What's been your luckiest drop ever?

It requires a somewhat specific set up, but yes, Gaige gets great use out of it.
That and it is actually one of the few Maliwan items (in the series) that I like.

Hold up… You actually like something by Maliwan?!


I think you forgot that the Black Hole is (one of) my favorite shield(s) in BL2/TPS.

No, I remembered. I just couldn’t resist making the joke :P.

Please teach me what I need to know so I no longer need to hate it for haunting me in the past.

Anarchy Reigns
Here’s a build that shows the set up to make it shine. @l_gabrielcruz consider this free advertisement :P.


I understand the teachings of the Storm now. Thank you, Sensei.

Now I actually need one on OP8 on the PS4 :p.

Who knows? Maybe you’ll find one in a trashpile or something. If that is possible that is.

The Storm is the most frequent pearl drop…
Won’t take too much to get one… probably xD

Always depend which char are you using. Krieg makes good use of Maliwan fire SMG’s. Even whites.

Haven’t seen one in ages. Probably because the only source I am farming for Pearls are Tubbies right now and their chances are weighed equally.
Although I may farm OMGWTH. Maybe.

I have seen a bunch of them honestly, I have a few (yet I don’t use them).

All of them were Barking or Dandy xD

Take a Gaige vacation from Krieg then :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you find a Storm before I can find a shock Pitchfork I’ll be eating my shoe. (not really, but still, you gett the idea).

As a Mechromancer enthousiast, I approve of this comment.

Maybe. Who knows.

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It’s hard to identify a ‘luckiest drop’, but adding context to the equation, probably…

I was farming up a current level Bee in the Forest, with the intention of then farming up a current Hornet before diving into the Overlook mission to unlock fast travel back to Sanctuary. I love the Forest runs, so I was having fun with that, but wasn’t looking forward to spending a couple of hours with Knuckledragger if he was feeling stingy.

On the run where I got my Bee, which was within the first 5, I decided to run back to the vendors to sell some blues and such. I shot the very last pile before the vendors, and a current level Gub popped out.

I actually jumped out of my chair and fist pumped.


Haha, thanks man!

@xmngr as a Krieg player you may like Gaige, vizinho! While he is chaotic and tank with health she is chaotic and tank with shield.
You can even play with the FoFH and the Kitten to feels like Krieg, haha.

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Since I haven’t said yet, on PS3 I got a perfect 72 Sawbar from a LLM while I was tubby farming. I don’t even know what the chances of that are…

Hahhah, maybe. Obrigado vizinho!

My luckyest drop ever was from the bnk-3r I got the Analytical bitch Trick shot Maggie and the sham all in one drop so then I decided to do it one more time then I got the corporate bitch all in one and two tryes

A lvl 55 Hive from saturn. I’m OP8 now and have not had another Hive drop.

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