What's a SpyBug?

We went through the entire DLC and now have 9 / 10 achievements for Claptrap. Never seen a SpyBug. What are they and where do they appear?

There was this one thing that flew in our faces and started snapping photos. Talk about seizure flash attack! I think that is them. We were in the Nexus when it photobombed us.

You guys are actually getting the achievements!? daaang… lucky.

anyway, I definitely saw 1 spawn near where you delete files. That trash compactor looking thing in the nexus. I went there again later and didn’t get a Spybug. So its not guaranteed.

Not sure if it has to be done in one sessions, but hopefully you can load up and look, kill it if you got one or leave game if you didn’t, and repeat. I haven’t tested this myself.

In UVHM they’re called Identity Thief or something, I’ve only seen them in nexus.

It seems we have our new Jimmy Jenkins.

It’s not as bad as Jenkins but similar. I thought the game was messing up but found out that enemy dot was for real. Unloading all your shotgun shells in that direction (slightly upwards) helps. I just popped it… but nobody will know until MS fixes the achievement reporting.

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You can easily farm them while doing the “File Search” quest at the very beginning. While you are in recycle bin, Clickbaits and Identity Thieves (as SpyBugs are called in UVHM) will spawn indefinitely as long as you dont shoot the generators. Be aware that those red lasers can destroy them as well so be quick :).
Now I have a question for you, how have you got:
The Gift that Keeps on Giving achievement… thats the only one I am missing.

Thanks for the tip about the SpyBugs. In the Mutator, I just selected the first Game Mode, Level 1 (one piece of cake), and the first Modifier. Played through all 3 rounds, went back and collected what loot appeared at the consoles, and turned it in. Next, I selected the second Game Mode, kept the difficulty at one piece of cake, and the second Modifier and continued with the loot chest(s) and turning it in. Do this for all 9 and it should pop. Maybe the middle console needs to be on a difficulty other than the default setting?