What's after DLC 6?

I feel DLC 6 is kinda short (well I guess all of the DLCs are but at least 1-4 has some interesting stories).

What’s the plan after DLC 6? Are there gonna be some groundbreaking DLCs? Or are we heading for BL4?

Does it even make sense to fix BL3’s inadequacies? Player-base isn’t the same as before.

No one knows what will come. (Apart from the developers of course) Nothing new has been announced, regarding the future.

On a personal note: B4 probably won’t happen in the coming years, given the fact that covid is still here, it is really hindering the development.

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hopefully just fixing the game so more people will be motivated to even bother buying the new DLCs


Oh: 2 additional vault cards will come in 2021, that’s for sure.


I don’t think we’re expecting any new DLC’s which seems rather odd for a 2nd season pass. We might get some raid bosses or QOL stuff but I don’t imagine very much.

The Player base is still very large for a game that has been out for this long. This game has expanded across 2 generations of console systems and is still active in the PC world.

I for one will welcome any extra additions to the game in the form of story building and raid boss development that will even challenge meta builds. Until that time comes we have crossplay to look forwards to.


More vault cards and cross play are the only thing known to be planned so far from what i could gather around .

Please Cartel’s! I want that so bad but as far as new we dont have any idea.

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Hopefully they are setting their sights on a second Bunkers and Badasses DLC.


Maybe actual fixes to the game that have been an issue since it released would be a nice change of pace.

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And there’s so much they could do, more takedowns and trials for example, maybe they could return to the DLC’s and make it based on their themes, imagine a Guns Love and Tentacles or Krieg themed Takedown, would be cool as hell, and would make returning to these DLC’s more worth it, but i guess the window to do that is long gone.

I think now, after all these DLC’s are launched, that the word that summarizes BL 3 the best for me is “basic”, it’s not a bad game, but compared to previous entries, yeah, too basic.


I don’t think SP2 was a success…

Not because of its content, but because the game is still practically in Beta.

So unless theys shifts focus on making BL3 the best it could be. This game will lose a lot of players (i really want to know how many people who bought the game with SP1 actually stayed and bought SP2)


This would make me very happeh.

The only reason I got SP1 was because it came with the Super Deluxe Sucker Beta Edition. If it didn’t there would of been no way I would of paid for it.

Like yourself I believe SP2 landed with a thud considering they released a BR type mode that the community for the most part wasn’t asking for but since it is the current trend to get more streamers it was made. As for the other half that was just released, doesn’t seem like it is going over too well either. I’m sure it sold but no where near what the old DLC’s used to I’m guessing.


I actually liked the first 2 DLC’s :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More then the main game/story.

DLC 3 story was just as bad as the main story (it was just some random thing somebody wrote over the weekend… It had nothing to do with anything)

DLC 4… Short… Weird… Roland got a faaaaaaar better homage DLC (TTaoDK)

But yeah, overall this game is pretty lacking. All they did so far is, chase away people who loved the previous games and now chasing away the people who like BL3 in order to try and get the first group back :rofl:

Ooooooorrr… They’re nuking the game and hope people will forget about it :joy:


Yeah I second this, I missed cartels when it was around and hope they bring it back. I wanna try the yellowcake and O. P. Q. system

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Does anyone know how long Bl2 received updates once the final dlc for that came out? I have no idea.

I think the best thing they could do is create 2 more DLC campaigns, move the raid boss to Main Game, and create 3-5 more spread throughout the DLC. Is any of that gonna happen?
Probably not.
It would be REALLY sad if Ava’s MM is BL3s curtain call. It wasn’t that the content was bad, despite Ava still being annoying and doing nothing. It was just that there was so little content. Felt like 4 side missions, with a good boss at the end. No extra missions, crew challenges etc.

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Borderlands 2 received 4 story DLCs in it’s first year up until June-July with the Tiny Tina DLC, same as the first season pass of Borderlands 3 with it’s 4 story DLCs.

Then they did a couple of short DLCs called “Headhunters” that were about 30-40 minutes long and there were 5 of them (so about as long as the Krieg/Bounty of Blood DLC all put together) for 3 dollars a piece in it’s second year that ended in April, once again around the same time this Season Pass 2 content has ended.

Then they did basically nothing until around 2015 were they did a couple of balance changes were they buffed some skills and weapons like Maya’s Acid Cloud or the Fastball, IIRC. Nothing happened then until two years ago when they released DLC5 (Commander Lilith).

TL;DR Borderlands 2 got 4 story DLCs in it’s first year, 5 short DLCs called Headhunters in it’s second, a balance patch in it’s third year and then nothing until a new DLC seven years later to hype up Borderlands 3.

I’m pretty sure 1 or 2 patches for BL3 are still in the pipeline since there are 2 Vault Cards missing. Whether Gearbox introduces crossplay/rebalances some stuff/adds more endgame besides that or even does a free DLC that leads up to BL4 like they did with BL2 is up to them.


They could do that Hunt event where they buffed a lot of gear and designed them to specific drops.

Also, the Vault Cards seems like HH 2.0.

I Hope they can release one more Takedown at least, fix what needs to be fixed and then launch a final DLC such as the Fight For Sanctuary, tying up the history and where we find Lilith in the end.

Also, show where Athena is. Maybe running a Takedown just like Axton and Sal are running Arms Race?
And where is the Tales cast? Didnt Fiona has become a VH?

they said thy will bring the other cards over this year
which means the same lazy dailies n stuff, or in even better words
they finish the little extra work for dlc 6 another day as they rushed this little conent out the door.
im pretty sure there wont be a dlc 7