Whatever happened to those heads we were getting?

I try to follow all the news but feels like I miss some with everything coming at us. Did we ever find out more about those heads, like Fl4k’s Anubis?


They were handed out to attendees at PAX East. I believe there was a mention about them in the most recent BL Show - I think Stream Team members can do something with them during certain events? Sorry - I wasn’t really paying too much attention at that point. I think the original plan was to also hand out codes at other events, but obviously that’s not happening with the major ones being cancelled.


If I’m not mistaken, they alluded to the fact that the Borderlands stream team members might give out some codes to their viewers tomorrow (with the launch of DLC 2). I’m not sure if that means that you need to watch one of them live tomorrow in order to get it or whatnot. I tried searching for the exact quote it in the Show, but I couldn’t find it again.


Yes, stream team will be giving away codes tomorrow. Char was handing out a few earlier today. So we have to watch dlc spoilers in order to get these things.

I get it with the whole Like, Follow, Obey theme with them, but I won’t be able to play the dlc until later next week since my gf and I play together.

So it’s either spoil the dlc, or hope they give everybody a code later down the road. Sigh. Maybe some of the stream team will be nice enough to level up in the Takedown for awhile before hitting the dlc.

Edit: lol, just looked at the link above. Thanks @Yulo97 … I can wait for cosmetics :slight_smile:

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So if people don’t like follow and obey they miss out on the heads?
Also I thought people were supposed to get these for buying the deluxe edition or whatever it was, did I misunderstand that?

Pretty sure the LF&O stuff was not in the deluxe edition. There were the weapon skins and trinkets. I’d have to go dig out the info to check on any other cosmetics, but those skins/heads in particular were reserved from the beginning.

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I’ve never played a game with such a chaotic state of cosmetics until now.

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Cough BL2 Cough TPS Cough Lost count of how many times the number of runner skins I had unlocked would randomly go down and back up by 1. :man_shrugging: And I never did figure out why I kept getting orange and purple versions of the same Handsome Jack mask!

The Like Follow Obey skins weren’t part of the deluxe package. Those have been stream team exclusive up until now. They did say they would be available to everyone at some point. Probably after the stream team’s codes are given out and they’ve drummed up enough traffic on twitch. We’ll get them soon enough.

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Huh I never had issues with those games, didn’t play tps too long though.

There was some weirdness particularly with save files transferred between generations. Never did figure it out, but then I’m not that obsessive about cosmetics anyway.

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Well if someone only lost skins that’s lucky, I wish I still had my old Zero and Gaige.