Whatever you guys did to PC matchmaking and server locations, undo it

Try playing high latency as a melee character where all your decisions are based on very precise player positioning in addition to obviously being able to hit or not.

That miko was in striking range so you dove for her only to find out she was out of range and now you’re dead.

You were stabbing that miko at point blank but no hits were registering and all of a sudden shes not on your screen anymore (rubberbanded behind you) and you have to spin around in circles for an hour to find her again, oh look there she is, but now shes out of range and you’re dead.

You just started stabbing oscar mike in the face with full health with perfect aim but his health isn’t going down and no hits are registering, and you’re dead.

The problem is there’s just not enough players on even at peak times. It’s gotten to the point where peak times in Battleborn don’t exist. It’s Saturday afternoon and there are less than 1500 people in the game, according to Steam.

I understand your frustration completely, and I’ve experienced latency issues myself of late, but I think they have to put everyone together to make games happen. To be perfectly honest, I think they need to combine the three PvP game modes together and you queue for the lot.

When this game went live I read a post (don’t think it was here) that said Battleborn would be dead within a short time period. I said that as long as there was a strong player base, no matter how big, then the game would be a success for me. Someone in that thread mentioned Battlefront and I looked up the player numbers for Battlefront. On PC, at that time, there was a peak of about 2-3k and I asked myself how an online game survives with that many players. Battleborn has half that.

There will come a time where you’ll queue for ages even if you were only being matched with North American players.

Today has been a big eye opener for me concerning Battleborn. I posted about it elsewhere on the front page.

Battleborn needs some urgent first aid.

You sure it isnt your ISP? Im from Europe playing on US servers ( DC or NY ) and havent had no latency issues nor anything that would denote net working problems.

Yes, I checked my ping to random servers the first few times always under 50ms. I am right on top of a fiber node and there’s zero congestion on my plant as it originally served only me (I paid for it) and there’s not enough people in range to ever cause congestion. So short of problems at an exchange (which are not typical), no it’s not my ISP I just started monitoring specifically the connections related to battleborn as well, going to see if I can ip locate the connections to see if I can figure out what regions I’m being connected to as well.

Maybe its a problem midway, maybe do a traceroute and check for problems on each hop. You tried changing servers within the US? Might be a problem with certain locations.
Ill try to check my ping to the servers i usually use and see how it fares because i havent been getting any problems with it.

You either didn’t read fully, or did not understand my post. Either way, the ends the conversation for me.

Hmm I witnessed something like that recently too. Weird matches were people would seem to “teleport” or rubberband. I know I was in a team with someone from the East Cost despite being European myself. My connection is also supposed to be good, and all games I’ve playing so far haven’t suffered from that until recently.

I suppose this is the price that is to be paid to hope getting less wait times. Maybe they had to close a few servers, too. I haven’t the foggiest idea how ithings are managed from their end anyway…

Does gearbox use amazon services for their game servers? That’s what’s coming up. Servers out or Virginia were my last few matches (with good ping)

Great way to deal with people trying to help, gj.
Btw i dont see what you said on your post have any relation to what i suggested for you to do, it doesnt matter if you have the sole use of a fiber line in your area, between you and the server there can be a lot of places where your connection hops between intermediary switches, it can take only one to create problems, thus my suggestion to do a traceroute.

Seems youre not really looking for help or solutions but rather a place to vent/whine so might as well unsubscribe. Good luck with that :slight_smile:

Please people stay respectfull during conversation. Thank you! :heart:

Just keep in mind that connection issues can have a wide range of possible reasons why they occur.
There are cases where GBX could do something with a patch and there are other cases where the problem lies in another part of the huge confusing puzzle we call internet.

Most sorry to hear of your problems. This is what Australians and NZ have been dealing with from day one. Not much fun is it.

Even without the rematch system, you’d be getting these issues on PC. The problem is you’re getting matched with other regions because the playerbase is so low. If you take out the ability to match with foreigners, your queue times will go up even farther. It’s a necessary evil. Play with lag or don’t play at all.

Like I said, you don’t understand, thank you for punctuating that very clearly here. I talked about and eliminated a lot more then just plant congestion in my post, I basically touched on enough points to immediately rule out my ISP. But you keep wanting to argue that point without even understanding that.

You also seem to be under some misguided notion that because you offered unsolicited “help” that I must graciously accept it and treat it as anything other than the nuisance that it is. That’s not the case.

I want to remind eveyone to stay on topic and to stay respectfull towards each other.

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unsolicited “help”

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Having this on Xbox, it is really bad and happens over half of the time now. This needs a fix badly unless they want it to die off completely. I love the game but it’s unplayable when the connection bottoms out, eapecially for Caldarius or Benedict.

Sidenote: If this really is due to low player count, that is sad but I’d take a long wait over playing laggy garbage for a 30 min match. The game style is too long to be this way.

Agreed. Laggy all morning today. Let me search via location, I’d rather wait for a game than have it unplayable.

Solution: Join the battleborn discord and know everyone on your team (& the opposing :smiley: ). shrug i have generally bad internet - playable but still always bad- and havent noticed it getting worse. ive even played with foreigners quite a ways back and been ok.

Well yesterday I was getting servers in washington DC, texas and california, now this morning… osaka japan…

As you would expect, crazy rubber banding and lag. There was definitely a japanese person in the party.

Is this happening because the lobby lead was given to them, by average group latency or what?

I had the opposite experience this weekend. My matchmaking times were faster then ever and there were zero latency issues. Hopefully you can find a resolution because many that I played with were talking about how well everything was running the last couple of days.