What zero guns are a must?

What guns should i always have on me or in the bank so i have stuff for every situation i come up against.
And yes i did see the Top gear for zer0 post.

Grog nozzle is the only gun you carry with you throughout the game.

Zero can be good with whatever gun you want to use.

Sniper, melee or hybrid?

I guess easy answer is grog,rapier, pimp,lyuda.


Mostly sniper. But I already know i want a grog for heals and twister to bore certain stuff.

And the Twister.

@Derch and @Gulfwulf what about an AR zer0 with some other weapons, Does a build like that exist?

Bekah and more bekah

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And if you can’t get that, a Hail or a Hammer Buster are good substitutes, but the Bekah is the best for Zer0.

Yeah really any Jakobs AR’s are quite nice on zer0

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At some level, it depends on your build, associated playstyle, and playthrough. I would argue that there are no weapons that Zer0 simply must have to progress, as in, without x weapon, you shall not pass. Grog Nozzles, Pimpernels, DPUHs, Norfleets, etc. aren’t specific to Zer0. It also depends on how difficult of a fight you want. You can Shamfleet your way through quite a bit of the game if you want to progress rather than sink your teeth into some good combat (or you can try to get through with a white Bandit pistol, and gag on the combat).

If you’re already carrying the Grog Nozzle and Twister, few things will stand in your way.

For assault rifles, just get something nice made by Vladof, Dahl, Jakobs, Torgue, or Bandit, and you should be fine.


Never use bandit ARs unless it’s the Sawbar… Almost gagged when I saw that lol

I have a kitten build with Zero somewhere on the forum. It’s quite effective.

There is also the Chopper for burst DPS if the ARs are only being used as an ammo diversity option.

Besides, Zero has a lot of synergy with bandits. Rising shot and kill confirmed benefit from the deep mags of bandits, being able to stack their bonuses for a longer period of time. Killer, fast hands, two fang, and velocity help to speed them up, either through reload speed, fire rate, or bullet velocity.

They aren’t the best choice 100% of the time, but this Zero. He makes every gun that can crit work, Bandits are no different.

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My Bandit allegiance Mechromancer is donating her Chopper, Madhous! and BlASSter to Zer0 as part of this forum-sponsored exchange program, which Zer0 will be using to clear (rolls the 71-sided map die) The Dust.

Lol let me rephrase that, “I” never use bandit weapons unless it’s the Sawbar. Most bandit weapons are an eyesore to me and I hate those long reloads ( except the Badaboom :wink: ) plus they do not fit my play style what so ever. I do see where, if speced and geared properly they can be fun tho. I do apologize good sirs

I kid… I’m always looking for an excuse to use an off-brand weapon with my characters. I did just go run through The Dust like this. Notes from the field:

  • Using a slag BlASSter as my source of slag burned through my ammo fast, given its relatively low slag rate, and the double ammo usage. I switched to a slag Transfusion partway through. Pandora provides though; I’m pretty much good for individual map sections before I need to go nurse off an ammo vending machine. If Zer0 was going to return to a Bandit allegiance, he’d just use the Slagga or something.
  • The Chopper is corrosive, and it wrecks Technicals and Buzzards surprisingly well… way less shots needed than I figured (Gaige typically uses her corrosive Roaster for the Buzzards, but she may bring this out now). The Chopper is primarily her Constructor killer.
  • Scavengers kept running around on stairs and other uneven terrain upon which I couldn’t get a good ricochet from the Madhous!, so I had to bait them out by dropping loot in strategic places. Spiderants though… it chews them up good (mostly because it’s easy to crit their abdomen with a ricochet beneath them while they keep their shielded face towards you).
  • To prevent Goliaths from losing their helmet in mid-combat, and re-healing before I finished them off, I’d Execute their helmet off first, then go after them.

Well u picked my interest now! Mind sharing ur Bandit Allegiance build and what all gear u use. Never really looked at anything Bandit besides Slagga and Baddaboom.

Sure! Some things:

  • Disclaimer - Bandit gear works, but other than a top few exceptions, it probably won’t outperform gear you’re used to if you’ve been playing with the top dozen or so weapons in the entire game.
  • None of her build here is Bandit-specific; this build would work with most any gear.
  • I have a personal rule that I follow, which is; no matter how awful a red-texted weapon made by a manufacturer is, I have to have a usable niche for it in my arsenal. It’s actually more complicated than that, but in answer to your question, I use every Bandit weapon. Here’s my Bandit arsenal (thick borders define my one Gemstone allowance, italics indicate e-tech gear, cell color is the rarity, and the frame color is the element).

Only a few of these weapons have a quirk to get the most out of their damage.

  • The Prazma Canon, for example, has a sweet spot at, what, maybe 30 to 50 feet in front of the player, where with the right arc, you can get a number of those orbs to all hit the same general spot (you want one with very low rocket speed for this). This is my PWR and BUL Loader killer (I love killing BUL Loaders in mid-rush with a volley from this launcher).

  • The Sawbar has a sweet spot where the bullet split splash happens. If you catch a flesh enemy in this zone, they’re toast.

  • The Chopper is my Constructor killer (it will generally take all my assault rifle ammo in a full magazine, but it works fast). You do want to be close so none of the rounds whiff (especially with a decent Anarchy stack). Note that so many rounds come out so fast that Nth degree will be firing almost like a low-end SMG, so be sure to leave an opening between the Constructor and any of its support crew. :laughing:

  • Bandit plasma casters do have splash, but it fires randomly along the drunken path the projectiles take, not on impact. Sometimes a projectile will only splash once on its path, where some may splash three times, so the strategy is to just point it in the general direction of the enemy and let loose in true Bandit style. There’s a sweet spot (again, at this 30-50 foot medium range) where a lot of splash seems to happen, so you want to catch an enemy in this zone. Usually I can barely see downwind of me when I’m unloading one of these, but I do watch health bars take a nose dive when a lot of splash fires around the target. It can’t crit, the damage is lower than its Hyperion/Dahl/Maliwan peers, you almost can’t aim, and the rounds can come back to bite you in the butt), but dang if my corrosive one doesn’t wreck Loaders without an issue.

  • For the shotguns, they all have their element-based role. The RokSalt is nice because the super-fast reload allows me to reload weapons without sacrificing a lot of Anarchy. Say I want to reload my Prazma Canon, which might burn 10 Anarchy stacks given its reload time. Discord won’t start until the first weapon reload is finished, so I would start with the Prazma Canon, Discord will start, I swap to the RokSalt and reload, which takes a fraction of a second, only burning maybe two to three Anarchy stacks.

  • The Madhous! bullets split upon impact, so you want to bounce shots off something for higher damage. At a distance, against upright enemies (for example), this is tricky to do; you really need to aim right at their toes. At close range, where you want to aim more downward, the target profile is much bigger, and it’s way easier to hit them. Here’s an old post about Gaige using the Madhous! with Nth degree and Close Enough. Note: it took me a long time to learn to like this gun, but once you learn to get the split shot to hit the target, it’s pretty fun.

  • The Contraband Sky Rocket is insanely fun to use once you get the throw down. Taking out Buzzards and even ground-based enemies with it is hugely satisfying, just because the throw is so tricky.

Here’s the build; it is by no means her most efficient at producing damage, but that’s not how I roll.

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Well I have used some of the games top gear but I like challenging myself to make any weapon work effiently. I’ll use what ever I can get my grubby mits on, as long as I’m enjoying the game. I see where a bandit build can easily work on Gaige. Do u also run a bandit relic/shield?

All my allegiance characters use manufacturer-specific weapons, shields, and grenades. Relics and COMs may be freely used by any character. I make an exception for shields made by Pangolin or Anshin (who may be used by anyone regardless of allegiance, since otherwise I would be unable to use them at all). I also make an exception for my Jakobs build; he gets low-level slag grenades (Magic Missile and Slag Transfusion): as Jakobs does not make slag weapons, grenades, or any Moxxi weapons, this one exception really takes the edge off in UVHM, and I don’t find that it takes away from the Jakobs experience (the grenades don’t kill or really do any major damage; they just provide slag and maybe some health).

The weapons, shields, and grenades per manufacturer have pretty specific game mechanics associated with them, and define the manufacturer “brand” to me. Relics are all made by Eridian, so they get a pass, and COMs don’t seem to follow any coherent pattern such that sticking to them would enhance the manufacturer brand (it would, in fact, noticeably limit game play options).

So in answer to your question, Gaige only uses Bandit (or Anshin/Pangolin) shields and grenades. Bandit makes a big variety of grenades, so she’s actually in pretty good shape there (Fuster Cluck, Contraband Sky Rocket, MRUV, Jumpin’ Bitty), and while I don’t play melee with her myself, Deathtrap most certainly does, and he rocks the Hide of Terra and Love Thumper shields.

Coincidentally, Zer0 was my first Bandit allegiance character, but I wound up swapping it for Vladof so he could get his hands on some good sniper rifles and melee weapons.

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