What's after DLC 6?

Waiting for a Summer and Christmas event.(like the cartels one and the Halloween).
Waiting for those events to also get permanent at somepoint.
Speaking of Summer, how about beach party outfits? Damn, Fl4k would look amazing. (Jk)

And the rest of the game proper balances and fixes.


They should stop and try to fix the bugs that all these addons changes introduced.

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@GBX should of held off and addressed issues with the game after it released. A lot of us are still waiting for those fixes.

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If they can’t monetize it, they have little incentive to do anything.

My guess is that GBX goes radio silent for a few months before announcing their next move. After the release of a large DLC they tend to just disappear to let the community enjoy the content before reappearing months later. I think BL4 is out of the picture and won’t come into fruition until at least the back half of the 2020s. I would think it’s likely new content will be released to BL3 quite possibly in terms of a season pass 3 that focuses on headhunter packs and endgame content. Only time will tell but I’m not expecting an announcement anytime soon.

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