What's Amara's personality supposed to be like?

I started a second playthrough with Amara and her lines are so bland I started to ignore them, which is a shame because I really wanted to like the character.

Is she supposed to be like Batista from Guardians of the Galaxy?, funny because she’s out of touch with…everything? haha

I did catch the line about what her name means (during the BALEX mission), so there must be a likeable personality hiding somewhere under all those sinewy lady muscles.

Are there any useful places to read up on her background?

Also, anyone else think she’s too short? She’s about the same height as Moze in the character select screen, which is…neither here nor there but I wanted her to be like 6’2’’ or whatever.

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Amara’s personality feels a bit all over the place, but she’s a blood knight diva, the voice directing for the game was poorly handled,

This was my thought with Moze. Lines are so bland and boring.

It was hard going from zane who is funny to listen to mobbing and in scripted parts. Then going to moze whose character just feels like it’s built around saying “scrub” a lot. Though I did like the part where she screams “BLOOD FEUD!”.

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She’s a super hero celebrity that’s the best way I can put it not sure if anyone reads my hero comics but think of her as somewhat captain celebrity

I think she’s Spirited Competitor but is forced into Blood Knighting because she’s so strong lol

Welp, my internet is down because of fires, so I’ll have to wait to uncover more info.

yep, BLOOD FEUD! was about the only amara line I liked. Her lack of personality sucks but at least her accent and voice is good so she doesn’t actively annoy me the way athena did in TPS so I mean I guess thats good enough?

Would be kinda cool if we got like a psycho training camp DLC or something that allowed for different voice packs. Sounds like too much trouble and cosmetic stuff shouldn’t be a primary selling point for a DLC but I’d rather have it than a skin.

Maya’s a tough act to follow, IMHO

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