamers, a conical birthday hat, and one of those things that you blow into and it goes out, you know what I’m talking about, and cheers. The hat then falls off and epicender584 stares at it sadly for the next five seconds as the thing you know I’m talking about deflates with a sad noise

None. I don’t speak in game. Even when I’m micd up. I just never know what to say. I as a person rely on mirroring to communicate which doesn’t work without cues, so my taunt would have no words.

Btw my character would be very similar to Nova personality wise but with Dance Dance Revolution sequences for an ult and skills based off of supporting and having a superiority complex and self esteem issues


What is your taunt name? “Partied Out”?

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Name: Please Send Help

Eldritch Arcana collapses to the ground and weeps melodramaticly, then shakes a fist at the heavens with a scornful expression.


“Alas, poor Attikus!”

“This is all your fault, God!”



“My team won’t communicate at all!”


“The bell tolls for thee, douchbags!”

“Another pleb, dead by my wretched hands!”

“Wherefore art thou so bad at this game?”

“Bound again, by man-forged manacles!”

“What immortal hand dare frame thy stupid face-ish-thing?”



Haha! That “Macbeth” one… Nice.

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I’m honestly so paranoid about the legend that I never say it’s name in regular conversation. I always say, “The Scottish Play.”

There’s a Macbeth curse?

Says Macbeth three times.

Biggie Smalls.

…Biggie Smalls…

Biggie S-

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That’s a good one. Or Jack-A**-in-the-Box with a present this time



Lol no. Whenever you say the name of the play (the Scottish Play, that is) while onstage or backstage, your entire production is cursed and someone on set is going to be horribly injured or even killed shortly before the night of the play.

Just an old tale (with many instances of actually happening, specifically during the first few showings of the play) that always made me antsy whenever someone says it’s name.

Name: Hot Delivery

Lines- “Heh, that was awesome.”


“This is where you fall down.”

Two streams of fireworks explode behind dfabian711 as he puts on sunglasses and crosses his arms ala Johnny cage. Then pulls a large bullet riddled bucket from his back pocket and kicks it at the screen.

(P.s. new favorite thread)


Taunt Name: DELET THIS
Taunt Lines:
“Begone, Mongrel!”

Rabid_Explosions pulls out a BLUE crayon and starts flailing his arms around wildly striking-out random names on the screen.

Platinum Taunt

Taunt Name: Delicacy
Taunt Lines
"Your misery is my condiment"
“Please Sir, I want some more”

Rabid_Explosions holds out a small bowl while mockingly making a sad expression while a sad song plays on the world’s smallest violin.