What's all the hype for lob, it sucks

Just did M4 takedown in 4 player mode and used corrosive lob with perfect anointment with shotgun dmg class mod and Artifact and it did ■■■■ dmg with direct hits. My corrosive kybs did way more dmg and effective


Pmsl I totally agree with ya against weaker enemies like athenas sure it will kill peons but I can’t see the appeal in it at all

Are you sure you had the Hotfix applied? It should have around 9k damage on the stat card and basically one-shot most enemies if your build is even somewhat reasonable.

There’s something definitely off with the lob in m4 Takedown. I believe i know why. Four player scaling. I went into the takedown with a full group with the lob. Yes hotfixes were on and it was doing crap damage. It has to be the enemies being scaled to four players. I could barely tickle the kraken’s ass with it lol.




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Yes hotfix applied was around 8.5k on stat card

Strange. I’ve seen people utterly wreck with it on True Takedown M4. Maybe your build doesn’t snygerize well with it?

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Maybe solo runs? Maybe an Amara player? All I know is Amara can break any weapon with an element on it.

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What anointment did it have? I’m melting anointed with splash on a fire.

Interesting I just solo’d the Takedown on True mode with Zane using nothing but lobs 3 times in a row last night. My Lob did a ton of damage to Wotan the only difficulty being trying to hit the better half with it’s erratic movement.


I’m using chain zane build and lob has sntl cryo dmg

You want to hit the floor or a wall will this thing so you get the splash damage from the orbs exploding

Apparently there’s a bug whereby the Lob occasionally just stops doing damage. Particularly common in the Takedown. Never experienced it myself, but I heard swapping weapons can help fix it.


So can Zane, any weapon that has sntnl anointed does cryo damage over time as well. So you do whatever elemental effect in say shock and cryo damage over time simultaneously. It is also broken, since no one else does cryo dot. It is actually why when the buffed Zane to 100% cryo, I was thinking… Why? He doesn’t need more Damage over time… Which also by the way triggers his seein’ dead effects …

Cryo does not have a damage over time effect. In fact cryo is the only element in the game that doesn’t dot. Your whole hypothesis is wrong.

Yea. I tested it too and seems very inconsistent. I would melt enemies one second then the next second i’m tickling their arseholes. I can definitely say that lag might be an issue with it.

I think you misunderstood. Everytime a corrosive tick occurs with Zane Sntnl anointed causes a tick of cryo damage because it adds 100% cryo damage to the corrosive tick. I have seen it happen. It isn’t a hypothetical, test it yourself.

I’ll take a look at this tonight. For clarification. Are you talking about just the Lob or all guns?

But it’s still not dot. Any weapon with cryo sentinal can make it look like a tick but it’s not. It’s added damamge ontop of your regular damage.

So I am confused, never paid much attention to it, but say you cause a corrosive dot with melt status effect with a weapon having added cryo damage while SNTNL, does the added cryo damage applies to the corrosive dot as well?