Whats going on here (queue issues)

Good morning group,
Just wanted to say we are thoroughly enjoying the game, play daily, just started wading into PvP. Yesterday we had the strangest queue issues. I could queue up for everything, but we never got connected with any other players. I could watch the queue times change from long to average, but never connected with other players. Is this low player base? is this a local issue. I could see new players getting frustrated if this happened to them. We have never had an issue finding other players in story mode, we may play lite but not completely solo.

Not sure what was going on. I’ve only ever seen the queue “time” change if someone cancelled out of match making or after a game. If it happens again, and restarting the game doesn’t fix it, I’d suggest filling a support ticket so the team gets a heads-up on the situation:


Also pinging @JoeKGBX for awareness.