What's Being Done to Prevent a Game Save Deletion Bug?

Like many here, I have not so fond memories of the Game Save Deletion Bug that was a rampant problem in both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It is because of that bug that I began backing up all of my game saves for the games on my Xbox 360 USB Flash Drives, so thankfully, I never suffered the loss of a character, all their loot, and all their hours of progress in the game.

But due to the gross incompetence regarding the pre-orders of the BL3 PC Collector’s Edition, I’ve been forced to pre-order for Xbox One, a console that absolutely will NOT give us any way to backup our game saves, all because MicroSoft wants to treat us ALL like we’re in that small percentage of cheaters that hack their game saves to enable cheating! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

So, now the question must be asked: What are Gearbox and 2K Games doing to ensure that the Game Save Deletion Bug does NOT rear its ugly head in the new game? Inquiring minds want to know! :thinking:

I remember it being an issue in BL2, but not in TPS?

The cause was other players exploiting a flag for a game mode abandoned in development:

Given that, unless there is a plan to reintroduce such a mode in BL3, I’m not seeing much cause for alarm.


Thanks for refreshing my memory of the root cause of the bug. But rest assured, it DID show up in The Pre-Sequel on launch, just as it did in BL2. 2K Australia built the most recent main game using the BL2 Engine, and apparently that bug is in the base code.

The worst part was that they didn’t put the patch that fixes it into the Launch version of TPS. We had to wait a couple months, at least, for an update that fixed it, just as with BL2. And the fix was the same in both games: Having the game automatically create a 2nd, Backup Save File from which your character can be recovered if the main save gets deleted.

I still would like an official answer from Gearbox and 2K Games on this issue. Was Borderlands 3 built using, once again, the Borderlands 2 Engine? Or did they create a brand new Borderlands 3 Engine? :thinking:

It’s built in UE4, where BL2 and TPS were built in UE3. There are many changes in the graphics pipeline (see the GDC tech demo); I would assume they didn’t just stop there.