What's Changed at Gearbox?

Over the years I have probably been Gearbox’s biggest gaming fan. Most games are pretty good to excellent with one masterpiece in Borderlands 2. But recently something must have changed at Gearbox. With the release of Borderlands 3 users found problems and more bugs than a termite mound. Over the past few weeks updates have been added to Borderlands 2 which are causing lag and on occasion loss of the game. Is new game software and updates actively tested before release? These problems cannot be doing Gearbox’s premier games software reputation any good. Can we have the reliable Gearbox of old back?

Are you suggesting that bl2 wasn’t buggy on release?

Because that’s not accurate.


If you’re experiencing issues, please file a support ticket.

No ammount of testing can iron out every single bug. Thats a general principle actually. Not even with unlimited ressources. BL3 had some bugs though, that should have been detected. Fun fact: Most software is shipped with a certain ammount of known bugs and anomalies.

yeah, it’s reasonable to expect that once those bugs are reported they’ll get patched within a year (or 7) though.