What's easiest way to make $ millions using Cheddar grenade?

Asking for my wife . She is not. Pro player but having MAJOR ammo and capacity problems early game . She does have the preorder bonus Cheddar grenade that I’ve used with my vault hunters to buy all upgrades, but I did that by using that level 1 grenade almost entire playthru for each character which as you imagine is BORING

are there specific areas where it spawns a lot of mobs next to a vending machine to refill grenades etc so I can quickly get cash ?

I thought there was a spot on Sanctuary for that or maybe pandora ?

Athenas has a lot of ratch mobs.

Good call - there’s also an ammo vending machine at the path split between the marketplace, bridge to the anchor hold, and the cemetery (which has a decent retch population) Plus you get Maliwan drop troops you can trigger, and Private Beans (if you’ve completed that side quest) for additional drops of things you can pick up and sell.

If you have any friends max level or you yourself have a max character you or your friends can always mail her items as well that she can sell for quick cash. But yeah athenas is good I would think if you that far in game.

Don’t forget the loot expanding relic if you have one.

In my experience that grenade will generate cash much faster than selling the weapons. Your mileage may vary but for me it was faster to quit save, Chuck ten grenades, collect loot and repeat. It’s time consuming finding the junk at the vendor.

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Jabbermogwai, Cryo Weap + Cheddar = MAKE IT RAIN!


Zane with Duct Tape and SNTL dropping cheddars here is comical.


That’s really cheesing it… :drum:


SNTL + Clone, have clone with cryo + nades as well, regen.

Cheddar for you, and cheddar for you! EVERYBODY GETS SOME CHEDDAR!


At beginning of The Droughts are a lot of skags. Add Loot expanding artifact and you are set. And use lvl 50 character in coop.

Carnivora and guts of carnivora.

Both start with a vending machine and have gobs of enemies.

Also, if you/she keep checking the ammo vending machines, see if you can find an Atlas (which are always homing), money grenade (bonus if it is mirv or splits to multi grenades). That could potentially outdo the cheddar shredder.

I do it right in the beginning of the Droughts, with the skags to the left. Run around them until there’s a nice tight pack of them, throw grenades in the middle and boom. What’s great about skags is that the pups can catch even the exploding grenade and after a few seconds they explode again. On M4 that gives me around 2M until I’m out of grenades.

Whoah… so I can mail her all those level 50 legendaries in my lost loot box and she can sell them? Do they retain their level 50 value even at her level 6?

Edit : I realize if this works she can just join my game split screen in Sanctuary and I can open my lost loot machine she can pick it all up and sell it right there??

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If you’re 50 and she’s 6 get in coop and you throw the grenades. Should be a huge payola for her. I think

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I do need to ask, do you have the Handsome Jackpot DLC?
You can get millions in cash in the beginning parts just from looting the slot machines…

If you’d so choose that will work, either way works so if you have a lost loot machine full it will net you quite a few sdus. Let’s just hope she doesn’t find a x2 shredifier!!! Bye bye ammo! :joy:

Haha I have a ton of shredifiers but only one that dropped with the double barrel. In fact in all my hundreds of hours in this game I think I’ve only seen 3 vladofs drop with the double barrels alt mode.

I do but even at a low level? I’m guessing she will be max level 8 by time she gets to Sanctuary

so i personally really like the Highway Droughts fast travel station for this, if you go into the little valley between it and the Tink you get Claptrap’s umbrella from, there are A LOT of skags that turn up there, run around to corral them into one huge group and then just throw the cheddar shredder at them, if you run out of nades just go back to the fast travel station and there’s a vending machine there, also if bandits pull up in a vehicle they’re just another target for the nades.

also skag pups will chase down the bouncing nades and get their heads popped but they try to play fetch with them and the nades will dmg the skags around them for extra cash drops.

Is it possible to duel a coop partner and chuck them at each other in front of a vendor?

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