What's considered good accuracy with a sniper?

I’m just curious what people’s opinion is on decent accuracy with a sniper I know 100% isn’t realistic without botting but I feel like I miss a lot and have 73% so what’s yalls opinions?

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I don’t know.
But my highest accuracy with Thorn is 68%. Maybe that info helps.

I’ve played Marquis once and my best accuracy with him is 40% XD But like I’ve said, that’s my only game with him.

A good accuracy is when you don’t miss those head shots!

73 here also!!!

75% should be fine, given that some go missing when they decide to hit you while you aim…

if you get below 50% you should focus more

Same here, but most of that is from PVE where the enemies don’t bunny hop all over the place.

Anything well above my accuracy rate with a sniper (to answer the question in the thread’s title). I am quite saddened by the fact that my sniping skills are so poor. :sob:

I didn’t even think of playing pve to bring my accuracy up. but then again I guess it doesn’t really matter it would just make me feel better about myself lmao