What's gearbox thinking with this new bl3 event

They increased drop rates, increased annointed drop rates, and increased rare spawn spawn rates, but made those things tied a temporary event. All those changes are necessary changes the game needs, and you make it a temporary event? Seriously?

Farming times in this game are grueling with needing almost 2 days of dedicated farming to have a chance at getting a good annointed legendary, and you spit in my face by saying I can get it easier now with this temporary event. What happens when the Level cap increases and this event is long over?

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They’re making a “Big event” and didn’t add a single second of new gameplay and are only making changes that people have been be begging for for months now.

And it’s only temporary.

This would be hilarious if I didn’t have my money involved. As it is, this leaves an extremely bad taste in my mouth. I went from a very enthusiastic fan of the Borderland games to a very disappointed customer who will steer people away from this mess in the future. And I sure as hell won’t be investing another dime of my money into anything this studio makes.