What Zane playstyle have you been using so far?

I’m level 13 and I’ve been working down the Under Cover Tree. I’ve been alternating between being a barrier turtle and flanking enemies with my hyperion ironsight weapons after throwing down a digi-clone. Its good for taking a more cautious approach to clearing out enemies; not as good against hordes of melee opponents though.

I’m around level 26 and I’ve been having so much fun using the shield along with the robot (I forgot the things name lol). The flying thing just adds a good amount of steady DPS and if you have a good grenade mod equipped it can end fights for you before they start. Along with the shield which is essentially immunity to any bullet dmg it works really well for an upclose shotgun build. Just pick up the shield and get right in their face and you can mow through most fights.

went hitman tree until i unlocked death followed close, now working down the clone tree until i hit boom enhance at which point ill carry on down the hitman tree until i hit the capststone.

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Digi-clone and Barrier combo. Mostly built up the Clone tree but I’ve got Old-U and I’m working up the Barrier tree to get the passives I want from it.

Might respec in TVHM to really try to play with synergy between the trees.

So far i’ve been using the shield and SNTNL combo. although I’m not to sure a to what kills to pick

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I started with shield and drone but then switched to shield and digi-clone. I find the clone really useful for boss fights in instantly flanking behind for some easy hits. The shield is awesome for running and gunning with a jakobs shotgun, or sniping from distance with bonus damage.

I’ve been using a Digi-Clone / Grenade build, I’m using a homing atlas grenade that gives me cash every time it hits people, but it also spawns 3 mirvs that also home towards targets. Not to mention the digi-clone also throws out grenades every now and then.

I get refunded grenades every-time I kill enemies so I just hoover up about $50,000 cash at the end of every short battle! At level 25 this is suuuuper handy!


What is the name of that grenade? I’d it a legendary or is the cash a regular modifier?

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@BubblesMagnus It’s not a legendary, just a purple, pretty easy to overlook I think in the scheme of things!


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Going down the Double Agent (Clone) tree. Planning on SNTNL next.
Still on normal (lvl 21) so I don’t know if it’s just me or because I’m on normal.
Feel like Zane could have a melee bonus? Been using Jackobs gatling with blades and so far melee is of great use to finish off foes.

I may had just passed such a grenade from Marcus vending machine on Sanctuary III. Not sure if the drop was “lots” or “some” though.

I’m doing a clonedrone build with a lot of movement speed with a Rough Rider and Infiltrator class mod. Tons of fun mobbing with this build.

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A double barrel Flakker or COV rocket launcher build with the It’s Piss grenade to really amp damage.

Shield and clone for me. The cryo crit skill with Atlas trackers works wonders.

Clone and grenade. But I have started the tree for the drone but not actually using the drone if that makes sense. Guns and grenades change every couple of levels so I don’t have a set build or preference yet.

Eventually plan on making it a speedy clone mix with heaps of grenades.

very easy at that level there is no playstyle. get cool down mag size boost and shield buff for first 15 levels then get movement speed and life steal. in terms of skills it looks like this:

adrenaline; ready for action;preamunitious (or some ■■■■) the violent speed and salvation. EZ

So far I’m level 15 and I’m splitting between the drone and digiclone trees. I’m not liking it too much I go down a lot I’m looking for a respec but I’d like a decent build to go with first.

I was planning on focusing on the drone tree with the shield as my secondary. But I got fed up with the shield and decided that if I was going to use the clone I’d want to invest most points in that tree, and if I wasn’t going to have the drone tree capstone then I didn’t really want to muck around with its kill skills.

Clone and drone for me, focusing mostly on clone, and just got it to the end skill (clone uses a copy of my gun), with some drone (SNTL) peppered in. My current class mod is mostly in the STNL tree, but does give me one passive damage skill on the shield tree for some free dps.

My early focus was pairing the right skills in the drone and clone trees to increase gun damage while moving (faster movement = more damage) with skills that increase movement speed.

Now that I’ve pretty much filled up the clone tree Im going to just build up the drone to increase it’s utility.

Racecar Deathball! Rough Rider, shield, and kill skills.

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about 10 different ones

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